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Canyon, Texas, United States | INDIE

Canyon, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




"A Track and Field Coach's Music Endeavors"

"Darren Flowers is in his second year as the head track and field coach at West Texas A&M University.

But when the 29-year-old isn't training student athletes, he pursues a longtime personal interest: music." - Brad Newman, Get Out Amarillo (Nov 30, 2010)

"Lahnert: My Two Cents"

"Darren Flowers: The West Texas A&M track coach was the PSHOF track coach of the year. And he is multi-talented. While my singing skills qualify me for one of those contestants on American Idol who make a fool of themselves, Flowers has a CD called Right Now. It's worth your time to take a listen (but not if you are a metal head)." - Lance Lahnert, Amarillo Globe (Feb 16, 2009)

"Darren Flowers - Catch Him at SXSW!"

"Today’s featured upcoming artist is Darren Flowers. This young man has got some awesome skills. He submitted his music last week and I finally got the chance to take a listen this morning. I’m glad I did. Darren has an amazing vocal range and it really shows when you listen to several songs on his MySpace page. He adds some real emotion and power to the music." - Larry Ray Palmer, Music Biz Center (Mar 16, 2011)

"Concert Review"

While I was there, I caught the Darren Flowers Band. They were fantastic! All the way from Oklahoma City they are currently playing in the DFW area. These guys are headed for the big time. I was about ten songs in before I realized they were playing without a drummer. Their usual drummer was out of town, but the rest of the band was so full, I didn't even miss it. They had Darren Flowers on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Michael Blakemore on guitar, Zach Flowers on bass, Nick Hughes on keys, and guest vocalist Berg all the way from Gainesville, FL. Berg had actually opened the show with solo performance which I unfortunately missed, but he did a great job accompanying the Darren Flowers Band. Do yourself a favor, and see this band while they're in town. If you're a Train fan, then chances are good you will love this band! Go to www.darrenflowers.com for upcoming shows. Also check out www.myspace.com/berg.

http://ftworthmusic.com/Artisic_Blends_Rocks.html - Gen E Editor/Staff Writer www.ftworthmusic.com


"Every once in a while, a voice comes out of Oklahoma that suprises listeners. Amongst the batch of upcoming singer/songwriters, Darren Flowers stands atop the pile" - Jared Cranke KSPI 93.7

"Darren Flowers Aims For Genuine Sound"

Darren Flowers, singer and songwriter, started playing guitar two years ago after an injury stopped him from playing football for the University of Tulsa.

“The doctors told me they would prefer I not play anymore, so I ended up with a lot of free time on my hands,” Flowers said. “I decided to play guitar and started to learn. I always liked being creative.”

Flowers is now working with a manager and trying to play on stage as often as possible.

“My first live performance was at the Virtual Bean in Stillwater,” Flowers said. “I performed on an open-mike night in early March of 2003.”

After playing in a band and then going solo, Flowers is now putting together his own group.

Flowers’ band includes Daniel Roach, percussion, Steve Snyder, bass, and B.J. Morgan, lead guitar and back-up vocals. Roach and Snyder joined Flowers in August, while Morgan just recently joined the band.

“Every time I play in Stillwater, the support has always been good,” Flowers said. “I would say my biggest fan base is in this area. The venues to play here are also good.

“I have a belief that no one should deny their passions in life. We shouldn't get caught up in the idea that there is a specific road for all of us. Follow our hearts and we can never go wrong,” Flowers said.

Flowers did just that and followed his passion in music.
It is starting to pay off as his fan base continues to grow. Flowers had over 10,000 plays on MP3.com in the past nine months.

“My music is as genuine as it can be. It is all real stuff,” Flowers said. “I think the music industry today is dealing with a lot of artificial and commercial music. I don’t ever want my music to become that way.”

Flowers’ fans agree his music is genuine.

“I like that with Darren’s music each song has a good story to it,” said Cassidy Barnes, psychology senior. “You can really get into the words and the music is really easy to listen to.”

Flowers, lead vocals and guitar, plays acoustic folk rock, a quickly evolving genre of music.

Richie Unterberger, author of “Turn! Turn! Turn!: The '60's Folk-Rock Revolution,” said, “Folk became a cornerstone of rock, responsible for a huge elevation in the overall lyrical intelligence of all rock music.”

Unterberger separates three main characteristics that set folk rock apart from rock 'n' roll. Unterberger said folk rock lyrics deal with personal or universal themes. There is a blending of styles and the performers write and record their own material their own way.

“Artists like Ari Hest, Ellis Paul and Damien Rice are current artists that are really making a statement in folk rock,” Flowers said.

“Folk rock has really specific lyrics. It is a story-telling type of music.” Flowers explained that with his music, everything is heartfelt.

“A lot of emotion goes into each song. If I don’t feel like it is genuine, the song never makes it to my show or CD,” Flowers said. “It has to be something that I think other people can really hold on to.”

Flowers has two CDs, one live and “Thrift Store Special,” produced by Flowers and John Lord. “You can buy them at Hastings in Stillwater, on my Web site at http://www.darrenflowers.com or at any live show,” Flowers said.

You can hear Flowers live in Stillwater tonight at the Common Grounds at 8 p.m. Flowers will play a solo acoustic show with no cover charge.

Saturday night, Flowers will play at Courts Bar at 9:30 p.m. with a full band for a $6 cover charge. - Daily O'Collegian- Laura Alexander


"After playing Darren Flowers 2005 EP entitled 'Time Is Never Now' I instantly found myself drawn into this guy's ability to write brilliant lyrics and compelling melodies. I was touched by the hauntingly beautiful title track 'Time Is Never Now' but unlike some CD's all the tracks on this one are the genuine article and a credit to this unique talent, that is Darren Flowers." - Paul Deppeler-iROK Radio


"Darren Flowers has avoided the trap that so many singer-songwriters can succumb to: producing follow-up efforts that sound alarmingly similar to their predecessors. Time Is Never Now illustrates Flower’s growth as an artist & will leave you in anticipation for what will bloom in the summer of his musical career." - Krissie Callahan - www.justanothersong.com


"Right Now" 2010
"Falling Hard" EP - 2009
"Time Is Never Now" EP- 2005



Fresh. Simple. Genuine. Darren Flowers is songwriter and performer based in Canyon, Texas. Raised by the southern hospitality of Moore, Oklahoma, guided by the sounds of The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and The Jackson 5, and inspired by everyday life. He notices a moment in time, completely full of potential, and successfully makes it his own -- making life's complex issues of relationships, love, and lack thereof, roll off the tongue with ease. Pulling inspiration from every part of day to day life, his music shines light on those feelings that most of us try to hide. Exposing himself to the world, he turns quiet, fragile moments into songs and potent words into melodies. It's comforting to know that when you're struggling with something or someone that you're not alone. For Darren, songwriting becomes very therapeutic. A go-to way to release thoughts and feelings out into the world -- to be picked up and re-lived by his listeners. And his fervent league of supporters has shown it's tenacity; traveling for hours, singing every word, and filling the room with love and support. Darren has played hundreds shows all over the country, and has had the privilege to share the stage with artists like John Mayer, Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz. Not to mention, his latest record "Right Now" (2010, ForEverything Records) debuted in the top 100 of new releases on iTunes. Not bad for an indie guy. -Farron Garling