Darwin's Bible

Darwin's Bible


we play fast, hard, aggressive music with driving guitars, pounding drums, thrashing vocals, and some soft melodies just to keep us sane.


just 5 regular joes from the GTA who love to play hard ass music ranging from some ealy punk, metal and rock n roll...there are even some elements of grunge in here which ties into a wall of heavy, often distorted, loud as $H!T force known as Darwin's Bible. we're different because we come from all different walks of life, some are still in university, while others work in offices, contractors, and a tattoo artist, but we come together to forge our influences into coherence.


2009/10 5 Song Demo EP to be released by March 2010, with demo songs up on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/darwinsbible

Set List

State of Offence, The Wait, C.J.C., Last Rites, Choke, Untitled, The Climb, Wake The Dream, Bones, As If, Son of Religion