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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Cool Band Alert"

A hot woman rocking a low-slung Gibson SG in front of a cooler-than-Melissa Auf der Maur bassist and a live-action version of Russel from Gorillaz on drums: If this isn't your idea of a good time, then you are recently deceased. Our condolences.

Song to check out: "Shame" - Blender.com

"NYC's Newest (and definitely sexiest band)"

"NYC's newest (and definitely sexiest band), Dark Room...Best shit I've heard in a while!"

--MyOpenBar.com - MyOpenBar.com

"!!!! (out of !!!!!)"

Opener Shame is a punky slice of Dark Room's incredible talent. It's catchy in a good way (which, let's face it, is a difficult task to accomplish these days), grimy and almost vicious- like the young teenage brother of a true punk.

Next, New Boy kicks in with a rhythmic, pounding riff and vocalist JC 's mellow vocals. The chorus is just as impressive, again catchy (this seems to be a trademark), it sticks in your head like marmite in hair- only with less frustration.

Final offering is the more pop-punk Hand to Die. This is similar to the others: feet-tappingly entertaining, gently gritty and, yep you guessed it, catchy. It also shows off the similarities with JC's voice to Debbie Harry's. Although this good work is tainted slightly by the fading choir effect at the end- a bit cheesy, a bit pop star.

Dark Room are an impressive band, despite there songs all sounding a bit too similar. Punky in a quirky way- they are different to the pop-punk Green Day/ Blink 182 wannabes we find plagued with at the moment. This trio have an 80's feel, and congratulations to them for this. It's a bold move that could go horrifically wrong but they manage to pull it off brilliantly.

Check them out if you like: Blondie, Hole - Rocktastic.com

"Dark Room, Bright Music"

A découvrir : Dark Room ! Un groupe de Br**klyn aux résonnances trashy-poum-paf comme je les aime. Trio composé de JC au chant et à la guitare, Jen à la basse et Rich à la batterie. Si je savais, j'aimerais chanter ce genre de morceaux. En plus, pour les mecs, elle est plutôt jolie, non ? En espérant les voir bientôt par chez nous...
- www.ks2ndre.blogspot.com

"NYC's Hottest New Band"

"...Dark Room is a new band from Brooklyn that I am so excited about and proud to know. Janice Cruz on vox who is aka the indie voice coach! Jennifer Brooks who I love to refer to as "the scientist" on bass. Lastly Rich Bloom on drums, and I love to say his name like Ritchie Valen's momma in La Bamba..you know "not my Ritchie!"
Check out myopenbar.com for more info about this lovely evening of music and dance times not to be missed! Check out Dark Room and Lolaray. - Janemag.com


Still working on that hot first release.


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"NYC's newest (and definitely sexiest band), Dark Room...Best shit I've heard in a while!"

Dark Room formed as a way for three friends (Janice Cruz (aka JC), guitar/vocals, Jen Brooks, bass and Rich Bloom, drums) in NYC to try to forget about the sweltering heat from the summer of 2005. The music didn't make them forget the heat but, rather, that oppressive HEAT provided a gritty, aggressive and kinetic atmosphere that provoked their dangerously contagious sound today. There was never any intent beyond that hot little room. But destiny had a different plan.

The three spent the next year or so writing and learning their instruments and honing what would be dark room's audacious, straight forward, bring-you-to-your-knees sound. In January 2005, dark room recorded their 3 song demo (Tracked by JC, mixed my Joel Hamilton--Elvis Costello, Dub Trio, Tom Waits, The Cure and produced by David Wallace from The English Department) where the response spawned an immediate buzz on such blogs and websites as MyOpenBar.com, Rocktastic, BLENDER.COM, Jane Magazine and several others. The demo kicks off with the highly catchy track "New Boy" that flexes JC's velvety voice and the bands pop sensibility. The 2nd track, Shame some consider their signature song. It's dark, it's angry, it's aggressive and it's still catchy. The interaction between Jen's bass and JC's guitar parts in this song is a reoccurring theme for this band. The two instruments seem to play a game of cat and mouse in a manner that makes you want to drop everything and jump in with them. The 3rd track is the anthemic "Hand to Die". Many aspects of the band's talents are showcased in this song. From the multiple textures of JC's vocals, to the driving bass lines played by jen, grounded by the tasteful, aggressive sound of Rich's drums. You'll find yourself singing these songs when you don't even realize it. The songwriting is reminiscent of many contemporaries but you just can't put your finger on which ones, making them completely unique.

When you walk into Dark Room's live show, you are visually inundated by the two impressive towers of rock amazonia that are Jen and JC. With their unison rock riffs and choreographed moves reminiscent of rhythm sections like Atreyu and cock rock bands of the 80's, you are captivated by the mystique and strength conveyed by their presence. Dark Room is anchored by Rich's powerful rock bashing, holding your attention by sheer weight of his all out attack on the drums. Those who have seen this display become loyal followers. This buzz has brought them to full rooms at clubs like NYC's Mercury Lounge, Piano's, The Delancey, Crash Mansion, Trash and the list goes on...

"If this isn't your idea of a good time, then you are recently deceased. Our condolences"...