Darrell Smith

Darrell Smith


Singer-songwriter and Chapter 3 recording artist Darrell Smith pairs uncommon emotional depth with excellent musicianship to form a unique modern Americana rock with a relevant message.


Darrell Smith has been a performing artist and songwriter since 2004. In that time, his music has taken him thousands of miles and allowed him to work with some incredibly talented musicians and artists.

He has recorded four full-length CDs with the fifth already in production. Darrell's 2007 project, Pocket of Light, featured an incredible roster of talented musicians including Dove Award® winning and Grammy® nominated guitarist Barry Blair of Audio Adrenaline and 2007 Grammy® Nominee Ayiesha Woods.

Following the release of Pocket of Light, Darrell received a 2007 Great American Song Honor Award for his song “All I Have” and was a featured performer at the 2008 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Darrell has performed for and led worship for hundreds of thousands of people across the United States, Mexico and even a few places in South America.

The title track from Darrell’s newest project Ordinary Christmas, received significant radio support and reached #32 on the Global AC charts and #10 in Canada. The full-length holiday LP features a number of seasonal favorites as well as the originals “Ordinary Christmas,” “December Girl,” “The Fourth but Not-So-Wise Man” and “Christmas All Year Long”. Shortly before the release, Darrell was selected as the official 2008 Ford Holiday River Parade artist and brought Ordinary Christmas to a national audience during the November 28th broadcast of the event.

All of Darrell's music is distributed by Catapult Distribution and is available through a number of retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Burnlounge, Rhapsody and SNOCAP.

Darrell lives in San Antonio with his wife Stacy and their three children Nathanael, Samuel and Abigail. In addition to playing shows, writing music and leading worship, Darrell also serves as the Worship Director for the New Heights Community at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church and as a Director of Chapter Three Ministries.

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Closer to You

Written By: Darrell Smith

Two bodies lying close in the night
not knowing what’s on each other’s mind.
Echoes of our better days
hurt to hear as they bounce around the night.
Did we cross an ocean of pain
to be distanced by a foot in the dark?
Did we drown the love we had
in the cold deep waters of our hearts?

I want to stop feeling this way.
I need to know before we start another day.
Is there’s something I have?
I’ll give it to you.
There’s no measure of what I’m willing to do
to get closer to you.

Lines and signs stretch out before me
like pastures in the pavement from the past.
In the mirror I see a fading memory
of where we used to be.
I’d surrender every memory we have.
I’d forfeit every touch that we’ve shared.
Just to hold you in my arms,
just to know in my heart that you care.

Life has pushed us around and
blown our sweetest dreams away like autumn leaves.
But even this season can change.
We can leave this still air behind.

Take it Away

Written By: Darrell Smith

I’ve never been accused of being the
sharpest knife in the drawer.
Most times my moves are about as smart
as a submarine with a screen door.
I might be dumber than a bag of hammers.
I could be the dullest tack in the box.
But no matter what I do when I look to You
You keep me from getting lost – and I say

Take it away.
I am more than the sum of my mistakes so You
take it away.

I should know there’s no education in the
second kick of a mule.
But the way I run my life, seems like I’m diving into
empty swimming pools.
I’m like a bull in a china closet.
I ain’t the brightest bulb on the tree.
But no matter what I do when I look to You
You try to set me free – and I say

I might abuse the privilege of being dumb
More than anyone under the sun
But no matter what I do when I look to You
You forgive me for what I’ve done – and I say

Written by Darrell Smith
(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

Feed Your Fire

Written By: Darrell Smith

Disappointment all around me.
Expectant eyes fill the room.
Blame and guilt are swirling round me
so thick I can’t see through.
Let’s just start it all over
give me one more chance
to prove myself to you.

I can’t feed your fire.
We’re all pretending that I can.
What you force me to hold onto
is burning through my hands
I’m in danger of hurting what you think of me.
If I can’t feed your fire
there’s no place at it for me.

