Daryl Hudson

Daryl Hudson

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

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Sur Le Boulevard De La Vie

Written By: Daryl Hudson

Sur le Boulevard De La Vie
Daryl Hudson
©2010 Daryl Hudson

Verse 1
On the L.A. freeway in my Porsche Cayenne
Oh Baby! What do I see?
La femme from Friday evening looking ghostly but glam,
but, she didn’t even know it was me!

She followed me on Sunset then to Rodeo Drive
Still staring straight through my eyes.
It’s bon voyage cheri, no telling where I’ll arrive
I guess I should have kissed her good bye!

I’m movin’, I’m movin’, I’m making my way
Man, this ain’t no champs elysees.
I’m groovin’, I’m groovin’, as smooth as can be
sur le boulevard de la vie.

Lose myself in gridlock out on Park Avenue
I’m done with noblesse oblige.
Thinking ‘bout my baby with the Deep Ellum blue,
That voice keeps saying, “Call me, please!”

Refrain (repeat)
Ooh, making my way, ain’t no champs elysees.
Ooh, smooth as can be, sur le boulevard - de la vie.

Interlude, Refrain, Bridge

From New York to Miami straight down I-95
wishing this was a dream.
She’s driving circles round me; will I ever survive?
Hey babe, that dress is crème de la crème!

Lonely Side of Loving You

Written By: Daryl Hudson

Lonely Side of Loving You

Every now and then I think about you until
I am weary and blue
and wishing you were by my side again

Understand me I’m not bitter with you at all
I’m just thinking of times
when you said you’d want to spend your life with me

When the sunlight finds my window I am alone
and I’m thinking of times
you said you want to stay by my side

Morning sunlight brings a new days burden to bear
with no one to hold
and time that passes slowly, oh so slow

Was loving me so hard that you could leave me this way
without a word or thought you turned and ran
Was loving me so hard that you could leave me this way
on the lonely side of loving you again

Daryl Hudson

©2010 D Hudson