Chicago, Illinois, USA

We are a new thrash metal band from Chicago. We want to bring a fast aggressive metal sound to Chicago and the rest of the music world. All thrash and no crash


Bio of the Artist
Aleister's White Stains is a thrash band from Chicago, IL. The band formed in 2006, after James Aguado (Guitars/ Vocals) met James Wittenburg (Bass/ Vocals) in college. They began writing music and James W. invited his drummer from another band (The Sleeping Creepers), Santiago Guerrero (Drums/ Vocals), and from then on Aleister's White Stains was complete. The trio recorded a demo establishing the band's direction and sound, however James W. soon left the band to play with other projects and was replaced by another college friend of James A., Nathan Skole (Bass/ Vocals). The trio recorded an album (Asthmatic Panda, 2008) and began playing shows together after about a year into this, Santiago left the band and Aleister's went on hold. Not too long after, James A. met Mike Lambert (Guitar/ Vocals) and Ian Cory (Drums/ Vocals) in college and the quartet recorded a second album (Night of the Living Shread, 2010) and began playing shows again. In the Fall of 2010 Ian left the band to pursue other music options and Santiago rejoined. Mike Lambert recently took a break from Aleister's White Stains.

We are know DARVAZA, and we've recently acquired a new drummer by the name of Kostya


Asthmatic Demo
Asthmatic Panda
Night of the Living Shread