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"Review / Halloween, Hill Country and bat books for fall"

Hill Country News

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nannys Bookshelf
Halloween, Hill Country and bat books for fall
by Cathy Lovelady, Nanny's Bookshelf

Austin may be the “City of Bats” but we have our share out here in the Hill Country, too. Why not take some time to read about these fascinating animals with your children? You can kill two birds with one stone (pardon this expression, please, I don't mean it literally - I mean I've never killed a bird, really! And besides, bats are mammals!) and get some reading in with some interesting facts about this local favorite.

For a fun take on the life of a bat, there is “Bill the Bat Loves Halloween,” by Daryl K. Cobb with pictures by Manuela Pentangelo. This rhyming story about a bat who gets into mischief on Halloween night is not realistic, but more like reading a cartoon. If you have a reluctant reader around, this might be a hit.

“Bat Loves the Night” is a fact book that reads like a story and children like to hear it again and again. Written by Nicole Davies and illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies, this is a great nighttime read aloud book with poetic language and beautiful pictures.

You can love the night and take a nighttime walk around your neighborhood. Notice the insects that a bat might snack on. You can look for good places for a bat to live too, like holes in trees, under eaves and bridges. What would make it a better place for bats to live?
Still hungry for more facts? Try “Zipping, Zapping, and Zooming Bats” by Anne Earle and illustrated by Henry Cole. This book is full of information about one of the most misunderstood animals. This has a fun quality and goes beyond the dry paragraph or two in an encyclopedia. In the back there are plans for a bat house you can build at home.

If you like the idea of hosting a colony of bats, there are other options. Bat Conservation International, founded by Merlin D. Tuttle right here in Austin, has plans available on its website, batcon.org. The website is full of interesting info and pictures of bats.

The most famous bat in children's literature is probably Stellaluna, from Janell Cannon's “Stellaluna.” It is about a bat who loses her mother to an owl and falls into a nest of birds. She struggles with her identity but comes to love and accept herself as she is, with all her differences.

You and your child can make plenty of bats to fly on the trees in front of your house. Take some black or brown paper and fold it in half. Cut out the shape of half a bat body and one wing with the fold in the middle. Unfold your bat, poke holes in each wing and tie with a piece of string. Hang them from trees for a spooky decoration.

- Hill Country News

"Review / Daryl K. Cobb puts a little rhyme into reading."

Daniel Dinosaur is a rhyming children's picture book about a dinosaur and his search for his missing sister. It is written by Daryl K. Cobb and is a wonderful story that teaches children about responsibility. It is told in a rhythmic cadence that makes the story fun to read. Italian illustrator Carla F. Castagno makes this story even more memorable with her colorful illustrations. “Daniel Dinosaur” is fun for children ages 0 to 7.

- 10 To 2 Children's Books

"Review / Bill the Bat will find a place in your home."

Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home is a rhyming children's picture book about a lost bat and his search for home. The animals in “Bill the Bat” view the world from a human perspective and demonstrate problem solving skills. This book is beautifully illustrated by Italian artist Manuela Pentangelo and is told in a rhythmic cadence that makes the story as much fun for mom and dad as it is for the children. Bill is a bat like no other -- a whimsical, Disney-type character dressed with aerial goggles and radar. The story is cleverly written by Daryl K. Cobb and is the first in a series of Bill the bat stories. Appropriate for children 0 to 8.
- 10 To 2 Children's Books

"Review / Bill the Bat makes this Halloween a treat."

In Bill the Bat Loves Halloween, the creators of "Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home" come together again in a rhythmical tale of this fun-loving bat and his antics on Halloween night. In a story perfect for reading out loud and sharing, "Bill the Bat Loves Halloween" details how Bill discovers that by acting carelessly, he might just end up getting himself hurt. Mr. Cobb makes this second book as much fun to read as the first, with a little added humor for moms and dads to enjoy. Manuela Pentangelo tops her first effort with illustrations that are even more colorful this time around. An amusing tale for children ages 0 to 8.
- 10 To 2 Children's Books

"Review / Daddy Did I Ever Say, hits all the right cords."

Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day is a rhyming picture book written by Daryl K. Cobb. This is a very special story that captures the essence of what makes the father- child relationship different from that of mother and child. Beautifully illustrated by Traci Van Wagoner, the colors jump off the pages. This story will leave you with a smile on your face. The musical version of this story will have you singing and tapping along with it. It is perfect for children 0 to 8.
- 10 To 2 Children's Books

"Children's tale aids programs at YMCA"

Children's tale aids programs at YMCA
Thursday, July 05, 2007
By Veronica Slaght
What does a hungry bat do when his sonar is on the fritz? He asks his animal friends for directions. At least that's what the goofy creature equipped with oversized goggles and radar does in Daryl Cobb's wonderful children's book, Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home.
Bill is a creature of Cobb's imagination, born as the songwriter and children's theater actor started crafting tales for his own children as they settled down for bed.

"I just transferred my skill in music to writing for children," said Mr. Cobb. "My kids grew up with them, so it's exciting for them to see the stories come to life."
Mr. Cobb says the book is mostly intended to be fun for children, but it also teaches a lesson in problem-solving. He hopes the book will help change the notion that bats are scary.
This book is one of several written by Mr. Cobb that will be published by 10 To 2 Children's Books of Clinton, NJ.
10 To 2 Children’s Books is donating $5 to the Hunterdon County YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign for each Bill the Bat book purchased at the YMCA or online, $2 per book sold through a retail store. In the three weeks since it's been released, the book has netted about $900 for the YMCA.
The decision to help the YMCA was easy: Mr. Cobb thinks the Strong Kids Campaign is important. But he said that 10 To 2 would like to get other organizations involved as well, especially schools. "Performing for children is something I love to do," he said.
He presented an educational program at Bethlehem Township's Conley School, where he set Bill the Bat to music and taught students about the book-making process. He has given presentations at the YMCA's Child Learning Center and, in the fall, will be at Immaculate Conception School, Alexandria Township’s elementary school and many more.
Mr. Cobb has lived in the county since he was a preschooler, graduating from North Hunterdon High School in 1979. He then studied theater and music at Virginia Commonwealth University.
"My desire is to give back to the community that has given me so much," Cobb said.
Other rhyming children's books 10 To 2 expects to publish this year are: Bill the Bat Loves Halloween, Daddy Did I Ever Say I Love You Love You Every Day, and Daniel Dinosaur.
Mr. Cobb’s book tour, will start in September in Hunterdon County.
Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home will be sold at the YMCA through August and is available at 10to2childrensbooks.com, Target.com, Amazon.com, Bordersbooks.com, and at your local book stores for $15.99. It's also at the county library. The book is illustrated by Italian artist Manuela Pentangelo.
- 10 To 2 Children's Books

"Libraian at Clinton Public School"

I am Lauren Lebkuecher the Librarian at Clinton Public
School. I wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your visit to CPS -both teachers and students. You are a hared act to follow. Anyway, we are already thinking about Read Across America day on March 2, 2008. Would you possibly consider visiting our school again and being part of the day. We're not exactly sure what we're doing yet, as we are just in the beginning stages of planning something. If you could just let me know whether you're interested and available, I would definitely be contacting you with additional information.
- 10 To 2 Children's Books

"Imaculate Conception School"

Just want to sent a brief note to thank you for coming to our school. Our students enjoyed your presentation. It was a very fun morning!! We appreciate all of your hard work! The feedback that has been given to me by the staff was also very positive. Once again, everyone enjoyed your visit and thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with our school.

Kathy Puleo

- 10 To 2 Children's Books


Published Children's Books

Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You,
Love You, Every Day

Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home

Bill the Bat Loves Halloween

Daniel Dinosaur

Coming in 2008

Bill the Bat Baby Sits Bella

Counting With Daniel Dinosaur

Mr. Moon

Boy On the Hill



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Daryl Cobb is an author, musician, singer/songwriter and actor who promotes literacy through creative arts. His published works include "Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home" "Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day," "Daniel Dinosaur" and "Bill the Bat Loves Halloween."

Most of his written work is specifically for children, originally created for his own two children as bedtime stories. Daryl is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and is a facilitator with the Hunterdon County SCBWI writers' group in New Jersey.

Daryl's writing began in college as a Theatre Arts major at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He found a freshman writing class inspiring and, combined with his love for music and the guitar, he discovered that he had a talent that would motivate him for years to come. After college, he spent a couple of years doing children's traveling theatre. He has appeared on stage in theatrical productions for adults and children across the country.

Music has always been Daryl's main passion through the years. He is a member of the Nashville's Song Writer's Association and has been writing music for more than 25 years. Daryl says, "I see myself as a storyteller, whether it is told by song or through books. I was born to do this. I love rhythm and rhyme and I have added that to the stories that I create."