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"Riding Into the Sunset with Dark Horse Darling, March 16, 2012"

There is a great story about the iconic band Hawkwind, which at one time featured Lemmy (pre Motorhead) on Bass. While the Bath festival was going on with name bands playing inside, Hawkwind took a more Punk Rock approach by setting up outside the festival and playing for free. End result? Beyond the exposure...many cool points were earned and have not been forgotten.

Similarly, there is a vibe going on in Texas as we speak. Everyone knows about and is hyping (rightfully so) The SXSW festival. But have you heard about the SBSW festival? It stands for the "South By So What?" festival, and- with pierced tongue firmly in cheek- the spirit of this is totally carrying on the DIY tradition.

One of the participants is the band Dark Horse Darling. Featuring Robert Hibbitts on Vox, Corey Goodwin & Josh Strock on Guitars, Aaron McGrath holding down the bottom end on Bass, and Brian Knox on Drums- this Dallas based band is carving out a niche for themselves locally with the goal of getting inside your car stereo wherever you are.

Upon first listen as a silly-opinionated-critic-who's viewpoint-ultimately-means-nothing....I was expecting just another kiddie metal whine fest by bored and spoiled Generation Y people. But I was way wrong. Dark Horse Darling combines the real kind of Metal everyone likes (of all ages) with something different...hints of Southern Rock. This gives this band a sophistication that is not typical and totally worth checking out. Their latest song, "Sleeping On The Floor" is a killer Rock song...blending old school with new school and taking us all to school in the process.

Check out Dark Horse Darling on their Facebook page. If you do, in your own case many cool points will be earned and will not be forgotten.

by Christopher Levine - Eclectiblogs- Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption

"Loud Life, August, 1, 2012"

So apparently Dallas’ own Dark Horse Darling has been recording recently. Last time around they kicked much backside on the greatness that is Moonshine At Sunrise and judging by the pair of tracks on their Goliath Studios sampler they’ve done it again. “Skeleton Key” bursts with a snarling groove and a dirty slither while “Sleeping On The Floor” balances menacing chug alongside some sugary sweet melodic refrains. Hopefully the rest of the CD will be this good when it comes out.

By Jerry Rutherford - Lit Magazine

"REVIEW: Dark Horse Darling, September 21, 2012"

So last Saturday, I was in Dallas at a show featuring local bands and I picked up two CDs that I absolutely love!

One of those CDs was a two song sampler for the band Dark Horse Darling. They have their own unique sound and I love the vocals! They have tasteful screams every now and then, the vocals are nasally in a punk-hard rock kind of way, which compliments the heavy guitars that make me want to get up and head bang! My personal favorite song on the CD is "Sleeping On The Floor." I literally put that song on repeat in my car for a 20 minute drive! One thing though, I felt that the effects in "Skeleton Key" were a bit overused in the beginning of the song, however, after listening to it a few times, I actually came to like the effects.
These guys also seem to have some ties with former Memphis May Fire guitarist Ryan Bentley, he produced this CD and I see on their Facebook page that he will be filling in for one of their guitarists. They are releasing a new EP this fall, according to their Facebook!
Shows are posted on Dark Horse Darling's FB!
These guys have some good stuff going and I really hope that they continue to make great music!

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"Moonshine at Sunrise", EP, February 2012
"Only Time Will Tell", EP, 2013



Dallas based DARK HORSE DARLING, featuring former members of Bless the Broken (RIP), is rapidly rising through the music scene with its own unique blend of heavy, ear-catching, southern rock and roll. With an incredible live show, they've been tearing up the Southwest looking to take their music as far as they can take it; all the while having a good time doing it.

With the simultaneous release of their debut EP, “Moonshine at Sunrise”, and the title track’s music video produced by White Cain Films February 2012, DARK HORSE DARLING has immediately returned to Goliath Studios with Ryan Bentley (Memphis May Fire, Rise Records) to record their follow up release, “Only Time Will Tell” (Dec 2012).
Early sneak peek cuts of "Sleeping on the Floor" and "Skeleton Key" we're handed out at this year's South By So What?! Festival and can be heard on both their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

With a new music video, a new EP release with Ryan Bentley and enough shows to keep them in and out of trouble, 2013 is poised to be the tipping point for DARK HORSE DARLING.

Website: http://www.darkhorsedarling.com
Press Contact: pwfmusicmanagement@gmail.com
Booking Contact: darkhorsedarling@yahoo.com

Music: https://www.facebook.com/darkhorsedarling/app_178091127385
Video: http://www.youtube.com/DarkHorseDarling