Darren Mastropaolo

Darren Mastropaolo


A mix of guitar and piano based conscious rock that has any listener walking away with a change in their everyday thinking.


A recent graduate of Bucknell University, Mastropaolo filled coffee shops and wineries in Central Pennsylvania on his way to developing a fan base who has compared his style most commonly to Jack Johnson, and James Taylor. Mastropaolo's influences aren't far off from that, including Dave Matthews and Bob Marley, and Bill Withers. He approaches song-writing with an ear that isn't bound by one genre. This gives his music a broad range of possibilities but one thing is certain, the message is always there. With his fall 2008 release, Mastropaolo hopes to evoke feelings of hopefulness and love in the listener while providing a powerful base to evoke a change in their everyday thinking. This is no small task for a 22 year old raised just outside Portland, Maine. With a rhythm section including Paul Smith of the Badlees and Jeremy Hummel, founding member of Breaking Benjamin the message is conveyed effectively.

Standing 6'8'' Mastropaolo already commands attention but when the music starts, there is a connection between audience and performer that is rare in the modern music scene. His performances include live looping of rhythms and melodies that back his singer/songwriter vibe to create a unique expression. This provides the solo performer with songs big enough to fill the room with a full band sound.


Sticks & Stones (2008)

1. The Monkey Song
2. Sticks & Stones
3. All I Need
4. Sophia
5. The Best Way
6. For the Fairest
7. Laughing at Love
8. Feelings to Heal
9. Bound
10. Under the Table

Set List

Sets typically are a mix of guitar and piano. Depending on the crowd and the venue, there is a good mix of upbeat and mellow originals with some covers done in original styles.

The addition of live looping makes it possible to do fun covers of hip-hop and classic rock songs, with a full band feel.

Examples include:
No Diggity - Blackstreet
Nice and Slow - Usher
Use Me - Bill Withers
Billy Jean - Michael Jackson