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Darling Gunsel

San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco, California, United States
EDM Avant-garde




"Finally, San Francisco’s Darling Gunsel has created an electro-pop album that has just the right amount of glitz"

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Now, about that new music…
Finally, San Francisco’s Darling Gunsel has created an electro-pop album that has just the right amount of glitz. Listen to their debut single “Staight Girls” below and head over to iTunes to download the rest of their debut album Unresolved Heart. Darling Gunsel is booked for an album and video release party tonight at Beatbox. (full details at the bottom of the post) - The Bay Bridged

"Despite being a school night, Darling Gunsel had the packed venue popping."

San Francisco based electro-pop trio Darling Gunsel exploded onto the stage at Beatbox on Tuesday night to celebrate the release of their debut album Unresolved Heart. Despite it being a school night, Darling Gunsel had the packed venue popping. Making light of his recent heart attack and referencing their title track “Unresolved Heart,” Ricky Terry opened the show with a neon blue IV running to his arm while excerpts of Obama’s acceptance speech played in the background. Yet, if anyone deserved IV hydration it was Jezabel, whose boxer-like energy had her fist pumping and jumping wildly around the stage throughout the entire show. Dr. Scott and Ricky Terry brought a steady bass driven set from behind the synths and laptops, mixing it up with live drum sequences and plenty of grooving. - Owl Mag


Still working on that hot first release.



Fresh from the success of Ejector - iconic San Francisco band, and winner of the SF Guardians Best Local Band Award in 2010 - Ricky Terry (synths) and Dr Scott (synths & guitar) decided to embark on a fresh music project, this time with a female vocalist.

In January 2012, they found New Zealand songstress Jezabel, renamed themselves Darling Gunsel after the term for a mischievous, gun-toting youth, and began an intense period of writing and recording.

Their first single 'Straight Girls' gave the band renewed support from their original fan base whilst their live shows became immediately synonymous with outlandish costumes, heavy bass and hyper-energetic-dance antics.
In October 2012 Darling Gunsel released their 10 track debut album 'Unresolved Heart'.

The album, whilst staying true to their original sounds - layering heavy, dark, bass driven tones with 80’s inspired synth lines - also shows clear development, with Jezabel's voice providing melodic contrast to the heavier tones and vocal lines that at times sound more reminiscent of jazz and folk than pop. The lyrical depth is also a major development - the album covering the more intimate and relatable territory of relationships, one-night-stands and homelands.

Having gained a loyal local following, Darling Gunsel will join the Accidental Bear Queer Summer Music Tour in July 2013.