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Dark Horse

Essendon, Victoria, Australia

Essendon, Victoria, Australia
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Review of Hurricane"

“The Chorus is very very strong! I love it! Awesome Solo! Very Impressive Sound!'” - MusicOz


Debut EP ‘From Now On’. Releaseed November 2009.

2008 - Apostacy Demo
Featuring demo tracks of Apostacy, Hurricane and My Release.



From their humble beginnings as a local garage band to rocking audiences at all of Melbourne's reputable live music venues, including shows with bands such as The Screaming Jets, Juke Kartel, You Am I and Kram of Spiderbait fame, fans often describe Dark Horse as a mixture between the most hardest of rock, infused with blues and the majestic tones of soul melodies

“We’re a no fuss rock band. What you see is what you get.”

That’s a deceptively simple statement made by Brett Burnell, guitarist with Dark Horse, and a viewpoint shared with the rest of the band. It seems like a pretty bland description of a band, until you look deeper into the musical beliefs, the style, sound and outlook of the four mates in Dark Horse.

There’s no fire breathing, blood spurting or violence-drenched imagery at a Dark Horse show. They are never going to be a band that demands certain coloured M&Ms be provided backstage, and you won’t ever catch one of them having a rock star hissy fit or turning their noses up at fans.

Dark Horse – which consists of lead singer and guitarist Adam Eaton, drummer Jeremy Buswell, bassist Liam Burke and guitarist Brett Burnell – is, as Liam says, “Four blokes having a go at it with music that’s going to kick your ass!” Like all bands, Dark Horse is of course the sum of its parts, with each member’s musical loves and history blending together to form the hard rockin’, blues-heavy, ass-kicking music of Dark Horse.

Bassist Liam Burke has perhaps the deepest musical family roots. His father, Mike Burke, was a successful pedal steel guitarist, and his uncle, Garrett Costigan, is one of the finest pedal steel players around. Liam started out on drums but quickly fell in love with the electric bass guitar. After joining what he calls “a talentless outfit” of a cover band, Liam’s sister Michaela was in the Celtic City Sons, and they needed a bassist. Liam immersed himself in their music and learned 45 of their songs in two lessons, earning a spot on their national tour. After touring with his sister’s band, Liam says he “lost a bit of my musical mojo and set off overseas and joined a few bands, but nothing of the calibre I wanted.”

Back in Melbourne, Liam discovered Dark Horse among a pile of demos and EPs, and proclaims he’s glad every day that he joined the band.

Jeremy Buswell’s childhood music initiation started on weekend mornings in New Zealand watching music video countdown programs. He says drumming came naturally to him, even though he could only “air drum” at home with a pair of sticks and his knee for a snare drum. Jeremy played on his school’s drum kit, while it took him four years to purchase a kit of his own. A string of teenage cover-song and original bands followed while Jeremy continued to learn his craft and inch closer to becoming the Dark Horse drummer.

Guitarist Brett Burnell decided as a child to start a band before he actually knew how to play a guitar. His mother put Brett through piano lessons as a child, but it was learning Nirvana and Offspring covers on his acoustic guitar that really inspired Brett to write and play his own musical compositions.

“There are infinite possibilities in music – even if you couldn't play someone else's song, you could always just make something up,” he says. “It’s a very open freedom. Whether it was good or not, I still had fun rocking out on songs.”

Brett’s first band wrote a couple of songs that never saw the light of day. His next band was one put together for high school music class, and they performed outside of school as One Tonne Turtle. Brett says the band kind of drifted apart as bands sometimes do. That band’s dissolution led him down the path to become Dark Horse’s guitarist, a band he says is “just together making music that we enjoy and that we think works.”

As the lead singer, lyricist and sharing guitar duties with Brett, Adam Eaton picked up a guitar at 14 years old and says he literally never put it down. To say he was obsessed would be an understatement. Adam was blown away by the guitar and performing talents of greats like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, and practiced until his fretting fingers couldn’t go on anymore. Like the other members of Dark Horse, Adam joined and formed bands throughout his school years, discovering almost accidentally that he had a talented voice to go along with his guitar skills.

With their upcoming original EP due out in November, Adam, Brett, Jeremy and Liam collectively create songs within Dark Horse that will be around far longer than the band, and even the members.

Adam couldn’t have put it any better when he said “I love how music can last forever. Our bones will turn to dust and names forgotten, but the music will always be there. There's a lot of beauty in perpetuity, and music is one of those things that can last forever.”