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I show children that creativity comes in many forms, whether through music, art, writing, or acting. Today a child may see my show and leave wanting to play the guitar, sing, act, or draw. Published books: Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home, Bill the Bat Loves Halloween, Daniel Dinosaur


Educational School Presentations
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Daryl Cobb is an author, musician, singer/songwriter and actor who promotes literacy through creative arts. His published works include "Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home" "Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day," "Daniel Dinosaur" and "Bill the Bat Loves Halloween."

Most of his written work is specifically for children, originally created for his own two children as bedtime stories. Daryl is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and is a facilitator with the Hunterdon County SCBWI writers' group in New Jersey.

Daryl's writing began in college as a Theatre Arts major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He found a freshman writing class inspiring and, combined with his love for music and the guitar, he discovered that he had a talent that would motivate him for years to come. After college, he spent a couple of years doing children's traveling theatre. He has appeared on stage in theatrical productions for adults and children across the country.

Music has always been Daryl's main passion through the years. He is a member of the Nashville's Song Writer's Association and has been writing music for more than 25 years. Daryl says, "I see myself as a storyteller, whether it is told by song or through books. I was born to do this. I love rhythm and rhyme and I have added that to the stories that I create."


Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home

Written By: Daryl K. Cobb

Little Bill the bat
didn’t know where he was at.
He flew around
all over town
trying to find his way back home.

Bill’s radar was down.
He came crashing to the ground.

He landed on Dave the duck.
In the mud, Dave’s feet were stuck,
as Gail the gander and Gill the goose
tried to pry Dave’s feet loose.

“Sorry, I just can’t stay,”
said Bill as he flew away.

He flew into Al the owl
who was sleeping in the old oak tree.

“Sorry,” said Bill the bat.
“Could you tell me just where I’m at?”

The owl said, “Who?”
The bat said, “You.
Could you help me find my way?”

The owl fell back to sleep
while standing on his feet.
Not knowing what else to say,
Bill then flew away.

Poor Bill didn’t see the house.
He awoke to find Mike the mouse.

Mike said, “Hey, is your head ok?
If you want,
there’s room for you to stay.”

“Thank you, so very much,
but I’d like to be home for lunch.
But if you help me find my way,
I’ll come back another day.”

“Well, I just moved to town
so I don’t know my way around.
But I could call Cal the cat.
He’ll know where you’re at.”

“Cal the cat?”
said Bill the bat.
“This is his house,”
said Mike the mouse.

“All day I’ve been flying around.
Flying up and flying down.
Flying into this,
flying into that.
Flying into the home
of Cal the cat.

I KNOW Cal the cat!”
remarked Bill the bat.
“I live upstairs.
he lives down.
Home sweet home
is what I’ve found!”

Copyright 1999

Bill the Bat Loves Halloween

Written By: Daryl K. Cobb

Bill the Bat loved Halloween.
It was the funniest thing
that he had ever seen.

The kids dressed up like
ghouls and ghosts.
The boy called Nixon
scared him the most.

Bill spent the night,
just flying around.
To get a good look,
he had to swoop down.
The kids would all scream
and scatter away.
“A bat, a bat!”
he heard them all say.

Someone started a rumor
some years ago,
let me think, let me think,
now how did it go?

A bat could swoop down
and get caught in your hair.
In your hair he would nest
and his kids would live there.

It is the silliest story.
A bat would much rather be
asleep in someone’s attic
or in a cave by the sea.

But whatever the reasons,
the kids like to run and
at this time of year,
to Bill this was fun.

He set himself down
on the branch of a tree,
to rest for a second
and what did he see?

The ghouls and the ghosts
on the porch of the house
and tagging along was
his friend Mike the mouse.

The moon was full,
the stars were bright,
the perfect setting
for a Halloween night.

He leaped from the branch
high in the air,
swooping down on the kids
who then ran everywhere.

With one swing of the broom,
that caught him just right,
Bill was sent flying
back into the night.

