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Darrell Kelley

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo R&B Hip Hop




"Darrell Kelley Here Ends the Lesson"

Gospel hip hop tunes are designed to give the word of God to a younger generation who has given the word of God up for the words of Tupac and Biggie. Pastor Darrell Kelley, a business man and author, sticks to the script on all the tracks of Here Ends the Lesson. Make no mistake, every song here is a lesson and like most teachers each lesson is designed for a purpose. School bells ring early with the first track Evil, a potent topic today. Evil is the darkness in the world and the heart is often drawn to it. The existence of evil needs to be addressed all the time and Pastor Kelley reminds the listener of that. It is a lesson that needs to be relearned daily and one must be ever vigilant about it. There is some nice instrumentation on this track. If you go to YouTube you can enjoy a visual presentation of Evil. It is a full video for the track and it is well produced. Darrell and his companions with minimalist backgrounds and sets evoke the avant-garde French new wave films of the 1960’s and early 1970’s coupled with the innovations made when videos containing music were played on MTV.

One of the standout tracks on this collection is Tell Jesus on You. This is the song that has been chosen by Viral Records, the label, to promote as a single. It is a stirring call to link arms against hating people in society based on the color of their skins. Remember kids, it is just as bad to hate on a majority for their race as it is to hate on a minority for their race. Pastor Kelley personifies that in this single designed to spread the word of God, Kelley style. UWGEAM is the brainchild of the Pastor. It is his take on religion that puts the money where the parishioner’s mouth is on regarding the love and worship of God.

One theme we see echoed is the message behind Darrell Kelley's music is find what inspires others, touches hearts, feeds the souls, and influences lives for the better. Reason is an interesting song that delves into the reasons for individual human existence. Starting off with an ambient dub sounding keyboard part that would not sound out of place on any chill music compilation Reason explores the relationship between the brothers and sisters of the country and the world. The rata-tat-tat of the vocal matches the urgency of the hi-hat of the drum part. It never hurts to be reminded of why God put Jesus on Earth, and Reason is Kelley’s earnest reminder of that. Overall a compelling second album from an artist to watch. - Kirby Simons - Patch Atlanta


- Storm Is Coming (EP) (2018)
- Unity (2018)
- Here Ends The Lesson (2019)

- Oh Lord I Need a Favor Shut Her Up (2017)- Sit Your Rump Down (2017)- Man of God  (2017)- Storm Is Coming  (2018)- Call His Name  (2018)- Be Great  (2018)- Unity  (2018)- Focus  (2018)- Until the End of Time  (2018)- Come Over  (2018)- Believe in Something (Kneel)  (2018)- Sorry  (2018)- Money and Power  (2018)- Voices  (2018)- God Is Good  (2018)- Here Ends the Lesson  (2018)- Reason  (2018)- Mama  (2018)- Tell Jesus on You  (2018)- Evil  (2019)- Get Wild  (2019)- Beautiful  (2019)- I'm so High  (2019)



Singer, composer and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s a performer, singer, songwriter, social activist, spiritual leader, author and entrepreneur. Where injustice prevails Kelley has been known to plunge headlong into the fight to seek justice, understanding, acceptance and unity for one and all. Songs like Believe In Something (Kneel) which took on critics of Colin Kaeperonick for his silent protest during NFL pre-game activities, or Because of You (both released on the Viral Records label) which dealt with the ongoing gun violence epidemic and those responsible for its cause that currently plagues The United States.

Beginning his career as a Gospel recording artist Darrell Kelley eventually, seamlessly and successfully made the crossover to the contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop and Mainstream Top 40 radio genre formats. His songs address both secular and non-secular subjects with not only deep insight but often with humor. As a performer, this man can charm any size crowd with his Pied-Piper-like musical magic. As an entrepreneur, Darrell has founded and managed many businesses like the legendary Soul Delicious Grill and Buffet restaurant where bountiful plates of delectably prepared meals are accompanied by the sweet sounds of R&B and Gospel music, as well as his own Viral Records music distribution company. As a spiritual leader and author Bishop Kelley of The Pathway Gospel Ministry Church wrote and published “The Book of UWGEAM”, which is a summary of how through love, unity and respect a better way of life is accessible to all.

Celebrating 2020 Darrell Kelley dropped a new single, Turn it up, destined to be a colossal club-banger and dance floor hit. Learn more at darrellkelleyofficial.com; news and updates facebook.com/darrellkelleysmusic. Watch his music, performance and commentary videos at youtube.com/user/latenightwithdarrell/featured. Listen at soundcloud.com/user-792034936, or reverbnation.com/darrellkelley, and/or darrellkelley.bandcamp.com.

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