Raw , Danceful , Energetic!


Darkmiracle is a band from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean trying to highlight an unknown scene in this country.

The band is working hard everyday and lately paying off coming from the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell , Illinois playing with bands such as Underoath , Emery , Flyleaf & Switchfoot.

Recently the band due to the amazing live set had been chosen again to perform in the Cornerstone Festival California Edition this next 28/29th of September in Orange County with the likes of Demon Hunter , Emery & Underoath.

Darkmiracle has been featured in television , magazines , websites & compilations all over the world including:

*FUSE TV Steven's Untitled Rock Show Unsigned Band Finalist (USA)
*MuchMoreMusic's ClipTrip (CANADA)
*"Lost" Chosen By Warner Brothers TV & Films For Their Catalog (USA)
*The Unsigned TV Show (USA)
*Bandwagon (USA)
*Alternative Press "Unsigned Band Of The Month" (USA)
*Substream Music Press (USA)
*Highwire Daze (USA)
*The Big Take Over (USA)
*Almost Normal Comics (USA)
*All Ages Zine (USA)
*Lollipop (USA)
*Absolutepunk.net (USA)
*IndieUprising.net (USA)
*Rizing Bandz Featured Artist (USA)
*Nomination On The Global Band Awards TOTALROCK.COM (UK)
*Numberonemusic.com Top Artist Of The Week (AUSTRALIA)
*Black Velvet (UK)
*Rock Sound (UK)
*Popular 1 (Spain) & Much More!


The Drama

Written By: Roberto Cabral

The Drama

Like Rain Falling From the Sky
Fighting Till Today
Sadness Overcomes
What Reality Made Me Done
Waiting For The Time
To Cure My Emotions
The Tears Falling
From My Eyes

Its So Dramatic You Left Me
All Static Inside
Are You the Person Who Looks When Need Some
Are You the Type Or The Unwanted?
Maybe You Didnt Decide
Now Youre Getting Some Kind Of Reaction

Ill Find A Way To Make You
Understand Once Things Are
Dead There Not Coming Back
To The Point
When Everything Is
Colorful Bright
Theres No Blue And Red
After Life

And Ill Be Here
To See You Fall
And My Goodbye
Its At Your Door

©2006-2007 Darkmiracle

Everytime I Fall

Written By: Roberto Cabral

Everytime I fall

Living and dying
Questions and answers
Now im trying
To climb
All these lies

I want to search you
I want to feel you

My tears are near
My eyes are red
I dont wanna see u again
Everytime I fall
Is because of you
And all that I see is this pain

All this desires
Turning to ashes
Circles surrounding
Stuck in me

Everytime I fall
Is because of you
And all the lies you said to me
I just want you to see
Thru my eyes
What u made me feel?
Its unright

©2006-2007 Darkmiracle


Emotional Distress (2001)
Roulette EP (2004)
A Better Tomorrow (2006)
The Magic & The Romance With A Little Bit Of Twist (2007)

Set List

1. A Better Tomorrow
2. Stop! Stop!
3. A Love Triangle
4. Parasite
5. The Drama
6. Lost
7. House Of Sins