His vision was blurry
when he finally came to,
and Halloween night
was over, done, through.

Al the Owl from his perch
was shaking his head.
“I think you should
take up the tango,” he said.

“It is a dangerous game
you are playing, my friend.
One day you may not
wake up at the end.”

Bill thought for a moment,
“You are right, this is true.
Maybe next year
I’ll just watch it with you.”

Daniel Dinosaur

Written By: Daryl K. Cobb

Daniel, Daniel Dinosaur
stood sixty feet
and maybe more.

He dined on trees
of leafy greens.
He bathed in streams
till squeaky clean.

Daniel, he had just turned four,
he played and played
and played some more.

One of his favorite
things to do
was play hide and seek
with his sister Sue.

One day he was left in charge
while his mommy was away.
Suzy said to Daniel,
“Let’s go to the stream and play.”

His mom and dad had told him,
“No matter what you do,
you can play till we get home
don't take your eyes off Sue.”

Daniel he got hungry,
for a second he turned away.
He grabbed a snack,
and when he turned back
Suzy had walked away.

Daniel then looked high and low,
looked everywhere
he thought she'd go.

He looked down the stream
and in between.
Now what was he to do?
He could not find his sister
Daniel, then began to cry.
He knew that time was passing by.

“Daniel, Daniel Dinosaur!”
a voice said from behind.
“I am too good at this game,
you seek but you cannot find.”

Daniel quickly turned around
and there stood Sister Sue.
She was playing hide and seek.
She thought he was too.

Now no matter where they go
or whatever they may do,
Daniel never takes his eyes off
his little sister Sue.

Copyright 1998 Daryl K. Cobb

Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day

Written By: Daryl K. Cobb

Daddy did I ever say
I love you, love you, every day?

I love you when you squeeze me tight.
I love you when you say good night.

I love it when you tickle me and
mom says stop it is time to sleep.

Sometimes I wake you up at night.
When I get scared, you make it right.

I feel so safe when you’re around.
You pick me up when I fall down.

I love it when you do my hair,
with hands so big it’s everywhere.
I won’t let mommy make it right.
My daddy did my hair tonight.

I love when you flip me upside down,
then pretend to drop me to the ground.

Mommy says you play too rough,
but that’s okay, I am tough.

I was asked today who got me dressed,
I said, “Daddy did, he is the best!”

Daddy did I ever say,
I love you, love you, every day?
I love you don’t stay mad too long.
I cry a tear, the anger’s gone.

Wrapped around my little thumb,
mommy says, I say that’s dumb.

I love the fact you don’t complain,
when I beat you bad at every game.

One day you may be as fast as me,
with a little practice, we will see.

Sometimes my days are just too long.
You hold me till my tears are gone.

If in your arms I fall asleep,
you lay me down without a peep.

You kiss me once upon my head,
then tuck me tightly into bed.

Daddy, did I ever say, I love you, love you
every day?

Copyright 2006


Published Children's Books

Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You,
Love You, Every Day

Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home

Bill the Bat Loves Halloween

Daniel Dinosaur

Coming in 2008

Bill the Bat Baby Sits Bella

Counting With Daniel Dinosaur

Mr. Moon

Boy On the Hill

Set List

This is an interactive educational music and story presentation. A combination of original and classic up tempo children’s songs, readers’ theater and storytelling.

I perform and interact with the children with the help of 164 graphic illustrations that were created for my books and songs.

The presentation text has all been color coded to help the children recognize the appropriate time to participate. For younger children who can’t read yet, my interactive style, coaching and some teacher participation helps the kids stay involved

How about readers’ theater.
With the help of teachers, students and color coded text, we perform
“Do Pirates Go to School.”
This is a fun story of a young boy who falls asleep and awakes to the likes of Pirate Paul, who quickly shuffles Peter off to pirate school where the children all learn to talk like pirates. Can you say
Avast ye mate!

With the help of a 4500 lumens power point projector, I read my books a