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You only get one chance to make a first impression. And in the music industry that first impression can be the difference between landing that coveted major label deal and humbly returning to your day job at the corner liquor store.
The savvy talent manager knows the monumental importance of his or her artists' image.
Take the case of Jarvis Gutter. His industry portfolio includes stints at TVT Records and Carson Daley's 456 Entertainment. But currently Jarvis is the manager for up and coming R&B crooner Krystylez. Oops, that's the artist formerly known as Krystylez. And though his first, self titled CD is "banging" overseas, Jarvis has recently made significant changes to the product in preparation for their first U.S release. It should be noted that the likely first single "I Trust You" is already garnering significant buzz. This silky, mid-tempo, R&B jam smoothly exemplifies Darryl's transition. Likewise, the likely second single, “Gotta Know”, strips away the fat and confidently relies on Darryl's powerful voice. Earbound recently sat down with Lee-Prada and Mr. Gutter (of P.U.R.E. Records) who opened up about the strategy to position Darryl B for maximum success.

Earbound: You've just changed your artists name from Kystylez to Darryl B. Why the change?

Lee-Prada: As every man evolves through life, he will embark upon a journey with someone and some men, several ones! Darryl’s 2nd album speaks about that journey; A man-boy who truly becomes a man through his trials of heartbreaks, lustfulness, bittersweet endings and unconditional loving. After this evolution, you have to put away “boyish” things (Krystylez)! The evolution has to reflect change; Darryl B is his name.

Jarvis Gutter: We've decided to go with something more marketable. Some people couldn't pronounce Kystylez (Chris Styles), some couldn't remember it and some people couldn't spell it. So we decided to keep it simple.

EB: You said we?

JG: Yeah, we came to these decisions as a management team. The team includes Drew Hines (aka) Lee-Prada (talent consultant, P.U.R.E. Records), Angelo “Gelo” Carter (producer) and Jarvis “JG” Gutter (Management).

EB: What other changes have you made?

JG: We've moved the release date of the new CD back to February, 08 instead of September, 07.

EB: Darryl B. already has one CD out (as Krystylez) and his new joint is nearly complete, why the delay?

LP: As stated earlier, we needed to refine his image and develop him to “the industry standard” so as to, at least, have a shot of making it in the big leagues. We also have several third parties interested in signing on as distributors.

JG: There are some more things we needed to do regarding imaging and industry standards. We're also getting real close to finalizing a distribution deal.

EB: What differences will we see regarding Darryl B's image?

LP: Maturation. That process of personal, behavioral and professional growth which happens to a man as he lives. Darryl’s visual image is polished up from the “thug-diesel” look of most street wanna be’s to the refined talented protégé’ he is, reflective of the savvy, suave’, and sultry crooners and balladeers who came before him. His lyrics mirror his passions and experiences with relationships that transcend both genders and which all cultures can relate to in one form or another. His rhythms, co-created by Angelo Carter (Angelo Carter Productions), give his message the platform to make the most avid critic succumb.
JG: Originally we were pushing him as more of a sex symbol but, his singing and music are so good we're going to present him as more of a “pure” artist. He needs to be recognized for his musical talent; because Darryl B is just that good.

Contact: Jarvis “JG” Gutter 773.233.7194. Office / 708.250.3930.Cell jgutter@rupure.com

Darryl B's information is available @ www.rupure.com/darrylb.html and http://www.myspace.com/krystylez

"Chicago R&B New School Crooner"

Krystylez has Old School Flavor!
Serene Bridgett Hollingsworth

I must admit I like some of today’s Hip-Hop music. I can pop my fingers and groove with the best of them. However, the truth is, I grew up in an old school music culture listening to R&B when the sound was smooth and blue lights in the basement adorned the lint on my favorite sweater while brothers were singing real love ballads. I gotta tell you, I miss that kind of music today!

I grew up listening to artists like Heatwave (Always and Forever), The Gap Band, Larry Graham and Grand Central Station (One In a Million), Earth Wind & Fire, The Commodores, The Brothers Johnson (Strawberry Letter 20-what?), The Isley Brothers (Hello It’s Me), The Ohio Players, Minnie Ripperton (Loving You) and Marvin Gaye among others which are all compliments of my mother. I must divulge, I also loved Switch and The Sylvers--do you remember them and that cute Foster? I guess I’ve dated myself a bit, but there is no shame in my game! Now that I have your attention, perhaps you’re reminiscing on yesteryear when music was music and a slow song was actually a love song—now, let’s fast forward to November 2005.
There is still hope for us old-school-R&B-blue-lights-in-the-basement music lovers! I caught up with a young brother named Krystylez pronounced (Kris-talz) a smooth R&B Chicago crooner whose music, lyrics and voice take me back to those days. With his soulful voice, classic style and smooth music, you’d agree this talented singer has staying power. Indeed Krystylez is a welcomed breath of fresh air on today’s music scene.

