Darrin Bradbury

Darrin Bradbury


A Brash and Honest Folk Singer Tellin' it Like it is


Darrin was born the child of a clown for ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus,after being on the road he settled down in new jersey (the only place crazier then the circus) he has been playing guitar since he was 12, he started in a local punk band. when he was 15 he heard his first bob dylan record and the rest is history. though he has left the punk scene he still has kept it's essence, the true libertarian of folk, Darrin's music is the feeling of throwing caution to the wind


The E.P
Call me a coward
All is Silent
Jack's soup of the Day
The Crow

Songs of Suburbia
As to beleive
The Judas Ischariot Fan Club
Bible on the Dashboard
The Wrath of Angry White Kids

Set List

my sets are about anywere from a half hour to an hour, a mix of both records as far as covers i do some old folk standards ive rewritten