Darren Flowers

Darren Flowers

 Canyon, Texas, USA

Singer/songwriter Darren Flowers is a regular guy with an honest message and a soulful, inspired voice. Darren has been performing at venues and colleges for close to 10 years now and is compared to artists like Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne and John Mayer.


Fresh. Simple. Genuine. Darren Flowers is songwriter and performer based in Canyon, Texas. Raised by the southern hospitality of Moore, Oklahoma, guided by the sounds of The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and The Jackson 5, and inspired by everyday life. He notices a moment in time, completely full of potential, and successfully makes it his own -- making life's complex issues of relationships, love, and lack thereof, roll off the tongue with ease. Pulling inspiration from every part of day to day life, his music shines light on those feelings that most of us try to hide. Exposing himself to the world, he turns quiet, fragile moments into songs and potent words into melodies. It's comforting to know that when you're struggling with something or someone that you're not alone. For Darren, songwriting becomes very therapeutic. A go-to way to release thoughts and feelings out into the world -- to be picked up and re-lived by his listeners. And his fervent league of supporters has shown it's tenacity; traveling for hours, singing every word, and filling the room with love and support. Darren has played hundreds shows all over the country, and has had the privilege to share the stage with artists like John Mayer, Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz. Not to mention, his latest record "Right Now" (2010, ForEverything Records) debuted in the top 100 of new releases on iTunes. Not bad for an indie guy. -Farron Garling


"Right Now" 2010
"Falling Hard" EP - 2009
"Time Is Never Now" EP- 2005

Set List

-Originals- Set Time 2:00-2:30

Overflowing Side
Falling Hard
Wish. Touch. Lie
Keep Me Awake
Get Closer To Me
Good Times, Bad Times
Sense of You
My Eternal Life
Leaving Tulsa
Nice & Slow- Usher
Cannonball- Damien Rice
Waiting In Vain- Bob Marley
Burn One Down- Ben Harper
Sticks and Stones- Dave Barnes
Stand by Me- Temptations
Can You Stand The Rain- Boyz II Men
Wonderwall- Ryan Adams