Darryl Beaton Band

Darryl Beaton Band

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

The Darryl Beaton Band is undoubtedly one of the most exciting acts to come out of Australia.
Armed with an arsenal of thought provoking songs and mind blowing musicianship, this band will
effortlessly have your head nodding with their unique sounds. With music that speaks profoundly
to a universal audience, they take listeners on a journey through soul, Latin, jazz and reggae vibes.
The band offers a satisfaction guarantee! With a brand new album out set to become a classic.


Seamlessly fusing all the musical nuances of funk, jazz, gospel, reggae, to Latin, rock, hip hop, & soul with a voice reminiscent of Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo and Me’Shell, The Darryl Beaton Band is more an experience than just a gig. This multicultural band of misfits delivers it's original music in a way like no other and takes Australian Soul Music to an international level.
After years of playing or recording piano and keys with acts as diverse as Kanye West, Katie Noonan, Harry Connick Junior, KC & JoJo, Thelma Houston, Sneaky Sound System, Human Nature, Guy Sebastian, & Jade Macrae, and with numerous production credits including tracks for Mariah Carey, Deni Hines & Tina Arena just to name a few, Darryl Beaton set out on a mission to find the players capable of delivering his music to the masses. It was not long after joining forces with the acclaimed Martinez family (Andro Martinez on Guitar, Dauno Martinez on Bass, Fenix Martinez on Keys) and acquiring the driving grooves of Kevin Mendoza on Drums, and Yanya Boston on Percussion, that the full vision was realized. These hand picked musicians are all well respected artists in their own right and between them they have played in all corners of the globe. With the puzzle finally complete these formidable live musicians fearlessly explore a multitude of aural disciplines.
In the past three years, Darryl Beaton & The D1 Cartel has successfully toured Japan 3 times off the back of their Debut album “From The Ground Up” and are beginning to establish themselves as a ‘must see live’ act guaranteed to entertain and keep audiences moving long after the show has ended…


Just A Taste

Written By: Darryl Beaton

Just A Little Sumthin

I can't wait for you to come home
coz your body's calling me so very loud
And I can't wait so don't hesitate
Baby come home and let me satiate
Your every curve U radiate
Soul Sister 4 real
Gotta know how U feel

Gimme just a taste of U
Just a little sumthin to see me thru
I don't think I can go another day
I don't wanna go on feelin this way

Now you're here the feelin's real
And I don't need to imagine just how you feel
I can smell your hair underneath my chin
I can hold you tight and breath you in
One last breath and it's time to begin
Soul sista 4 real gotta know how ya feel

Gimme just a taste of U
Just a little sumthin to see me thru
I don't think I can go another day
I don't wanna go on feelin this way


Written By: Darryl Beaton


In the land where man began stands a man
And that man it seems is me
I wet my lips with the water from an African stream
And every night it it's in my dreams.

I can feel the sound comin from deep in the ground
It's shakin through my bones
I can hear the knowledge of seasons past
It's givin me reasons to learn fast, I got to so...
Take a look at my face and see I'm learnin at pace
I'm standing on the shoulders of my people long gone by.


Now i drink a little wine from time 2 time
Even pour some back to the land
So 4fathers drink well coz only time will tell
How soon i'll be holdin your hand

Now 1 life or many i'm not wasting any
wanna taste all this life can give me
Don’t judge if I’m wrong wanna sing my song,
Just be true 2 being human.


Take a look at my face and see I'm learnin at pace
I'm standing on the shoulders of my people long gone by.

Spoken Word

July baby born perfectly pure
Humble witness 2 lifes overture
Give her guidance and assurance, spiritual insurance,
Past generations endurance help her reach 4 the sky,
Like a flower 2 the sun,
Arms outstretched just begun,
Stand on my shoulders let me hold u higher,
Power of your people gonna light your fire.

I lift up my voice resounding,
Sounding a million old voices,
Choices made for me,
Knelt down on one knee prayed for me,
Laid down for me.
All my needs given,
Seeds driven deep into the soil so that I may reap the fruit,
Be in hot pursuit; get to the root of why I’m here at all.

You gave me information essential,
Innate potential,
Revolution ready to rise.
From fertile womb styles provided,
Always guided,
Ready to fly.
You gave me innovative perspective,
Conscience collective,
Since I could crawl,
The greatest debt I owe,
Now I know why I’m here at all.



copyright darryl beaton 2008

Shoulders is about ancestry.
I was touring playing piano with Christine Anu when we visited a cultural centre in Western Australia not far from where it is believed the oldest human remains are to be found. It triggered in me a fascination with our past and our connection to it.

Soon after I was working in West Africa and this song was developed in Senegal.
I noticed symmetry in our own indigenous ancestral connections and the peoples of Senegal.
I witnessed beautiful libation ceremonies where wine or spirits are offered to the soil as recognition of people passed and began to feel the presence of my own Grandfather and his guidance.
I decided I wanted to give a song of thanks to all the people that have come before me.

The song becomes more personal in the spoken word section.
The birth of my daughter allowed me to experience ancestry from another point of view. I had become the ancestry!
It also testifies the sacrifices all her previous generations had made for her to come into existence.
Then it goes on to celebrate motherhood and the great influence her entity has on your life.

Standing on the Shoulders is an analogy for the support, love and knowledge that one generation give to another when launching them into life.

Darryl Beaton


Darryl Beaton Band - From The Ground Up (ALBUM) 2008
Darryl Beaton Band - Shoulders (SINGLE) 2008

Set List

Stay This Way

Just A Taste

Sunburnt Country

Its My Life

My God Is Better/Religionship

Do Like You

Standing On The Shoulders

A Fathers Words

Aint So Bad

Sign of The Times

Cant Hide Love

Let it Go

in the stone

too high

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