Darlene Locken

Darlene Locken

 Buckley, Washington, USA

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Girls Night

Written By: Darlene Locken

I'm going out tonight cause it's Saturday
It's girls night out and we're gonna play
I got my red dress on, and I'm in party mode
Play the music loud, we're meetin' down at Joe's yea
It's girls night out

We're gonna kick off our shoes and dance the night away
We're gonna rock this house til' the roof blows off
Watch the sun come up to a whole new day

Pink panty droppers and a pitcher of beer
No being shy when you get in here
you gotta let your hair down and let it all hang out
Come on girl's it's time to get rowdy and loud
'Cause it's a girls night crowd

We're going out tonight 'cause it's Saturday
Girls night out and it's time to play
I got my high heels on, out for a real good time
Me and my girlfriends know how to do it right

On girls night (girls night), Girls Night (girls night) Girls night (girls night) Girls Night....