Dark Side of the Wall

Dark Side of the Wall

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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Featuring some of the top music and production talent in the region, the Louisville-based Band, "The Darkside of the Wall" recreates the legendary shows of Pink Floyd's classic era in exquisite detail. This nine-piece band has sold out its last three performances (at the 1500 seat Brown Theater)


The Darkside of the Wall delivers an uncanny sonic reproduction of the studio and live sound of the band using vintage equipment played by exceptional musicians. Along with the detailed and accurate sound, the band incorporates intelligent lighting and video production to create an immersive multimedia experience that enhances the music and transports the audience backwards in time.

Featuring 6 instrumentalists and 3 female backup vocalists, the band has been wowing audiences for the past 3 years, performing tracks from virtually all of the periods of the legendary Pink Floyd.

Set List

The band's 2012-13 show is entitled "Beyond the Wall" and includes tracks from 1970 through 1985. The band can perform a 2-3.5 hour show.