Darren Thornberry

Darren Thornberry


Haunting tenor voice, provocative lyrics, lush, acoustic melodies. Songs that will remind you of scenes from your own life.


Darren Thornberry writes and performs a bittersweet mix of folk/roots rock. His musical sound channels the organic instrumentation of such folk/rock dignitaries as The Indigo Girls and The Sundays while his sweet, high tenor voice will remind the listener of the vocal stylings of R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe. His lyrical observations are poetically introspective in their unique portrayal of the poignant, sacred and, at times, comedic aspects of relationships, marriage, parenthood, God and life.

Lest there be any confusion, Darren is Canadian-born, based in the United States, but living in Edinburgh, Scotland!!


1 full-length album: "On the Edge" 2007
1 demo cd: "Rainy Day Demos" 2007

Set List

A typical set is 45-70 minutes long and is nearly always exclusively original material. I may throw in a cover, but it's rare. Songs you'll hear me play are: Still 19, On the Edge, Abandon You, This Thing I Do, Middle of My Rope, Jewels, Tired/Cold/Lost, Hovering, Nothing to Look At, and more.