Once again I’m across the table.
Once again I’m all alone.
It always sneaks upon me -
everything I’m doing wrong.
Could I try a little harder,
push a little faster,
give a little more?

I won’t feed your fire
and it’s starting to burn low.
Just so helpless to help yourself
you’d think by now I’d know.
I’m in danger of losing what I think I need.
If I won’t feed your fire.
there’s no place at it for me.

Everything I’ve given,
all the labor gone ignored,
all consumed by flames and fury,
just ashes on the floor.

I don’t feed your fire
no matter what I do.
Anything I offer up
you quickly burn right through.
I’m in danger of losing who I’m supposed to be
if I don’t feed your fire.

Written by Darrell Smith
(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

All I Have

Written By: Darrell Smith

I have to maintain the woeful illusion
of my hollow world
where I think I am king.
I know you offer me rest.
But how can you give me all I provide?
Got to juggle all I have hands for
there’ll be time to rest when I die.

Just a little more.
Get through this moment.
Clear one more hurdle
my control will return.
Ignore what you offer;
a burden that’s light.
How could I ever
give up this fight?
It’s all I have.

I spend so much time coloring in the spaces
of my little world
where I think I am king.
I want so much to let go.
I know I need to release.
I know it’s all in my head.
I know that none of it’s real.

Any control I thought I had
was just an idea I sold myself.
It’s all in my mind.

(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

Have Been Claimed

Written By: Darrell Smith

I bring my tired and weary soul
back to where it first was stirred.
I lay my burdens down
and I know my prayers are heard.
For I am the branch
and you are the tree.
And I will tell the world
of all you’ve done for me.

I have been claimed
as among your sons and daughters.
I’ll take my place
with my Savior and my Father.
And when I come to You
I get down on my knees
but then you lift me up
as you remind me
that I have been claimed.

I know the gifts that you give
are meant to be released.
I will lay my life down
as my only offering
because it’s all I have
to give you in return.
The love You’re offering
is something I can’t earn.

I want to walk along the path you’ve laid.
I want to give my life to what the world
can’t take away.

Written by Darrell Smith
(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

Love like You

Written By: Darrell Smith

The first Bible I ever knew
was written in the pages of your life.
Every word you ever spoke to me
was designed to point me toward the light.
And when I look at you
I know just what I’m called to do.
What you’ve shown me
shakes the shadows from my eyes.

I want to love just like you.
I want to face the world
with grace that pushes through.
I want to offer every moment
from now until the end
as a living testimony
to my Savior and my friend.
Remembering to cling to all that’s true
and love like you.

You covered me with the dust of your feet
as I followed so low and close to you
that I could taste the street.
Teaching mercy and building hope with faith;
never doubting for a moment
when the burden seemed too great.
When you look at me
your joy and spirit set me free.
You see the person
that He’s calling me to be.

You helped me realize
that the mirror lies.
The only truth I need
to see is in His eyes.

Written by Darrell Smith
(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

Pocket of Light

Written By: Darrell Smith

Downtown bound
on this pocket of light.
Cold steel steadies me
as we barrel through the night.
Another stop,
another hand is reaching out.
Just keep your eyes on the floor
and you won’t have to see me shout.

Heal me.
Fill me.
Show me the love you speak of,
drown this darkness I dream of,
show me the way you want for me.
Reach me.

You pass this way
every single day.
An intersection of common ground;
our dance goes round.
I’m just another hand
amongst the hands reaching out.
Just keep your eyes on the road
and you won’t have to see us shout.

Heal me.
Fill me.
Show me the love you speak of,
drown this darkness I dream of,
show me the way you want for me.
Reach me.

You know my story.
You got me all figured out.
It’s good to know that you got
my problems pinned down.
But could you take the time
to talk to me?
I’ll trade your gossip for some Gospel,
but you’ll have to see and

Reach me.
Feel me.
Help me to grasp all that can be.
Teach me to see what He sees in me.
Won’t you please just stop and see?
Reach me.

