Darkwood Consort

Darkwood Consort


Darkwood Consort is the world's only bass clarinet and viola duo! Their certifiably unique and entertaining presentation of music from the 14th-21st centuries has been described as "stand up chamber music" and has brought this unlikely pairing to the foerfront as a chamber music tour de force.


Darkwood Consort has been performing for 15 years. The past three years have found Aage and Jen in venues such as the Detroit Insititute of the Arts, the Nordic Heritage Museum, the International Viola Congress in Reykjavik, Iceland and the World Bass Clarinet Convention in Rotterdam, Holland. Darkwood combines classical music with a friendly 'folk-band" presentation that puts audiences at ease. Audience members who thought that they weren't going to like a classical music concert love Darkwood Consort. "We clapped until our hands hurt!" says Sara Beitia, of the Boise Weekly.


LP: Faith and Hope are Playing (2002)
LP: Cafe Musik (2006)

Receiving national airplay in Australia, Darkwood Consort's second album "Cafe Musik" is played on the Australian Broadcast Network, to help dispel road rage! Many other singles have been played on Michigan, Oregon, Texas and Idaho public radio stations. Both albums are available on iTunes. Listen more at www.myspace.darkwoodconsort.com

Set List

We are touring with four concerts currently:

1) Around the World in 80 Decades: Features 800 years of music from all around the world!

2) Danish Delight: Music from medieval, Romantic and modern Danish composers.

3) Forever French: Music from medieval, Baroque, Romantic and modern French composers!

4) Brought to you by the Letter M: Composers that start with M! Mozart, Massenet, Maagard, Matys and more!