Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The hottest new artist to hit the streets, DA`RO MUZIC, a soul singer with a classy twist, takes you back to were music started. With songs like "Change gonna come" and "Soul Train", Da`ro Muzic really defines what soul music is all about.


DA`RO first began singing at an early age in the church choir. He went on to record his first song at age 14, titled “So Slow”. This song landed him as lead singer in the group Just Us, a popular R & B group out of Memphis TN, in the early 1990’s. The group had several hit singles, such as “Let’s Have a Party”, “Last Night”, and “Girl Next Door”. After singing with the group for two years, DA`RO went on to pursue a solo career. In 1998, DA`RO opened for such entertainers as The William Brothers, Patti Labelle, and Prescott the Comedian. In 2000 he went on to team up with STACK ENT. as an R & B singer, where he had a hit single known as “Love me or Leave me”. He worked with that label until 2002, where he pursued other interests. In 2008 DA`RO MUZIC resurfaced with a new compilation entitled “Ride with Me” with Cash Mann, where he then decided to start his own record label.

In 2008 he began a project with Charles “Cashman” Goodloe, a producer out of Dayton, Ohio. They collaborated to create RSCG Records. He then started performing on USO tours in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain and Qatar. In 2009 he opened for artists such as Charlie Wilson, the comedian Earthquake, Silk, and was a featured artist in the play “The Confessions of Minnie Fox”. He has also done soundtracks for Basketball Jones and Arrested Prodigy, both movies by Tyga Graham. DA`RO MUZIC is currently preparing for the release of his Debut album, “Planet Pleasure”, April 2010.

DA`RO is currently working on his new Project. Which is titled Music, Love, and Soul. Set to release Feb 15, 2011 with features from Sam Ruffin and Afrika. This Album is sure to put Daro over all the competition.


DA`RO MUZIC has released Planet Pleasure "April 2010" with hit single "Make you say oh" which played on V103, 97.5 96.1, 101.1,97.1 and many others.

Set List

1. Come Inside My Room" Da`ro Muzic"
2. Let me show you " Da`ro Muzic"
3. Crusin " D`Angelo"
4. Since I seen you "Anthony Hamilton"
5. Ordinary people "John Legend"
6. Change gonna come " Da`ro Muzic"
7. Use to love you "John Legend"
8. We just don't care "John Legend"
9. Live it up "John Legend"
10. So High " John Legend"