Written by Darrell Smith
(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

Shame on Me

Written By: Darrell Smith

Where is your faith?
Where’s it living, where’s it working?
Does it reach those who are hurting?
Is it just a word that you had to learn?

Where is your hope?
You don’t give it, You don’t build it.
If you found it you’d just kill it
with your recipes and your remedies.

You move the finish line
just as I start to reach it.
I’m shooting in the dark
and you have moved the target.
Fool me once, it’s just a lesson that I need.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

Where is your love?
I don’t see it, I don’t feel it.
Why won’t you reveal it?
Can’t do anything with your easy words.

What do you want me to see
from the outside looking in?
What would you like me to hear
when I’m standing next to you?
Tell me the message you carry
to a world filled with pain.
Move past the shame
and show me what remains…

Written by Darrell Smith
(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

Start Over Again

Written By: Darrell Smith

Start my day by listening to you
speak of everyone else
and how much they mean to you.
They’re invaluable to you.
Look at my face while I’m listening to you,
sweat runs into my eyes,
but my first offering
is not valuable to you.

Am I even here to you?
Does it even register with you;
every way I spend my days
everything that I do to satisfy you?

Why do I run the way I do?
Why do I give everything I am to you?
All I get out
will always shrink next to what I put in.
But I claim my loser’s prize
from the game that I can’t win
and start over again.

Another day, another beating.
Can I change something
or do something new for you?
Tell me what else can I do?
What can I say?
Tell me what is the way
to get myself in line
with what you think you want from me
I want to be valuable to you.

Every day is just a repeat of a copy
A sad forgery of the person I could be

Written by Darrell Smith
(c) 2007 Chapter 3 Music (ASCAP)

Christmas All Year Long

Written By: Darrell Smith

Lights along the city streets,
stars and tinsel in the trees,
in our ornamental wonderland.
Giving gifts and sharing laughter,
no thoughts of what is coming after,
a time when people all join hand in hand.

It’s so easy to feel like Christmas
sharing peace and joy between us.
Why does it feel so wrong
when Christmas is all gone?

Every year’s the same as last year.
The holidays are filled with our cheer;
a temporary ritual of light.
January through November
we forget to feel December,
our schizophrenic season of delight.

If we hold the hope and share the Spirit,
sing our song for all to hear it,
we can keep it going strong
and have Christmas all year long.

Fan the flame for all to see it.
Live the love for all to feel it.
Just keep it going strong
and have Christmas all year long.

December Girl

Written By: Darrell Smith

I wasn’t looking for your love
when it overtook me.
I wasn’t asking God above
but it poured down on me.
I didn’t know.
I couldn’t see how much you’d bring into my life.
You changed my world, December girl.

I have never been this sure
of what I’m supposed to do.
There’s not one doubt inside my mind
I am called to love you.
I’ll always try to give you everything you need.
I’ll sacrifice to bless your world, December girl

The season’s grace returned to light
in the lessons I have learned
with your advent in my life,
a gift I’d never earn.

There’s no distance I won’t go
just to see you smile.
I hope someday that you will know
the hope I see inside your eyes.
You just don’t know.
You just can’t see how much you bring into my life.
You shape my world, December girl

Ordinary Christmas

Written By: Darrell Smith

Setting sun on a December street
the lights begin to glisten.
In the warmth of a home, a father reads
as his children listen.
‘Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
no creature could want for more.
This is what Christmas is about.

It’s just an ordinary Christmas
gathered ‘round the tree
fulfilling all the Christmas wishes.
What more could there be?
Opening presents by the fire with family;
It’s just an ordinary Christmas.

Rainy night on a downtown street
in the dead of winter.
Through the chill in the air, a mother weeps
as her children shiver.
It’s the night before Christmas
and nobody seems to care.
Invisible to those passing by,
If we don’t look, then they’re not really there.

