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Band Blues New Age


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"letter recieved Aug 7, 2006"

Beautiful Compositions & Great Guitar Work


I dig your open-voiced chords with the ringing strings and all the harp-harmonics. I'm a big fan of them myself but certainly don't execute them as adeptly as you do. Fine playing all around and a joy to listen to. I especially appreciate that it's always musical, never a chops show for its own sake.

John Helsley

- John Helsley

"Letter from famous friend Tim Landers"

Great to hear from you! Love the guitar playing on Two Towers - I have somewhat vague but distinct memories hanging and playing w/ you and definitely remember your Silvertone amp! Thanks for getting in touch - Tim Landers

"Review from Sunapee community Coffee House"

Aug 8, 2005

Review from Sunapee community Coffee House

Dan Boltz of the Sunapee Community coffee house stated that "the technical quality of the Darryl Hill performance on August 5th, 2005 was the best they had seen in the entire year lineup. It will become a regular stop for Darryl to add to venue list".
- Dan Boltz

"Tops in Blue"

"Blues listeners and fans throughout the audience rose in their seats like bread being baked in a microwave oven set on maximum" review from 1978 USAF Journal - USAF Journal

"letter received after opening for Chris Proctor 5-6-06"

Hi Darryl,
I enjoyed your music last saturday. Good Luck,
Chris Proctor - Chris Proctor

"Darryl Hill"

Darryl Hill
South Easton , MA
By Mark Staudte

What’s refreshing about Darryl Hill’s guitar playing is that it is unpretentious and certainly not flashy. That is never more evident than in “ Two Towers ”, a striking instrumental that draws you into it until you are completely lost. The same can be said for “All Blues”, a lively tune that almost beckons you to the dance floor, but you’re too busy sitting there enjoying it.

His versatility should not be surprising. Hill was a long-term sideman for the late Luther”Snakeboy” Johnson. He has toured extensively with the USO He cites influences such as Eric Clapton, SRV, Kitaro , Ed Gerhard and Alex deGrassi.

And just when you start raving about what a great guitar player Darryl Hill is, you hear a song like “Classic Moment”, a stunning, otherworldly piece on the Korg Trinity DAW. Then, after you get over that, you hear Hill’s version of “Stormy Monday.” (I have heard scores of renditions of this song. Hills is the best I have ever heard.) This guy is one hell of a guitarist! No posing here. Contrast this to “Floating”, a fitting title; after listening to it, you seem to be doing just that.

Last, but not least, is “Suspended Lullaby”, some of the best finger-picking I have ever heard. Darryl Hill’s music is solid proof that you don’t have to be “rockin’” to rock.
- Northeast In-tune Magazine 2006

"Recent conversation with Old USAF chum"

"I've learned an amazing amount about how to play guitar from just hangin' with you. when I met you I felt I was just a half-ass player. I could only do bits and pieces of songs. After playing with you for a while I felt I turned into a real musician. You showed me how to play a tune from beginning to end and really figure out what was going on." - Bill Jackson


One of the greatest joys of being a teacher is the knowledge that I am passing along something that can make a big difference to someone and may even save them many hours of long work. Today I received a letter from an old student that let me know what I do works and works well.

here is a review.


I took Theory lessons from you for 13 months 1995-1996 Firday Nights around 6:30 pm over at Dick Johnsons. Funny because I just mentioned you to my girlfriend , & then just recently stumbled across your page ( I did not do a search ) I told my girlfriend that you taught me alot about Threory & it expanded my playing, & your were a great player & teacher . Still have all the notes from the lessons & from time to time re visit them......
Rob Bozzozoro

Rob is a great player as well When he showed up in my classroom he was already playing well from what I remember. we had a shared interest in Frank Marino and I heard through the grapevine that Rob got to do some playing with Frank so now you know he's no slouch on the six strings.

Happy holidays and if you teach, do them proud


- Darryl Hill

"Journey Inwards review on Broadjam"

First thing that popped out was the guitar sound itself...awesome. Very cool sound for guitar solo and would be a good piece to highlight guitarist at live concert in an arena setting, not a small venue. Song would put the audience at ease, yet capture their attention. Reminded me of some Craig Chaquico stuff. I'm not a guitarist, but do know when I hear good guitar work. Great job.
- Gary Stuart

"Framingham State College"

Overall Satisfaction:
Overall Talent:
Gig ID#: 445857

The Darryl Hill Blues Band was very easy to work with and accommodating. They arrived to the venue on time and began playing at exactly 6pm (start time). They brought a very good song list and they sounded great. I would definitely reccomend them and would hire them again.

-David B, 10/4/2008, Dinner Dance, Framingham, MA - David Baldwin


All My CD's are available on CDBaby and can be found at http://www.cdbaby.com/all/darrylhill



A long history as a sideman for the Late "Luther Snakeboy Johnson" and USO tours in Tops in Blue in USAF. Now I'm taking center stage and creating exciting moments to highlight fingerstyle guitar skills with ambient background settings from Korg Platforms, delivering High energy Blues with my Quartet, or, performing as a Sideman for a large concert ensemble (35 pieces) playing Bass on symphonic and Jazz showcase music.
In the studio I have recently acquired ProTools and can be available for soundtrack composing and any audio for film projects.