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"Indie-Music.com review"

Darryl Gregory is like Bruce Springsteen, with great story songs and aptitude for rockers as well as softer ballads. Sounding like a polished Greg Brown, he works his way through this concept album, each song about a woman, some different, some who share a story or an emotion. There’s a great line-up of musicians here from Rani Arbo on fiddle (Salamander Crossing, Daisy Mayhem) to Justin Hines on drum set and congas. Gregory plays “all the left over stuff” including some mighty fine guitar work. It begins with “Halfmoon Road,” a wistful rock tune featuring Arbo’s lithe fiddle and his hooky guitar work

I can see the mermaids
Dancing on the waves of that lake
This Ohio sun plays tricks
In this hot summer haze
I’m sweating on these vinyl seats
Of this broken down old Ford
And I’m thinking of girl I used to know
On Half Moon Road ...

“Beautiful Lover” has a more sinister sound, with acid-tinged blues harp and distorted guitar. He sings “I buried my truth in a pine box six feet deep” and ends with an eerily whispered “May god have mercy on my soul.” “Lonely Day” is built around a dissonant electric guitar, making the story more poignant. There’s a lighter sound, with Gregory’s deft acoustic guitar and flute by Debbie Maloney, in “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” about a Jersey girl who’s really just hiding out in beautiful LA. “Sweet Begonia” is a hard edged song about a street walker. It rocks out, with Gregory’s gravely voice scraping out the story. I love the retro rock sound in “Drivin’ In” and the folkiness of “Hold on to Her Heart.” The most positive lyrics rest in “I Think,” a nice love song. The disc ends well with another acoustic number, “Steel Mill Town”

She married him at sixteen
With a baby on the way
She thought that she loved him
But who was she to say
He promised that he’d take her
Down south where the water’s warm
But it’s been forty-odd years
She’s still here where she was born ...

It’s a great album y’all. Go out and snag a copy. - by Jamie Anderson

"Fan Reviews"

author: Phil

Arizona alone I was (driving back to NYC from San Diego)...
early morning, with SHE in the CD slot.
My Toyota is transformed into the Oldsmobile 442 from my youth.
As I bore through the expanse of desert and dark with Halfmoon Rd.,
Beautiful Lover and She, dawn magically emerges just as Out of Sight
begins to play.
Have listened to many records (CD's--I'm old) and this is now a favorite.

She...An Epic Story
author: Matthew

From the electronica loops to the organic fiddle and mandolin, this album is in my upper echillon for creativity, lyrical content, and an all around great stories.

The lyrics give the listener a glimpse of what this Veteran, Darryl Gregory, is capable of. Not only do I see this as a staple in my collection of music, but a benchmark ror the industry as well.

Darryl is at the forefront of the indie scene, and is a beacon in the world of trashy pop, overplayed rock, and un-inventive techno.

Thank you to musicians such as Darryl Gregory who take the music scene to yet higher ground.

author: David Demnitz

Brawny, classic Americana, complete with Dobro guitars, harmonicas, whiskey and cars. Darryl’s deep, assertive vocal qualities are convincingly supported by an encyclopedia of instruments associated with American music making, most of them played by Darryl. Big block Chevy engine, body by Fischer.

author: Beth Davis

Darryl has a HUGE range and is clearly a master musician. Some of the songs have the flavor of Widespread Panic while others bend rhapsodic with southern rock, country and blues styles. Intriguing, gifted storytelling.

author: karen sunde

Doesn't matter who you are or what you thought you liked, if you listen closely to this album, you will be blown away -- Darryl Gregory is brilliant, irresistible -- the songs, the stories are unforgettable. - CDBaby.com


1999: solo album: Cold Comfort Songs
2003: SaReel Project: world music & experimental
2003: Swanky Hotel: Glass of Something
2006: SaReel Project: Worldology: experimental world music
2007: solo album: SHE

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The sound of Darryl Gregory's music is influenced by the fact that he has played so many different genres of music and has gone through many changes as a musician/performer/composer. When you start out as a classically trained trombonist and spend a decade or so playing in symphonies and big band jazz bands, that sound doesn't just fall by the wayside. When you become interested in Indonesian music and form a group that creates their own instruments and does free improvisation as their basic form, that just doesn't fall by the wayside. When, at about the same time, you play guitar and bass in several rock bands and create your own recording studio... Well you get my drift.

Darryl's sound is an amalgam of many different worlds, yet it is still recognizable as American roots, rhythm and blues. His lyrics are evocative and tell a story that hooks the listener in along with compelling melodies and beats that make the toe tap and the head bob. Whatever the influence, the music is primarily guitar-based and lyric driven, but beyond that pale anything goes.

Darryl Gregory is a true multi-instrumentalist who honed his skills as a rocker and singer-songwriter in the dirty dives of NYC in the late 1990’s and early part of the new century. He produces other songwriters in his studio (Blue Cave Studios) now located in Sandy Hook, CT, specializing in finding a “personalized sound” for each of his clients. Darryl has composed music for many different types of ensembles including orchestra, band, brass quintet, string quartet and Javanese Gamelan. He has composed music for film as well as incidental music for several off and off-off Broadway theatrical and dance works. Darryl has degrees in Music Education, trombone performance and music composition. He lives with his wife and son in the backwoods of Connecticut.