It’s just an ordinary Christmas
homeless and alone.
Your situation is your business
and your problems are your own.
Shuffle off and wonder where it all went wrong.
It’s just an ordinary Christmas.

Star-lit night in a quiet town
a father knocks on every door
trying to provide for his family
and find some shelter from the cold.
It’s the night of Christmas
and all through the earth
no one expecting the Savior of all
to be lying inside a manger

but it’s just an ordinary Christmas
with the King of kings.
Now we see that God is with us.
What more could we need?
This little child has come to set his people free.
It’s just an ordinary Christmas.

The Fourth But Not-So-Wise Man

Written By: Darrell Smith

I looked up in the sky and saw a star in the east.
It reminded me about some old prophecy.
Something about twelve days of Christmas
and five golden rings.
So I’m on my way to the nativity.

Well, three friends of mine set off on this trip.
I went to get my present, and they gave me the slip.
They didn’t approve of the gift I’d bestow.
What’s wrong with frankincense, gold, myrrh and mistletoe?

I’m on my way to the nativity;
gonna get myself in biblical history.
I’m not quite sure what the fuss is about
but I can’t risk being the only one left out.

Well, I came upon a little boy with a drum.
He needed a ride, so he stuck out his thumb.
I pulled over and asked, “Where you headed man?”
He said, “I got a gig tonight in Bethlehem.”

Now we’re both on our way to the nativity;
gonna get ourselves in biblical history.
You might think near a crib is no place for a drum
but that’s too dang bad, we’re gonna rum pa pum pum

Well, what to our wandering eyes next appeared
but a jolly old man in a sleigh with no deer?
Seems Rudolph and the boys had made a run to the store,
so we hitched up his buggy, and he climbed on board.

We’re all on our way to the nativity;
gonna get our names written in history.
Got a camel full of people and a sleigh full of toys
to give to all the good little girls and boys.

Then we found some shepherds praying in a field.
Santa tried to get directions while I asked,
“What’s the deal?”
I don’t think they understood what we were gonna do.
We should’ve brought someone with us
who spoke Hebrew.

But we’re still on our way to the nativity;
gonna handle all the Yuletide festivities.
I know a kid in a manger ain’t no holiday
but don’t worry about Christmas
‘cause we’re on our way.

Away In A Manger

Written By: Darrell Smith

Away in a manger, no crib for a bed
the little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.
The stars in the sky looked down where he lay,
The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

Our Savior has come to earth on this night.
This stable shall give birth to God’s Holy light.
The sacred and common collide in this place.
Messiah among us to offer His grace.

Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask you to stay
close by forever and love me, I pray.
Bless all the dear children in your tender care
and take us to heaven to live with you there.

Silent Night

Written By: Darrell Smith

Silent Night, Holy Night.
Wondrous star, lend thy light.
With the angels let us sing
Hallelujah to our King.
Christ the Savior is born,
Christ the Savior is born.

Silent Night, Holy Night
shepherds quake at the sight.
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia
Christ the Savior is born.
Christ the Savior is born.

Silent Night, Holy Night
Son of God, love’s pure light.
Radiant beams from thy holy face
with the dawn of redeeming grace.
Jesus, Lord at thy birth.
Jesus, Lord at thy birth.


From Puddle to Pool - 2004 - full length LP
Reach Up - 2005 - full length LP
Pocket of Light - 2007 - full length LP
Ordinary Christmas - November 2008 - full length LP

Clips of all Darrell Smith songs are available at www.darrellsmithmusic.com

Set List

ORIGINAL SET - 6-8 songs - 45 - 1 Hour Minutes

Feed Your Fire
Start Over Again
Miracle (cover)
Texas (cover)
More of You
December Girl
Love Like You
I Will Be
Shame on Me
Goodnight Elizabeth (cover)
Take it Away