Darlings Of The Splitscreen

Darlings Of The Splitscreen


3 mysterious musical misfits bounding with energy, electronics and luminous lyrical lunacy, whip audiences up into a frenzy with a potent combustion of three-way harmonies, squelching synths, duelling bass & guitar and pounding beats. Where does Barbershop meet Techno? Somewhere near the DOTS!



The Darlings have teamed up with Iconic Sheffield club night Razor Stiletto to release 'Hiroshima', the first single on Mr Ralph Razor's new imprint Razor Stiletto Records.

More ‘Neu! Yorkshire’ than New Yorkshire the limited edition seven inch single celebrates Sheffield’s heritage as the city that invented strange but catchy electronic music

Recorded and mixed by bearded production wizard Dean Honer (All Seeing I, Add (N) to X, Roisin Murphy & I Monster ), ‘HIROSHIMA’ is a four minute turbulent marriage of the diametrically opposed sensibilities of pop and prog.

Spunky, punky electronics, quickly builds into kinetic arpeggiation softened with beachboys harmonies, where gay disco battles it out with flourishes of avant-weird synth stabs and sirens, equal parts Donna Summer and Delia Derbyshire, exploding into a frenzied hi NRG cataclysmic finale.


Darlings of the Splitscreen are southern songwriters Chris, Tom and Phil who in 2004 made a pilgrimage to Sheffield, the steely birthplace of electronic pop. They never left; drawing inspiration from their new wave forebears and the local breaks scene they decided Sheffield was a good place to be. Thus our heroes set out to make their fortune as colourful, prog-pop, dancefloor-mangling wonk-merchants.

The Darlings created their own studio in a grimy former factory and set to work creating their debut, 'the Dots EP', released in 2005 on their own imprint Gold Leaf Electroscope. This juicy slab of 10" vinyl marked the boys out as a creative force to be reckoned with and established them on the Sheffield scene.

In 2006 DOTS teamed up with local label Little Mesters Music and world famous design legends the Designers Republic to begin work on their next release. 'the Dash' saw the light of day in April 2007, as a super limited edition multi-media mini-album and subsequently threw them into the paths of many cool DJ’s including John Kennedy (XFM), Steve Lamacq (Radio 1) and Shamir (Radio Sheffield).

In May 2007 the boys met Roo and Jenral Management, and the future was born. Instant headline shows, showcases, TV&Film synchronisations and the formalisation of ongoing support from the world famous Designers Republic brand.

All the while team DOTS tour their energetic live show around in their trusty Renault Savanah, Louis. The DOTS' crazy combination of hands-in-the-air harmonies, jerky funk breakdowns and rinsing house workouts leaves a trail of sweaty bodies and smiley faces in their wake wherever they go.

DOTS are currently eating, sleeping and drinking in their new subterranean studio buried deep beneath the rubble of the former Gatecrasher nightclub, working on their debut album. A record which, thanks to their support from the Jenral group, tDR and their growing enthusistic fan base looks set to take the world by storm in 2008.


'the dots ep' - 2000 - Gold Leaf Electroscope - 10" Vinyl
a1: So Beautiful
a2: In Between
b1: Stealing Tears
b2: Be:Am

'dots dash ep' - Little Mesters Music/Gold Leaf Electroscope - 3 disc box set
cd1.1: Dash Dots Dash
cd1.2: In The Back Of My Brain
cd1.3: Clarity
cd2.1: I Will Intercept You
cd2.2: I Know What You're Doing
cd2.3: Paint A Picture
dvd: I Know What You're Doing Video

Set List

DOTS write constantly, indeed Phil was once described as a 'giant loose sphincter of creativity', and they always strive to improve their already formidable live sound, bar raising being a favourite pass time of theirs. As such there'll always be something new of different in the set to send your head spinning, along with favourites from the EPs and sneak previews from the forthcoming album!