Penticton, British Columbia, CAN

lyrical, with unconventional subject material, stellar musicality, gritty and soulful. dark, but hopeful with a sly and understated sense of humour. jazzy and bluesy and folksy, like tom waits getting together with nora jones' band


we met in another band, an acoustic blues band and became friends. the front man for that band went to jail for attempted murder, and that was the end of that, but we kept in touch over the intervening years and got together when the fates allowed. he moved back to the area and we started playing in earnest and here we are.


we have four full length cd's released, and are putting the finishing touches on the fifth, which we expect to release in the fall of 2010. we've gotten airplay in canada through the cbc and have received international royalties from performing rights organizations in 22 different countries where our music has been broadcast.

Set List

we perform mostly original material from our cd's, although we can, if requested, play old blues songs, jazz standards, and english folk songs.