Darwins Finches

Darwins Finches

 Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, USA

For a band with something different than the same old same old, try the fresh new experience of Darwin's Finches! The incredible sounds of a somewhat eclectic mixture of outstanding original compositions in the alternative rock genre that evoke emotions that only the best songs can.


Wyatt and Neil Barhite are the founding members of the band. They are both composers, guitar players, keyboardists, and singers. Travis is the bass player and sings, and Randy is the drummer.


We're working on a new CD. Now is your chance for a preview!

Set List

Wake Up
For a Moment
Destined to Be Strange
Vital Signs
My Final Woe
You'll Notice When I'm Gone
You've Never
Tango Mofo
Running Out of Time
Wake Up 2
Nothing Fits
Fall Out
Yellow Girl