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Winona Lake, Indiana, United States | SELF

Winona Lake, Indiana, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Indie Vision Music Review"

Today I was at my mailbox to pick up all the latest cds that labels so graciously send us. In the pile were cds from Dizmas, Derek Webb, Odd Project, and a cd from a band called “Darkroom”. At first look I thought it was going to be some crappy unsigned band with a weird name. Second look, I realized they had some snazzy cd artwork and they wrote a personal handwritten note. So I was like “Oh what the heck, what harm can popping this cd in cause?”. Well this cd is far from causing you any harm. It radiates with beauty and creativity. It’s a well structured and well orchestrated collection of songs rich in texture. Their cd “A Curious Exacavation” just came out March 31st. This is a band that needs to be heard so please give them a chance today.
-Brandon Jones, indiemusicvision.com - Brandon Jones - indievisionmusic.com

"Indie In-Tune Review"

If Zach Braff was to compile another soundtrack in the future, Darkroom has the perfect qualities and readiness to be a top contender. This band has a great future ahead of them and can stand up to the best bands of the alternative scene. Composed, finished and dynamic, Darkroom's new album "A Curious Excavation" will definitely be put on this new fan's heavy rotation.

-Melody Geear, Indie In-Tune Magazine - Melody Geear - Indie In-Tune Magazine

"Absolutepunk Review"

"Spacious and yet not light on lyrical or music girth, Darkroom twirl the traditional indie benevolence into a non-traditional scrapbook kind of progression. Delicate and fully capable of keeping their ambitious instrumentation in particular moods particularly pertaining to remembrance, A Curious Excavation is just that; a dedicated dig to the core of our ability to cope with those we lost and those we have yet to lose. It’s a possibility, a chance at an unattainable perfection; a perfection that’s yet to leave my mind since I first discovered it."
-Scott Irvine, Absolutepunk.net

Read full article at http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=232397 - Scott Irvine - Absolutepunk.net

"Live Review - Charleston City Paper"

[Darkroom's] instrumentation was shifted from the rock setup to something a bit more orchestral, with lead singer/guitarist Corey Drake on Rhodes piano, bassist Luke Humberd on xylophone, guitarist Kyle Steury on trumpet. Headphones-wearing drummer Lucas Huffman twiddled with his digital sample board between and during songs while the band soared through an impressive set of syncopated, pulsating, U2-ish swirl-rock. Drake's breathy and high-toned delivery reminded me of other Drake vocalists.

--T. Ballard Lesemann, Charleston City Paper - T. Ballard Lesemann

"Fort Wayne Newspaper Article"

Listen to the Warsaw-based indie rock band Darkroom and, in just a couple minutes, you'll hear a band from a small town in northern Indiana musically outperform their more popular counterparts in Indianapolis and Chicago.

Rooted in the melodic mastery of '60s pop bands, Darkroom's music plays with an elegant scope of melody, teetering between pop-happy tracks and dense, quietly melancholy and introspective tunes. The result is well-crafted, accomplished and sonically romantic - a collection of tracks fit for a happy trek across a foggy moor.

--Emma Downs, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Emma Downs

"Music for America review"

(Darkroom) play the kind of well-orchestrated music that sounds big and bold, where you want to tell the world "this is my band" and head to every show you can afford. I am very impressed by the songwriting, and combined with their music, Darkroom are a group that should rightfully be in the pop and rock spotlight.

-musicforamerica.org - musicforamerica.org


"Darkroom" E.P.- February 06
"A Curious Excavation" Full Length- March 07
"Jets that Fly" Digital Promo- December 07
"Stay Here with Me (for better or for worse)" - TBD Fall 2009



After the independent success of its first full length record "A Curious Excavation," Darkroom is returning to the studio to record its sophomore release. Their first album was kindly described as having "mastered the application of an impressive array of styles, instruments, and objectives not heard since Neutral Milk Hotel" (Absolutepunk.net). Even though the group members are from a small town in Indiana, they "musically outperform their more popular counterparts in Indianapolis and Chicago" (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette). In the summer of '08, Darkroom was selected as one of 16 bands to perform at the Cornerstone Festival New Band Showcase. They have been privileged to perform with such acts as Anathallo, Sleeping at Last, Deas Vail, and Denison Witmer. And after only 3 years as a band, Darkroom has successfully booked five independent U.S. tours and played over 300 shows. Watch for Darkroom's new album this fall and check out their shows at http://myspace.com/darkroommusic.