Dark Rain

Dark Rain

 Wiscasset, Maine, USA

Solid rock with classic guitar drive and intense vocally


Led by the supercharged guitar work of it's guitarist/singer Dudley Leavitt, the enigma that is Dark Rain is ready to
rock.. The band boasts two lead singers, Trisha Merrick, and Dudley Leavitt . This gives them the diversity to please
any party crowd. They are powered by the rhythm section with the on the beat drumming of Chris Williams and the in
pocket bottom end of Bill Doe, Not giving in to the motto of just playing covers, Dark Rain, pays tribute to the last
30 years of rock, while writing their own chapter in music history. They have already won several battle of the bands
contests, and made it to the finals in the Budweiser Best Live Music Showcase. They have also opened for many 80's
90’s rockers such as White Lion and Zakk Wylde
With a strong focus on songwriting this band loves to play live, bringing the music and their message of rock to the
people. They have received airplay on Wcyy "Spinout" as well as several Boston and college stations. They have also
made an appearance on the "Musicians wanted" TV show. Their current goal is to play as much as possible to promote
their upcoming release


Broken eyes

Written By: Dudley Leavitt/Trisha Merrick

Can you see me through your window
Can you see me with Broken eyes
Can you hear the wild wind blow
When you're broken down inside

And everything you said to me
you're not the person you seemed to be
you said put your trust in me
All that did was make me bleed

without you

Your condesending lies
fairytales of things despised
glad you're gone and it's for good
now do better like you said you would


Pain is only fear
memories of demons not here
ghosts from the past
Twisted smile your shadow casts



Now you're bitter and you're cold
All your lies they have been told
to me

You wanted it so bad
But now you are just mad
at me

Chorus 2x


Written By: Dudley Leavitt

Remember what it feels like
To be Neglected
Remember why we first got connected

Remember Nights of saving face
You and I fell from grace
Will we ever be that way again

I don’t wanna be
Don’t wanna be Neglected
I don’t wanna see
Your face again

Can you save the world for me
Be the things we need to be
Can you say you’ll be there again

Sacred Heart unto we’re brought
All the crazy things you thought
Pull it out and tear me down


And I see you now today
You’ve come and gone your way
See you never more again

This is how the story ends
Now we’re not even friends
Everything is lost and gone away



Written By: Dudley Leavitt

Feelin Down and Dirty, Alone and mean
I'm not the kind of guy , you'd like to meet

Watch for the fall of dawn
people say that, I'm the evil one

See the witches
Burn at night
See the funeral pyer's light
Something wrong
Can't be right

oh Burn
oh burn
oh Burn

Hands clenched in ,Fist of rage
People come and bring ,the new age

Watch for the fall of dawn
people say that,I'm the evil one

See the witches
Burn at night
See the funeral pyer's light
Something wrong
Can't be right

oh Burn
oh burn
oh Burn



Burn Maxi Single(No longer in Print)Airplay on WCYY of "Through My Eyes"

Set List

we arrange our set list length and content to the specs of the club and thier requirements:

A Partial list of cover songs we play at the local clubs

Dirty Little Thing-Velvet Revolver
Sk8er Boi-Avril Lavigne
Humans Being-Van Halen
It's My Life-No Doubt
Word Up-Korn/Cameo
Slither-Velvet Revolver
Summertime Blues-Eddie Cochran
Feel Like Making Love-Bad Company
Already Gone-Eagles
Never Say Goodbte-Bon Jovi
What I Like About You-Romantics
Just A Girl- No Doubt
I’m The Only One-Melissa Etheridge
The Middle-Jimmy Eat World
Blurry-Puddle of Mudd
Mustang Sally-Wilson Pickett
Just Like A Pill- Pink
Enter Sandman- Metallica
Crazy Train- Ozzy
Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith
Counting Blue Cars-Dishwalla
Cumbersome- 7 Mary 3
Man in The Box- Alice In Chains
Never Again-Nickleback
Sweet Child O Mine-GNR
You Oughta Know-Alanis Morrisette
Some Kinda Wonderful-Grand Funk Railroad
Pride & Joy-Stevie Ray Vaughn
Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry
Hotel California- Eag