I was blessed to get an interview with this R&B heartthrob and voice of the future. It’s a BWM exclusive!

Krystylez and I sat down for a bite to eat at one of Chicago’s famous shrimp house Lawrence’s last Saturday afternoon. We talked about his music and the release of his self-titled CD Krystylez . Join me and let’s learn about this talented songwriter and vocalist.

ImageLike many Chicagoans, Krystylez made his way to Chicago from Arkansas when he was in third grade. “I was saying yes ma’am and no sir when I got here. Students teased me, even the teachers teased me, but that is how I was raised. That’s what you had to say down South.” I must disclose, he’s quite a gentleman and a soft-spoken young man of faith. Even our photographer Tony Smith commented on his reserved demeanor. “I grew up in the hood--one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, and I graduated from Calumet High School. But I was raised right.” He comments.

So how did this music bug start? “I started singing during my freshman year of high school. I must admit to get the girls at first. I was in a singing group with two of my best friends. We were called Top Secret. We did homecomings, school assemblies and talent shows. High school girls like guys who could sing.” He smiles coyly.

I was curious about the name Krystylez so he explains, “Well I was in the recording studio with the rap group Midnight Thugs and someone said your voice is smooth like Cristal Champagne. I liked the name. I never changed it, but I am Krystylez .” I would have to concur because his voice is indeed smooth and refined. Actually, I found Krystylez unassuming. He didn’t have that, “I am larger than life persona.” Thank God because I was not in the mood. I was pleasantly pleased when I first sipped from his soulful reservoir of R&B genuine style as he mesmerized me with his impromptu serenade. This man has skills! Okay.

I would have never expected to hear such a smooth R&B sound from this young brother.

I find it intriguing to learn the stories of artists’ rises to fame. Television and clever marketing bamboozle a many to personify these stories as overnight successes; however, unless you believe overnight to mean years; I don’t believe in overnight fame. Success takes hard work and dedication--would you agree? “I got serious about my singing after high school. It was no longer to attract girls or women. I realized I had a gift. I began singing with a group called Ecstasy. It was a five member, acapella group. I really liked singing with groups. We used to sing in beauty salons all around Chicago. That’s what we did. We traveled to Los Angeles to sing at a hair show, which is where Kashif heard us - a name from the past. He invited us to sing in his music classes and things started picking up for the group, but we were still doing talent shows locally and club events all along. In 1995, we sang the Black National Anthem at The Rosemont Horizon and our popularity increased. We were always working small clubs or other venues. It didn’t matter. So, to answer your question there is no overnight success,” he confirms.

Krystylez was raised in the church, and presently, attends church here in Chicago, and as a matter of fact, I am quite fond of his pastor, a very respectable and educated man who is doing awesome work here. I - BAHIYAH MAGAZINE


First Cd Released "MY Past"
1 Easy Come Easy Go
2 Second Chance
3 Vertical Joyryde
4 If I Could
5 Bordiqua
6 Make It Right
7 Locked Up
8 I Lied
9 Here 4 U
10 No Way
11 Push
12 Going On
13 Slyde
14 Forgive Me



Darryll Batts is one of the newest, most talented singer and songwriter in todays urban music culture. Born in Arkansas, he grew up in Chicago, Illinois influenced by the likes of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and The Enchantments; he later became interested in writing songs and added that skill to his repertiore. Later, he started his life long dream to became an entertainer.

In 2005, he released his first album titled "Krystylez" The album gave him a nomination for "Best New Entertainer," for the 2006 Chicago Music Awards. Which lead to his column in the Bahiyah Magazine by Serene Bridgette Hillingsworth. He also gain alot of publicity and notority over-seas in the UK for the Album.

During his career he has worked with: Blackstreet, The Brat, The Floaters, and has performed at 2002 Superbowl preparty, Scottie Pippen annual charity event, and the Black Radio Exclusive Magazine Covention in New Orleans and California.

Currently, his working on his second album with Pure Underground Entertainment and AC (Angelo Carter) Productions which will be available for purchase in October 2008.