Darryl R. Boykins

Darryl R. Boykins

 Farragut, Tennessee, USA

Darryl writes songs that can best be described as observations of life in America. Lyrics are influenced by day-to-day observations on a broad range of topics as well as his own personal experiences.


Musically he is a self-described "child of the late 60's and early 70's" so melodies are rooted in soul, funk, fusion, rock, country western (he's originally from Mississippi) with a hint of classical orchestration.


Baby Please Stay in the Truck

Written By: Darryl R. Boykins

Baby Please Stay in the Truck
©Darryl R. Boykins 2005

Verse 1

I stop by the bar to grab me a beer
And took you along cause you are my dear
You’re a Mississippi beauty
And drop dead fine
Still can’t believe it, you fell for my line

Well the next thing I know
All the women are mad
The men are all look’ in at you ‘cause you’re rad
Marital discord and the couples all fuss
I should have left you in the truck


A single girl’s nightmare
But a ole boy’s dream
Love to take you with me
But your looks cause a scene

All the men flock around you
And the women just cuss
So baby please stay in the truck

Verse 2

I know it ain’t fair
You are just being you
The Good Lord done blessed you with beauty so true
But taking you out is just such a pain
Everything to wager but nothing to gain

I hate to hide you
And keep you from sight
That may be healthy but it just ain’t right
I don’t want to ask you but think that I must
Can you please stay in the truck?

Chorus repeat
Vamp out