Darthblue is one man's project. The songs are made to be played with a band as well as accoustic. It's a mix of styles and the results are 2 albums completely different. the first album is more rock in general, the second is more into metal.


What 's behind DARTHBLUE ?

For more than 20 years now, darth has evolved in music. At first it was because of his parents, but as a teenager it became a new way of expression,
Darth formed his first band at the age of 14 with school friends. After three years and a half of playing together the band split-up and everyone followed his path. One thing stayed in Darth's head, getting a new band ASAP! Than came another problem, where to get a new rehearsal room?
Darth's father helped him so by giving him a part of the old familly factory (a really small part!!!!!). Darth realised immediately all the potential of those rooms, RECORDING STUDIOS.
Well, the rest is easy to understand, they created the studio and the music went! Since that it was easy to Darth to learn, create, and record his own music at low cost.
New bands came and went and at the end, when u wanna move to another level, it sucks!!!
Darth remembered that his classical music studies where not just about being a guitarist, but more about being a musician, an "artist".
"So, let's try a record one song with...myself" Darth figured. the song "The bigest jedi ever" was born...
as well as his new 'philosophie': do it alone!

Go to audio link and enjoy Darthblue NEW SONGS: 'Hold On', 'Flying Dust' and 'Kathleen'. those song have been recorded over september and november 2005 and will be part of the third album.

DARTHBLUE est un "one man band", c'est à dire une seule personne jouant tous les instruments. Ce n'est pas un concept voulu, mais le fruit du hasard. Depuis deux ans et demi maintenant Lord Darthblue à enregistré deux albums et déjà commencé le travail du troisième opus.

Le style général de Darthblue est qu'il n'y a pas de style définis, l'artiste compose et enregistre aux grés de sa créativité sans se soucier des concepts à la mode. Cela ne veut pas dire pour autant qu'il n'y a pas de réflexions, au contraire , même si tous les genres musicaux sont abordés, cela sonnera toujours empreint de la marque de fabrique Darthblue.

Ainsi Le premier album sobrement intitulé "DARTHBLUE", se veut plutôt "heavy pop rock", bien que la dernière plage "song for a vampire child", annonce une suite plus "metalic" et sombre. Et comme de juste la suite, car c'est effectivement une suite au premier album, appelée "NO MORE ROSES", est bourré de riffs brutaux, de mélodies mélancoliques et de paroles exprimant tantôt la colère, tantôt la tristesse, pleine de questions.

Comme sur le premier disque, l'outro du second cd laisse présager un troisième album très "metal-gothic" dont le titre devrait être "VAMPIRE OF THE EAST", mais des surprises peuvent toujours arriver !


DARTHBLUE, vol.1; between rock, pop and hard rock, the first album reflects the true Lord Darthblue. Recorded in belgium,europe, darth plays all the instruments, produces, records and mixes the album himself. He also realised the graphic part of the packaging, which gives a solid relation and atmosphere between the cover and the music.
NO MORE ROSES; second opus from the Lord reflects the dark side of the musician," NO MORE ROSES" reserves some surprises and comfort darth's metal influences. The recording session of this album are the same than for the first album ,"DARTHBLUE"

Set List

A normal gig is about 1 hour , 1h20 long. We almost play the both album and sometimes , new songs or impro appear in the show. We basicaly don't make cover but, sometimes,jimi hendrix, queen,led zepplin and others appear on the show, too!!!!!!.