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Leonia, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Leonia, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Post-grunge




"Leonia, NJ Garage-Punk Outfit Darkwing Drop Guest Filled Rager “Human Zoo”, Playing St. Vitus"

Leonia, NJ garage-punkers Darkwing are gearing up to release their new EP later this March 15th at The Meatlocker. Now the band shares the riotous, disconcerting-in-a-fun-way new single “Human Zoo” featuring members of Huldra and Ides, Zakk Mild and Jillian Keats.
As per Darkwing’s Facebook:
“this is a song about society.
you can zoom in on cells to see that they’re the same as factories, taking in and pushing out materials, creating waste, energy, entropy…
if you zoom out we see the galaxies and nebulae. it’s all the same thing happening on a different scale of time.
what makes you human? are you free?
what about cows? are they? monkeys?
are you eating from a trough and you don’t even know it?
or are you so blinded by the muddy muck that you dont even give a f*ck.”
Stream Darkwing’s “Human Zoo” below and catch them with the King Pizza crew (The Mad Doctors, Sun Voyager, Greasy Hearts) at Saint Vitus on February 4th. - Speak in to my Good Eye


“Im working on the music video for the second track and I aim to make one for each track on the tape. We just need to find a hot chick to make out with my friend, which will be awesome because his (ex?) girlfriend recently told him that she wanted to see other people… “


In conjunction with Weiner Records, post grunge/punk band Darkwing are set to release their EP, Lameonia.

The 5 track tape is set to have a video clip for each track released collectively. Their sound slightly slacker, slightly dirty is addictive in nature. We are really digging the accompanying video for 201 Carousel, which shows the guys going for a push whilst playing their instruments.

The EP will be released on Bandcamp in the very near future. - The Craft

"World Premier….. Video Of The Day – “201 Carousel ” by Darkwing"

Start your weekend off by digging on the new video from Darkwing!! Love the heavy guitar . May just be the coolest grunge you have listened to , this side of 1992. Thanks to Darkwing and Wiener Records for giving us the opportunity to bring this to all of you….

Get the cassette at Wiener Records - 50thirdand3rd

"Video Premiere: Darkwing “Dark Hunting”"

Darkwing is a grunge outfit from NJ with just the right hints of surf rock and punk. They started cobbling together DIY music videos for each of the tracks on their recently released cassette, Lameonia, which is out on Weiner Records. Lucky for you, we have the pleasure of premiering their video for “Dark Hunting,”a warm, noisy track that just begs you to get up and bang your head around.

The video follows the dudes on a trippy day to the beach. The world distorts around them, rippling into a kaleidoscope of colors, and you can’t help but wonder if someone put something funny into your drink. One thing is for sure — this brand of fun, grinding tunes is the perfect soundtrack for a summer of debauchery. - Alt Citizen

"Video Premiere: Darkwing - Bars (Human Zoo)"

You may remember Darkwing, a group of grunge enthusiasts from northern NJ, from when we premiered their DIY music video for “Dark Hunting.” Now, we are stoked to bring you their second scrappy offering from their recently released cassette Lameonia, titled “BARS (Human Zoo).”
This distorted and vividly colorful video tells a twisted story involving cross-dressing, torture, and Yoo-hoo — you know, the essentials. Between the droning choruses they somehow turn into earworms, the wailing guitar solo, and the uncomfortable imagery, this video an all-in sensory overload, a visceral trip into the down-right bizarre. The opening finds bassist Zakk and his commanding female accomplice staking out a convenience store, waiting for their chance to pounce on their skinny, unsuspecting prey. Following his capture, the devious pair quickly get to work transforming him into another cross-dressing member of their gang. The gruff distortion and driving drumwork create an immense energy, and by the end of this video you’re gonna want to raid your sister’s closet.
Here’s to hoping the dudes keep to the film grind and bring us some more subconscious oddities ASAP.
Watch below. - Alt Citizen

"SIMGE Stream: Darkwing Turn Up The Fuzz & Bring Lo-Fi Garage Rock Nirvana With Lameonia"

Back in January, we featured Leonia, NJ-based garage-punk outfit Darkwing’s mind numbing single “Human Zoo,” while teasing a forthcoming EP. Now we have the full, fuzz-out family tree of companion tracks, with “Human Zoo” renamed to “Bars.”
Lameonia is bleary eyed, dreamy, distorted choose-your-own-adventure of sorts as Darkwing channel their myriad influences into a greasy deep frier.
“201 Carousel” kicks it all off with rolling bursts of righteous rock rendered hypnotic paired with a dazed vocal delivery. “Dark Hunting” follows with an ominous mid-tempo stomp tailor made for a dramatic entry into a dive bar.
The aforementioned “Bars” in sequence builds up thematic tension with a paranoia breeding spoken word opening segment releasing into chants of “we’re the human zoo.” “Bones” immediately picks up off a scorched earth with a rollicking, swampy bass-led charge right in line with the best of what Wavves has to offer.
Things take a somewhat lighter, by Darkwing’s standards, turn with “166” which steps out of the garage for a t-shirt tan with sunnier, surf-rock leanings. Hope you caught your breathe because “Endo” pops up to drag you straight back to the devil with the heaviest, thundering clashes yet. The whole she-bang wraps with “fishin,” a wistful, reverb soaked romantic track that just wants to spend some time with you; “hey let’s see a movie, hey let’s get some food.”
I genuinely hope to see these dudes churning up mud at Hotel Vegas during SXSW next year. Listen up Burger Records / Infinity Cat. Stream Darkwing’s Lameonia below. - Speak In To My Good Eye


Still working on that hot first release.



Darkwing started as a solo/side project when singer/guitarist Rich was upset over a girl and he was interning in NYC, but living with his parents in NJ back in 2012.  He had been in a band with some friends, but that group was moving in a direction that Rich wasn't comfortable continuing towards, so he recorded a 5 track demo EP, posted it on the internet and then looked for a band to move forward with.  
The lineup has since changed, but now consists of members who are truly passionate about being in the band. The newest recordings are the best yet and we look forward to playing them all over the world in the coming months.  

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