Darren Motamedy

Darren Motamedy

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Darren Montamedy is a worthy representative of the Smooth Jazz genre. His music is full of hooking melodies and true passion. Any lover of contemporary jazz will appreciate his talent.


Darren Motamedy was born in 1959 in Los Angeles California and is of Iranian and German French-Irish decent. "Our family moved to Seattle Washington, and I joined the 5th grade band and played the clarinet." Soon, school lessons expanded to private lessons. "My first teacher taught me to transpose music, write music, and learn all of my scales". Those early lessons were the foundation for where I am today. Over the years, Motamedy elected to focus his energy playing the saxophone, clarinet, and flute at Central Washington University, a school renowned for its extensive music department. He continued studying the clarinet with one of America’s premier clarinetist’s, "Raymond Wheeler," and continued to refine his jazz abilities with National Jazz Educator "John Moawad." "During this period of my life I was in every musical ensemble available. I played orchestra to pep band, symphonic wind ensemble to jazz band, super sax ensembles, private lessons, orchestra pit shows, basketball band, and chamber music, I did it all," exclaims Darren. Darren not only received the music departments prestigious "Presser Scholarship" but also graduated with a degree in Music Education. "I cherish the fact that I am able to inspire other students as my teachers inspired me" and "Musicians are always giving and this is just another avenue for me," Darren passionately explains. Motamedy has thrilled his audiences with his music. His first two CD's while leading, writing, and performing with his group first group "Mottoretti" achieved national success, landing spots on the "AC" charts and the "Jazz" charts as well. In 1995, his solo CD and career were launched with his third album "Dangerously Close". This album won the "Best Jazz Album" of the year category with Seattle Based KUBE radio station. Soon after the release of "Dangerously Close", Motamedy was on the road opening for such acts as "Ce Ce Penniston", "Deneice Williams", and "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy". "Peace" was Motamedy's follow up recording of Holiday Classics, and finally in 1999 Motamedy released "It's All Good". "It's All Good" was a culmination of great songs, excellent production featuring "Kenny G's" rhythm section, phenomenal art and design, and an "enhanced CD" that features an eleven minute video with Motamedy. This CD also won the 1999 "Jazz Album" of the year with the extra bonus of taking home the trophy over jazz greats "Dianne Shuur and Kenny G".

"It's All Good" helped Motamedy to be the ambassador of music to Taiwan during the 2000 Northwest Culture Celebration in Taipei Taiwan. While on this cultural tour to Taiwan, Motamedy met John Sarich, executive chef at Chateu St. Michelle wineries in Seattle. Sarich was taken with Motamedy's skill on the saxophone and encouraged him to write a theme song for Sarich's up and coming television show "The Best of Taste". Motamedy did just what John had asked him to do, and every week 40,000 listeners are treated to "The Best of Taste" theme music on Sarich's cooking show.

"The Best of Taste" theme music is just one of eleven new songs that make up Motamedy's 2002 release "Relax Your Mind". Also featured on this new record is a fantastic rendition of "Yesterday" by the Beattle's and "The World is a Ghetto" by War along with nine other originals by Motamedy. "Relax Your Mind" hits the jazz markets Feb. 14, 2002! Saxophonist Motamedy hits the streets soon after with this winner set of music!

2005 ventured Motamedy into the "Best of Darren Motamedy" CD collection which continues to be a top seller for him.

2007 found Motamedy releasing his most mature sounding album to date.


Don't Cha Know- 2007
Intimate- 2005
Smooth Jazz: The Best of Darren Motamedy- 2002
It's All Good- 1999
Peace- 1995
Dangerously Close- 1994
Square One- 1991
First Generation- 1989

Set List

45 minute sets with mostly original music but sometimes we add jazz standards.