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Daryl Dasher

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"New Outlaws"

"Daryl Dasher's unique rolling baritone slides into the listener's soul and takes up residence. One minute he's ravishing your emotions in heartbreak, the next he's soaring you across some mystical barrier between ghosts of music spirits past, and destinations unknown. A dynamic, commanding and uninhibited performer, Dasher's star power lies in his ability to truly connect."

-Richard Diehn, Outlaw Magazine
- Outlaw Magazine


Songs currently being streamed:
Lesson In Loneliness (Bridges/Epps)
Yesterdays (Dasher)
No Regrets (Dasher)
My Friend (Dasher/Faulk)
Shotgun (Dasher)
Can't Bring Me Down (Dasher)
Human Nature (Dasher)
Mellow Down Easy: Brothers Of The Left Hand Path
Mellow Down Easy: COSMISUTRA (2009)

Daryl Dasher: Long Road Now (Coming 2009)



Daryl Dasher is a lifelong musician. When he was four years old he was already telling his parents that when he grew up he was going to be a rock star just like his heroes in the band KISS. Through the years his tastes in music stretched as he explored every type of music he could find. By the time he was thirteen he was playing drums, guitar, and bass guitar in various local bands in his small hometown of Paulding, Ohio.

By the time he graduated from high school he was focused on a country music career. He was heavily influenced by artists like Marty Robbins, George Jones, Willie Nelson, and few of the newer artists like Alan Jackson and George Strait. He started writing songs and playing shows as a solo act with just his old Ovation guitar and a microphone. He entered into a talent contest put on by Lima, OH country radio station T-102.9 (American Country) in 1996 and won Best Male Vocalist. Despite his retro taste in country music, his popularity grew fast. In 2000 he played the County Fair in his hometown and experienced his first hour and forty five minute autograph line. However Daryl was still unsure about what genre he actually fit into. That is until he discovered his fathers cassette of Waylon Jennings’ Ole Waylon album, which to him incased everything he loved about music into one brilliant package. He was especially engrossed by the rhythm section, including drummer Richie Albright. Albright’s style had a profound influence on Dasher, and the album motivated him to become a better musician and writer.

In college he continued to play country shows in and around Ohio, sometimes including his father Verl Dasher on bass guitar, and occasionally using his Uncle Jon Post’s bluegrass band for backup. At the same time he was gigging with a folk band called The Cat’s Pajamas, playing for Earth Day festivals and opening for bands like MOE. After college he continued following his dreams for a career in country music, but was unhappy with the direction the country music industry was heading. He was told by one A&R person that he needed to drop the old style and get on board with the new pop oriented country music if he wanted to succeed. Instead, Daryl played one more show as a country artist in June of 2001, opening for the Honky-Tonk Tailgate Tour with Daryle Singletary and Rhett Akins, then joined the rock group Mellow Down Easy in Nashville, founded by his lifelong friend and ex-band mate Andrew Adkins and drummer Rodney Russell, playing mostly bass guitar and singing backing vocals.

Originally intending only to fill the spot in Mellow Down Easy temporarily, fate soon shifted him into full time member and co-writer for the bands second album, Brothers of the Left Hand Path. He entwined the bands more hard rock sound with his own country music roots, evident in songs like “Nashville” and “Shotgun”. Today the band is known for reaching audiences from many different genres. They were the first rock band to play a country venue called “Mammas Country” in Tennessee. They were one of the first rock bands to play W.C. Handy’s Blues Hall on Beale Street in Memphis. They continue to throw hard rock audiences with renditions of old Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings songs. For the past six years, Mellow Down Easy has seemed to be the perfect home for Daryl Dasher, but he still harbored a strong desire to return to his country roots.

In the Spring of 2005 he was given the opportunity to work on a country music side project with close friends Kent Goodson (George Jones), and Patrick Boone, co-writing and recording with one of Dasher’s favorite rock vocalists Jeff Keith from the platinum selling band TESLA (Love Song, Signs, Modern Day Cowboy). Like Dasher, Jeff Keith had always been a country music fan and wanted to create a solo record of classic sounding country songs. After two years of writing and recording the four put together an all-star band (Country Music Friends) to showcase some of the songs, and included Dasher on acoustic guitar and backing vocals.

In June of 2006 country/rock recording artist Ricky Lynn Gregg (If I Had A Cheating Heart, Three Nickels and a Dime, Can You Feel It) needed to replace his bass guitar player. Kent Goodson recommended Dasher and after a single phone conversation between Daryl and Ricky, the two meshed and he was hired. Gregg took Daryl around the world that year and also took him under his wing, teaching him to push himself as a performer and writer and showing him the ropes of the business. By 2007, Gregg was giving Dasher the opportunity to trade instruments and sing center stage during a portion of each show. This has helped to build Dasher’s fan base across the U.S. The two are currently working on writing material both for Dashers new solo album and for Gregg’s new album. In 2008, the two performed for the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville at the famous Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop for a live audience and