Darlene Sparling

Darlene Sparling


Always Organica...On my own, like rhythmic, melodic poetry wrapped in soulfulness. Carrying messages on life's lessons. When fortunate to play with others, it becomes something that inspires you to loose yourself in my words while the instruments connect you to your own organic inner rhythms.


I am a singer songwriter and artist of life from Cape Breton Island. I am just beginning to explore the world of music through sharing it with my debut album "Lessons From A Butterfly" Staying true to my message and organic writing style the musicians were freed from conventions and left to play through feeling and channelling that into the music so my message can be felt as well as heard. The album is a unique package of all the lessons I have learned on my journeys wrapped in a rhythmic, flowing, feeling of dancing barefoot in the rainforest or simply sitting amongst a moment of discord in life's moment and finding within it a beautiful harmony.
My music is a reflection of the experiences, and people that have changed my life. I have spent many years journeying to far off lands seeking solace and song and finding it within myself. What I discovered and what inspired me is reflected in my music. It tells my stories of encounters with moments that inspire growth and change within. My gypsy spirit calls me to spend my life journeying chasing this beauty. Inspiration lingers in the place you would least expect to find it. Through music I rediscover pieces of myself, which I share through the poetry. As I journey my memories become my muse and my songs become a musical journey through my spiritual one that took me to many corners and crevices of this beautiful earth.

"Lessons from a Butterfly" surround us when the weather lends itself to paint the picture of life being lived before us in its brightest and most colourful form. The Butterfly inspires me to follow its way in which it chases beauty and with each transformation, sharing a symbiotic relationship with nature in it's moment of both giving and receiving, as it rests upon the blossom of a flower. It is those lessons that we struggle to learn that inspire inherent transformation, and I share my lessons through song. Thank you to the spirit of the Butterfly, for inspiring me to continue chasing beauty and give back to the universe with the most sincere gratitude for each new day and it's unknown gifts.


Lessons From A Butterfly

Written By: Darlene Sparling

Lessons From A Butterfly

The grass always seems greener
And I venture out to find some piece of mind
But then again here I am in the meantime less alive
And less that piece of mind I came here looking for.
While living and breathing the fumes from the sun
Beating down on the concrete and heating it
So I sit and watch the sun set at three
On a midsummer nights dream
At least that is when it falls behind the artificial horizon before me.
A tall glass building mirrors the life we live
And it’s becoming easier to forget and forgive
The cars are passing and the people that are living a lie
And all of those men who regularly pave over collective green space
And deny us of that space
But in the mean time we all try and race to the other side
And them I am sure that we will find
That maybe we’re not even really happy
The greener pastures, they fail to amaze
Because they sure ain’t where the cows and sheep graze
But rather where the trees grow a dollar bill instead of a leaf
And we still come here looking for some sort of relief
From debts overdue in the meantime our spirit is so terribly subdued.
You know I never want my life’s success to be measured that way
so if you are ever looking for me I am afraid it is too late
Because I have already flown away to the meadow where the butterflies play
Because they have a lesson for me to pay attention to
I sit here gleefully and watch them play so freely only chasing beauty
and then I fly away.

Simply Living

Written By: Darlene Sparling

Home where my heart will stay
As I wander far away
From where my roots are planted
Nothing expected
Rob me blind but broaden my perspective
Not a thing regretted

In the land of weathered and wise
Kind deeds fill my day with joy.
No longer in need of a disguise
I left it at the door.
No one expects anymore
It’s your heart they want to explore.

Living in a time where books tell us how to live.
In the land of simple folk,
They’ll laugh at all the lessons they daily give
Unaware their wisdom far out weights gold
The wisdom they behold.

Living Simple Lives
Look Beyond our Sophisticated Eyes
And we will see they are far more Civilized.

Nostalgic Comfort

Written By: Darlene Sparling

It’s the feeling like boarding an airplane
Just after leaving your once destination.
Pieces of yourself lost left behind to linger.
Places where your soul once danced.
But now it is only your spirit that breathes.
It’s a feeling that I want to hold onto
But I can’t because it slips between
My little itty-bitty fingertips.
The same fingers that will wipe my tears,
Mellow my laugh and tighten my embrace.
It will catch my tears and hide my fears
Escape fear because it’s lost indefinitely in mind full of memories
they pave a path to infinite destinations.
You know the beauty in what lies ahead is often disguised
Wearing an unfamiliar dress expression
And singing a song I can only dance to
But never never understand..


A CD called Lessons from a Butterfly

Lessons from a Butterfly
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