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Darque Carnival

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""Great Riff""

"Great riff. I really like the bridge with the bell in it. I think that is what makes this one a little different........
It's a good bangin' bit, that whole breakdown bangin' bit, it's a good one."
Bob Rock's (Metallica) review of Death Race. - garageband.com

""Powerful Stuff""

"This is powerful stuff, this is what we are looking for.......
Original and new.
- ESPN/X-Games

""A must see show""

"These guys rock!!!" "A must see show." - powerslave.com/Mario Perotti

"Blow up da speakers..."

"I thought the bass was going to blow up my speakers. I loved it! The vocals sound like what Phil Anselmo wants to sound like." - www.anthrax.com-Brett-Webmaster

""Darque Carnival can only take your mind and body and throw in front of the bus that is metal""

"With an earsplitting symphonic jounery of destruction, Darque Carnival pushes the limits of grunge to the top of the heap. With a sound that reminisces back to the days of a clash of vintage white zombie, pantera, and most certainly the "zakk wyldes"ish bends, Darque carnival can only take your mind and body and throw in front of the bus that is metal.

"Spiral Down" leaves an audience wanting more with an abrupt true metal form ending, but ones thirst for more is quickly quenched with the arrival of "Darque Carnival." Its speed and timing is perfect and the chemistry between members of the band is awe-inspiring.

The only constructive criticism I can offer is... MORE METAL.

"I thank thee, Darque Carnival, for ligthing the path of talented metal.

Thank you.

A true original sound, that freakin rocks harder than a jackhammer on my head. Way to go." - Chaotic promotions

"Grade: A"


Hailing from the dark corners of Reno, Nevada comes Darque Carnival. D.C. as known by fans weighs in very heavy for this title bought with your emotions and ears. The group lands all of the punches thrown in this five-song disc, which is a great display of thundering drum beats, supersonic bass licks and intense guitar riffs. They don’t let up on you as every song pummels your senses, yet leaves you begging for more. The singer has departed, but the group has found a permanent and amazing replacement so expect some more killer music coming your way later this year or early 2006. The group will be doing some tour stops in the Midwest and West Coast this summer, so be sure to lock up the kids and be prepared for an amazing live show. Fans of Prong, older Sepultura, Pantera and Demon Hunter should get a kick out of their experience with Darque Carnival.

- The Audio Nut


Gathering of Souls-1999
All For Naught-2005
Renewed Esteem - 2006



Darque Carnival are winners of the 2006 4th annual Fallon Cantaloupe Festival Battle of the Bands, 2nd place winnersof the 2007 5th annual Fallon Cantaloupe Festival Battle of the Bands, Semi finalists in the BoDog battle of the bands in San Francisco California playing such classic venues as The 12 Galaxies, Slim's and the Great American Music Hall, a showcase band at the 2007 Amplify! Music Conference in Las Vegas. Darque Carnival is one of 2 Jagermeister sponsored bands in the state of Nevada along with Hemlock from Las Vegas. Darque Carnival has played with such acts as Mushroomhead, Soil, The Autumn Offering, Brand New Sin, Dope, Nile, Testament, Metal Church and LA Guns, Helmet, Five Finger Death Punch, Drowning Pool, Ekotren, Mower and Diecast.