Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes

Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes


With hundreds of gigs under their belt, Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes have become an insider tip in the European folk-rock scene.


Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes' most recent CD release, "Everyday Stories," was selected as "CD Production of 2002" by the German Pop and Rock Music Association.

With hundreds of gigs under their belt -- from the legendary Fehrman Festival, where Hendrix played his last concert, to concerts in some of Europe's most renowned clubs, which regularly feature the likes of Wishbone Ash or Papa Chubby -- Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes have become an insider tip in the European live music scene. The band is strongly influenced by a wide variety of pop and rock musical styles: From classic rock numbers to heartfealt ballads to pop-rock influenced guitar songs, the blend between Arnold's thoughtful and soulful lyrics and the bands divergent musical styles always results in a rich musical experience.

Their highlights from 2002 include:

- Opening gig for Eric Burdon and the Animals (June 2002)
- Opening gigs for The Yardbirds (October 2002)
- Popkomm performance with javamusic.com (July 2002)
- NEMO showcase gig at The Hard Rock Cafe, Boston (April 2002)
- WDR TV feature story in Germany (June 2002)
- WDR2 radio interview as a part of Soundfiles (October 2002)
- Hour long Radio Köln Interview (Grenzgaenger) (January 2003)

Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes have been compared by the German press with Neil Young and Crazy Horse, John Hiatt and the Nashville Queens, Hootie and the Blow Fish and the Crash Test Dummies. The band stands in the best tradition of roots rock: the songs weave earthy tales into melodious tunes.

The band sound is characterized by Arnold's pristine vocals, raging guitars and pulsating rhythms - a wide variety of tunes and tones. What one German radio DJ noted about their debut CD, "Here or Somewhere Else," is true of the band as a whole: "a unique, diversified project." The band plays pop influenced guitar songs, Austin influenced country-rock numbers, and folk-rock ballads.

They will be playing opening gigs with The Yardbirds in April and October 2003.


Give What You Can

Written By: Darrell P. Arnold

There is a night like so many other nights
You can't see through
A trap, like any other traps
It might catch you
There is a lover, like so many other lovers
Wonders why she tries sometimes
A lover, like so many other lovers wonders why she tries


Give what you can
Take what you need
Got to go your way
With or without me (2x)

There is an innocence, like so much innocence
Doesn't have to be tarnished to be loved
An emptiness, like so much emptiness
Leaves you alone


Maybe it'll be better next (rep)


Case 1327

Written By: Darrell P. Arnold

45, don't got to work no more
Keep a loaded shotgun by the door
Told you not to come here lookin' 'round
Stay on the other side of town

I don't know why I did it, but I let you in
After a while you threatened me again
Took out your knife and you held it in front of me
Said I'd be the one to die
Guess we'd see

I'll bring you down
If I got to I'll bring you down (3x)
Bury your body,
Bury it in the ground

You stood and said you'd kill me on that night
Chased me out the door with your knife
But I grabbed my gun as I went out the door
As you held your knife above me
I let it go

My heart beat faster than it ever had before
As I saw your blood spilled out on my floor
I took your knife and threw it against the fence
I'd shot, but I didn't know if you were dead


Well you can run, but you cannot hide
From the things you've done
From livin' and dyin'

Police came and took your body away
Said they knew you'd meet your end this way
Well I sat there stunned wonderin' what had occurred
Wished it were a dream or a story that I'd heard




Written By: Darrell P. Arnold

Johnny was playing with a loaded gun
Went off in his hand, just after dawn
Ambulance came just a little too late
Buried Johnny in just three days

There's a sadness in the world
Bring you down to your knees
There's a sadness in this world
Keep you beggin' please
Sadness in this world

Mary took out a bottle of pills
Swallowed fifty and her body slowly chilled
Someone found Mary the very next day
Just a day too late


And if you've got something to believe in
You better count your lucky stars (2x)

Billy bought his drugs on the corner
Shot up what he couldn't peddle door to door
Last Friday night he shot his last dime
And his mama just can't stop cryin'



Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes have produced two studio CDs, both showing the diversity and depth of this band. The debut CD, "Here or Somewhere Else," was recorded with Chris Beckers, one of Holland's best known jazz guitarists, who regularly produces and plays with the likes of Earnie Watts (The Rolling Stones) and Peter Erskine (Weather Report). It has received a smattering of airplay on German radio.

"Everyday Stories" was recorded and produced with Klaus Bohlmann, one of Germany's most renowned studio engineers; and on keyboards it features Hendrik Schaper, known from his work with Passport and Udo Lindenberg's Panikorchestra, legendary German rock and jazz acts.

Both CDs are available through the bands own record label, Strange Little Records.

Songs from Darrell Arnold and the Dead Buffaloes have been played at
- BRBS radio (Great Britain - worldwide)
- WDR2 (Germany)
- Einslive (Germany)
- Bayrische Rundfunk (Germany)
- Radio Köln (Germany)
- Radio Bielefled (Germany)
- Radio Soest (Germany)
- Radio Barbara (Holland)

-"Western Skies" was included on Germany's "Musiker Magazine" sampler (March 2002).
-"Give What You Can" appeared on the NEMO sampler (April 2002).

Set List

We play for between two and three hours, and normally two or three sets. We play almost exclusively our own material. Four cover songs are regularly in the program, however: BR549s, "18 Wheels," Jason and the Scorchers' "Help, There's a Fire," the Grateful Dead song, "Deal." And we normally round off the show with Mayo smashing around his guitar to John Hiatt's "Perfectly Good Guitar."