Dark Martini & The Dirty Olives

Dark Martini & The Dirty Olives


The Knack on crack? Good ol' Rock and Roll - Crunchy guitars, big songs, with a flecks of Southern rock, rockabilly and blues.


Dark Martini and the Dirty Olives!!!!! The shaken not stirred vocals and sugar with shrapnel riffs of Dark Martini backed by the Dirty Olives.

Lying somewhere between Supersuckers and Cheap Trick you have Dark Martini. Mark Dantini's songwriting project lands him cranking out good old fashioned Rock n' Roll. Loud and Proud baby!


Bigger than Life

Written By: Mark Dantini

Bigger than life
Bigger than life
swirls around you like the stars
they do the night
bigger than life

This world's a stage
but I'm behind the scenes
smiling in on someone
else's dreams
it means

What it means is a wheel
that just works to keep us between
fade away like the years

Time on your side
Time's on your side
Stand up and lose your seat
while the world moves aside
on your side

Chooose belief
choose it now
don't worry about the believing
we'll show you how
do it now


Written By: Mark Dantini

All the times you'd fade away
all the words we used to say
all the games that we would play

Everytime I called you name
every thought the world could claim
every minute felt the same

All the things I used to do
All those things I did for you
I thought I could never win
I was right, Evelyn

Forget the dreams we used to have
forget the good, forget the bad
forget the tears, forget the laughs

We could talk this all to death
we could wonder what is next
you are east and I am left

Black Kitty

Written By: Mark Dantini

Black Kitty
Why'd you get so high?

Black Kitty
I feel it in your eyes

Black Kitty
You feel good?
No, I feel shitty
Black Kitty

Black Kitty
Did I hear my name?

Black Kitty
To you it's all the same


Self released EP - "Go on, Get out" released May 2007

Set List

Typical 40 minute set:
Black Kitty

Two Wrongs

The Seeker (Who cover)

Secret Identity

Right thing – wrong reasons




Bigger than life