Darrin Stafford Band

Darrin Stafford Band


An eclectic fusion of pop, rock, and funk and soul, mixed with solid songwriting.


My music is a blend of rock, funk, pop, & jazz, interspersed with various other forms. The live shows are all live music - no tracks. I play keyboards and sing everything in real time, and my years of experience onstage enable me to connect with the audience, even from behind a stack of keyboards.


Gimme That

Written By: D. Stafford

gimme that head trip that flip that double-dip hop jump & skip
that we all yearn for
& when it comes I'll buy it fry it super-size it can't deny
it's what I burn for
gimme that, that trick that fix that shit that ticks it snaps and clicks
so we can feel more
gimme that, that buzz that fuzz that is that was and just because
I don't know what for
that mediocrity
that subtle blasphemy
that living vicariously through the TV
never satisfied
gimme that, that weed that speed that supersedes all other needs
except for breathing
& gimme that strange juice I drink
so I don't sink nor have to think
just kill the pain off
gimme that, that nip that tuck that eyebrow pluck I pay my buck
for instant beauty
& then I will big smile profile the extra mile I show my style
to pull that cutie
nothing to challenge me
I need a guarantee that love will rescue me from my insanity
tell me where to sign
turn the dial to your favorite station
open up to the new entertainment
subtle frequencies are barely heard there's a buzz coming out of the speakers
all the people wanna know what the sound is
tell me brother should I turn it off
or should I turn it up?
carry me away, away, so far away from modern day
vice & distraction
gimme that life blood that pumps while heartbeats thump
& bodies jump
around in rhythm
and gimme that, that purity so I can see I'm truly free I must believe it don't gimme that false hope
that dope cause I can't cope
I need some soap
to clean my soul out
I'm gone away from here, I have nothing to fear
I feel the power coming to me loud & clear now I’m on my way


New self-titled CD

Set List

Gimme That, The Reggae In Her, Girl At the Bar, Drink Up, Hangin' Out, Not So Far Away, How Beautiful, Unlearning, She, In Love With You, The Wild Eternal, Sending Out A Light, That Woman