Dark Haven

Dark Haven


European influenced Melodic Death Metal


Hailing from Temecula, CA, Dark Haven wields a sound all their own. Straight from the school of Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal their sound is heavily influenced by bands such as Dark Tranquility, In Flames and Arch Enemy. By following in the footsteps of their predescesors and combining the influences of all the members, they continue to create a sound unique to only them; a sound so distinct it sets them apart from all the other metal acts. Dark Haven's goal is to become a dominant and well-recognized name not only in the metal scene but in the music industry as a whole.

Throughout the nation their fanbase has been growing at a rapid rate due to constant touring and self promoting as well as maintaining strong relationships with all of their fans. Even as they continue to pack venues full of fans eagerly anticipating their heavy tunes and outstanding stage presence, they maintain a hard work ethic as well as a can-do attitude and a strong bond between the members. With the upcoming release of their new album, Dark Haven hopes to change the face of metal.

Listed Below are a few of Dark Haven's accomplishments since the bands inception:

**2005 - Runner Up - "Battle of the Bands" Nov.2004-Jan.2005 - Showcase Theatre
**2005 - Winner -"Battle of the Bands" Feb.2005-Jun.2005 - Showcase Theatre
**2006 - Best Release of 2006 for an Indie Band - BW/BK Magazine
**2007 - Featured Demo of the Month on: www.maximummetal.com
**2008 - 4.5/5 stars on: www.metalcrypt.com


Your Darkest Hour EP - 2005
Faceless Sons EP - 2008

Infernal and Faceless Sons are currently being played on BTR and KNAC as well as numerous internet websites throughout the world.

Set List

(These are all of the songs currently in Dark Haven's rotation - enough material for a 30 min, 60 min, or 90 min set. - all original material)

Faceless Sons
Forever Haunted
Entry One
Abysmal Horror
My Own War
Embracing the Carnage
Shades of Ivory