Belmont, Massachusetts, USA

Dark, passionate guitar rock in the vein of Television, The Stranglers, Nick Cave and The Jesus Mary Chain


Darktown is a proud power trio with impressive credentials. David Wildman on guitar and vocals is known as both a musician and a film critic/journalist/novelist.  He’s recorded with greats like Paul Q. Kolderie (Lemonheads, Hole, Radiohead) as well as David Minehan (Paul Westerberg, The Replacements). Malcolm Travis is a drummer and esteemed punk rocker of near legendary status, having played with Bob Mould, the Zulus and members of Mission of Burma. He brings a distinctive whirlwind playing style that is a force of nature. Eric Allen on bass adds a ferocious heavy bottom reminiscent of early 80’s rockers like The Stranglers, and Gang of Four. Darktown’s intent is to make smart, inventive hard rock to be reckoned with. David’s jagged melodies, darkly narrative lyrics and distinctive Tom Verlaine-inspired guitar parts are vehicles honed for maximum attack. Malcolm brings an explosion of infectious energy with his anarchic yet somehow geometrically precise drumming, and Eric kicks everything into overdrive with the meaty power of his Jaguar bass cranked to near distortion. David and Eric started the band in 2013 when they both worked at local music store Music go Round in Natick, David as a guitar/piano teacher and Eric doing sales. They found a drummer and almost immediately began gigging and recording at nearby Blossom Studios. When the drummer flaked, David was told by a mutual friend that Malcolm had just returned to Boston after a long absence. Malcolm just happened to be the one drummer David had always wanted to work with. The fit was immediate and perfect. Darktown is currently finishing up an 11 song recording and playing throughout the Boston area.

Set List

The Seed
I'm a Lighthouse
Shotgun Future
Friendly Fire
Fever Dream
Nothing Doing
Rise and Fall
My Plan
Fallen Star
Fetal Pig

A typical set is 45 minutes.