daRome Bentley

daRome Bentley


daRome's music takes soul music to mainstream. This artist truly sets himself apart from todays world of oversexdriven R/B & and Hip Hop music scene. daRome is a relief, with a smooth Urban laid-back R/B Pop Soul vibe with universal views of love and life


daRome Bentley

In an industry flourished with soul artist, daRome has emerged as one of Soul Music's elite.

Listening to darome you'll find his vibe smooth as his looks. Artist, actor, writer, producer and vocal arranger he wears all these titles well. "Writing from the Soul is what makes a real soul artist". daRome started out in church singing and later toured in R/B groups opening for acts such as K-Ci & JOJO, NEXT and JOE. He then later moved to Atlanta to persue his dream as a solo artist. He's worked with super producer dallas Austin as a intern and demo artist for a short while before releasing his own debut album.

This Oklahoma native now resides in Atlanta Georgia, the next Motown of the south. daRome has proven himself as a songwriter and performer. He has successfully competed in songwriting competitions as a finalist in GMIA (Georgia Music Industry Associations) Songwriting Competition and The International Songwriting Competition against thousands of other artist.

Live performances from daRome are so electrifyingly, charismatic and powerfully souldrenched from the heart, it often leaves fans and music lovers with an unforgettable aesthetic punch in the heart!! He has blessed some of Atlanta's hottest venues and Festivals such as Atlantis Music Conferences, The Velvet Room,Club 908, Earth Link Live and at ATL's infamous Apache Café.


Back When

Written By: daRome Bentley

Back When

Written and arranged by daRome Bentley
Burgundy Soul Music Publishing (BMI)

Verse 1

(Remember me
( Room 3 )
You sat behind
(Me girl )
Funny how things change
I know they don’t (remain)
Fellas playin
(dodgeball )
kick ball
Girls playin
(Jump rope)
Miss the things we do
Through the years still think of you__.
First time__
I laid eyes on you- joke how’d (marry you__)
Though always that my life would start and (end with you___)
But it didn’t end that way
So I just contemplate bout
(Back when we were (unison) Young___) (harmony)

When you were mine
We had the time
Girl it was al right seeing you Takes me
(Back when we were (unison) Young___ (harmony)

Look how you’ve grown
Our time has gone (All Unison)
You found someone
But I’ve always loved you since
(Back when we were (unison) Young___ (harmony)

Verse 2
I’ve always wondered just where you’ve been

(Gotta house__)
(Gotta Man__ ) (Unison)
And now u
( got some kids too)
Cant help but wonder how life would be

(In his shoes__ girl with you__) (Unison)

Hook 3x

Brown like Hennesy

Written By: daRome Bentley

Brown Like Hennesy

Written and arranged by daRome Bentley
Burgundy Soul Music Publishing (BMI)

Verse 1

I ‘m diggin the way she’s shakin
It’s like the way she’s movin
Slowly makin me
(Makin me drunk____)
as time passes by
makes high
Dark Brown eyes
Baby love those thigh
( wanna drink str8 up what I see___)

Can’t sober off the way I feel
I wanna fill her cup____


To see her go
On tha dance floor (all Unison)
All I wanna know
Can I drink st8 up of her

She puts on a show (harmony)
Thick from head to toe
Girl know she flows
Brown like Hennesy__-

Verse 2
Won’t sit down
Though my head is spinnin
Music’s blarin high
Got me feelin right___
Movin with her
Satifies my thurst
Maybe this is it
Soon I start to learn
I can’t quite


Hook 3x


Written By: daRome Bentley

Written daRome Bentley
Produced by Marcus Xavier Thomas
Baby aint
Came home bit late last night.
You said it wasn’t worth it
You’d had the last word
And your tired of me hurtin__ U

I cant _ believe ya given me up so-fast
Forgotten our past
Thought we would out last this and_

Bsect: (Can’t stop thinkin bout )
the way u feel_ me
it’s so unreal___ so need u here
and I

(Can’t help thinkin bout )
our last fight
it wasn’t right
cant be goodbye
(Mah Baby aint comin home)
she’s all I had in this world
so I can’t go further

( Said she aint comin home)
she’s all I want in this world
like no other I know her
I told her
Now Frankly what I was wrong
Thru my hell you kept on
I luv how ya so strong so strong.

And I luv the giving way
you are to me

Is there something I could say
To make you not leave______ me_

All I want___
All I need ___
In this world ___
Is her_____
Hook: adlib Fade


The two lead singles are

Beauty (your smile) and Brown like Hennesy

Set List

8-10 song set
2 hours
3 cover tunes