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"They're on their way....."

Very few unsigned bands seem able to write songs of a sufficiently high standard to elevate their careers in the music industry. Darkroom Project however, is where the chink in the mediocre chain lays. They have masterminded the formula of 'rock n roll' in such a brief space of time and have already produced some strong, dynamic results.

Forget your metalcore, grindcore, thrash metal, black-metal, death metal, neo-classical metal and the endless genres of scabby doom drenched noise and think more elementary. Darkroom Project is a rock n roll band, no gimmicks, or as they put it so themselves, "no bullshit". They do what they do best and the vibe you pick up from listening to their music is one that indicates the band simply love to play.

It would be fair to say that Darkroom Project are an ambitious splicing of Queens Of The Stone Age and 90's rockers Skunk Anansie; hard to imagine just from looking at it on paper, but the subsequence of this unlikely fusion is explosive. Their music generates a boundless sense of energy, driven by the rawness of the band, with tight, rhythmic drumming, captivating, melodic guitar riffs and blistering solos provided by Tristan, Aaron and Colin.

Fronting the band is the phenomenal vocal work of Andie. Her soaring, sexy vocals send chills down your spine as her nimble vocal range works it's magic, leaving you feeling doused and hypnotised. Their music is absolute and it's proven by their early efforts that they're natural rock tunesmiths and exceptional musicians. Darkroom Project are clearly a band with much determination and with the level of optimism surrounding them, they can't be far from clinching a deal.

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Darkroom Project - The EP
Darkroom Project - Soldier EP



If we take you back to the winter of 2007. It was cold and raining, but somewhere in the South East of England nestled in a rehearsal room under a railway arch rang the illuminating sounds of a Marshall Amp. Along side it drifted the uncompromising vocals of one certain female singer. Outside in in the lonesome glow of a street lamp the ears of damp drummer rejoiced in the sound of such rock. He opened the door and said will you give me shelter? With that he picked up a pair of drum sticks that lay on the floor, sat behind the studio kit and played with all his might.
The walls shook and even the trains above trembled. And so Darkroom Project was born.
After this joyful collaboration had formed, so began much writing, rehearsing and seeking the missing link - a bass player.
With two now three, they searched high and low, through the streets of England to the valleys of Wales. Nowhere could they find their man. Until one day, after enjoying a swift pint of ale at a local pub they stepped outside to hear the low rumblings of a bass guitar. They followed the sound day and night, across land and sea until they reached a small village in Italy, where there in front of them stood Albi.
Three had become four.
With four different sets of influences, from Led Zep to the Stones, from Guns and Roses to Nirvana, from The Doors to Metallica from Slayer to Aerosmith and from the Foo Fighters to Sound Garden, it was always going to be about rock.
We hope that we give you a fresh, female fronted take on a genre of music that we love and has given us some of the most influential artists to walk the planet.