Daryl Scairiot

Daryl Scairiot


"This guy is it! He's the next Leonard Cohen!" is how Eric Roest, a former buyer for Tower Records, responded to hearing Essays, Daryl Scairiot's newest album. Scairiot's darkly beautiful songs win the hearts of those listeners who crave music of depth, wit and vision.


Here's a very heavy-handed assertion, both indelicate and immodest: Daryl Scairiot is one of the finest songwriters working today. A first-rate craftsman in the tradition of Leonard Cohen and Elvis Costello, Arizona-born Daryl Scairiot possesses a formidable command both of language and of the idiom of lyric-writing. Nihilistic, savage and scatological; tender, elegant and human, Scairiot's songs spark with misanthropic beauty. Jennifer Layton, of Indie-Music.com, has called him "one of the most brilliant writers I've come across."

Scairiot's musical universe is a collision of the majestic and the grotesque. Finding his muses in the theater of man's darker desires and dubious motivations, he creates brutal comedies in which these shadows confess themselves and may (or may not) be redeemed. The musical setting for these shadow-plays is a tempestuous avant-folk, Americana noir sound, evoking early Cohen, Steve Earle, Iron And Wine and Sixteen Horsepower; sometimes raunchy, sometimes splendid, with echoes of vaudeville and notable departures into rock and boozy, 1930's-ish cabaret jazz. First and foremost a singer, Scairiot is best-known for his powerful baritone voice and his strong, memorable melodies.

Scairiot has shared the stage with such indie luminaries as the Devil Makes Three, the Dolly Ranchers, Jason Webley and the Velvet Teen, as well as songwriters Steve Seskin, Austin Willacy and Caren Armstrong. He is featured on the Bazaar Cafe's second compilation CD, Music Stew 2. He has appeared on KRSH's Live on the Evening Krush and KRCB's Left of the Dial. He was also the subject of an LA Times article about the internet as a tool for independent musicians. Daryl was recently inducted into the Music Phone Book's Independent Artist Registry, a showcase and directory of the country's most outstanding independent acts.

Scairiot's debut album, Saint Rose Parish, features a handful of the San Francisco Bay area's finest musicians. It is a confident manifesto of the idiomatic diversity of Daryl's abilities, as well as his wit, his playfulness, his tenderness, his penchant for the haunting and his taste for the spooky. The album was released on Scairiot's own Scorpiolovesongs label. His second album, Essays, is due for release in 2006, as is a collection of jazz songs recorded with his former backing band, the Softer Monsters.

After spending four years in extravagantly expensive Northern California, Daryl recently returned to Phoenix, where he now lives with his wife and their daughter.


You're Losing Her

Written By: Daryl Scairiot

The devil sat on my shoulder, a little sparrow bird
A bird who never sang; slowly, lowly, he whispered
He said, 'Dear boy, dear loving boy, dear lover, have you heard?
You're losing her

'She's standing by the window, she's a daydream in her eye
She's staring down the street to where the sidewalk meets the sky
She wants to say she's sorry, she wants to say goodbye
You're losing her

'You're losing her in pieces, you're losing her so slow
She seeps away like water, you do not see her go
You're losing her so gently you'd never even know
You're losing her'

My sparrow stopped his speaking, he spread his batlike wings
I said, 'Devil, please don't leave me, I'll give you everything that I have left
My darling devil, I cannot go on living
Knowing I'm losing her

'Show me to the contract, show me where to sign
Devil, please don't leave me,'... but already he was flying away
He said, 'Dear loving boy, your soul's already mine
And still, you're losing her

'You're losing her'

©2001 Daryl Scairiot

Your Lady Death

Written By: Daryl Scairiot

Damn right, neurotic, when there's no place you can hide
And the movie score is 'Requiem' or 'Here Comes the Bride'
The lady reaper, she is every creature's wife
And we're all dreading the wedding and acting as if life's
A bachelor party, so cheers and bottoms up
But you can see right through the brandy to the bottom of your cup
And every sipper must someday drain the well
So you know no toast can ever be entirely to your health

Perhaps you're wealthy, so wind up all your toys
Maybe you won't hear her knocking if you just make enough noise
Your mid-life crisis, your finest vintage bottle
Maybe sip it from the navel of some nineteen-year-old model
But every woman holds a portion of the void
And it's there to be appeased more that it's there to be enjoyed
And you remember that you were never young
Hear the thunder like a Harley, but it's coming from your lungs

Your lady death, veil of black and gown of white
You'll soon be wed, you can't rock and roll all night
No one ever said there was a chance to win just because you had to fight
Your lady death

She's going to have you, there is no one she will miss
Nothing's softer than her lip, but nothing's harder than her kiss
Perhaps you've met them who say they're not afraid to die
Well, they're only half-awake, or else they're only half-alive
They only see what they can see, well bless their little eyes
They don't hear her vows sounding from inside
That wooden alley, it is the music of the box
And nothing's louder than the lullaby that's whispered on the clocks

She's going to have you, you are scheduled to be wed
Now you can face her like a man, but that's still going to leave you dead
Start eating healthy, will that keep her from your door?
Or do you go back to church so you can call her your reward?
Or meditation, do you practice emptiness?
Like some dreary dress-rehearsal, or like studying for the test
Well, it's just your ego, your attachment to your self
But does is matter just which part of you would rather burn in hell
For all eternity, than to simply disappear?
Well, it may be just your ego, but at least you know you're here
Or do you say, 'Yes, dear' and hope it all turns out alright
Go gentle or go raging, it's still the same goodnight

Your lady death...

Your lady death, she is going to take your name
'Oedipus Rex', right back the way you came
To the beneath, through the tomb and the womb is still the same
Your lady death

(c)2005 Daryl Scairiot


Written By: Daryl Scairiot

You bruised up your chin like an inkstain
Spilt like this guilt that will never come clean again
A child gets back up, but the falling remains
Alouine, you were born to this folly

Alouine, you were my perfect accident
The most gorgeous sentiment that I never knew I meant
The queen born between 'persevere' and 'regret'
Alouine, I guess S is for 'sorry'

Shine, shine, you're the light in my day
But I can't take your brightness, so I look away
I think I used to be like you, but look at me now
The gaps in my happiness patched up with vows

Alouine so pristine, Alouine on the bough
As it's breaking

Yes, this whole world was formed from a battle scar
And none who have come here have left unscathed so far
That's why my heart hurts at how perfect you are
Alouine, we were born to this folly

I just blink my eyes and someday too soon you say, 'Father
I have gone far away and going further'
Our distance is measured in time
We're falling down, falling some fifty light years from that shine

Shine, you're the light in my day...

And we're older now
Our souls will hold more than our shoulders allow
And we're older now
Or will we be all the more perfect somehow?

Alouine steal the scene, Alouine take a bow
For your follies

For you are falling

There's a bruise on your chin like an inkstain
Spilt like this guilt that I can never wash off again
We all get back up, but the falling remains
Alouine, do we fall down to glory?

(c)2005 Daryl Scairiot


Saint Rose Parish (c) 2004
Essays (c) 2006

Set List

The standard set will consist of...

Food and Rent
Four to the Floor
God Bless Us Poor, Dumb Creatures
I Named You for a Song
No Heaven for i Pagliacci
Song of Empty
Song of the Feast
The Comedy is Over
The Love of Falling Men
There Really is a Train
You're Losing Her
Your Lady Death

cover: I'm 18 (Alice Cooper)

(~60 minutes)

The expanded set will include:

A Song Too Sad
Free Will
Historic District
Song for in the Morning
So You Can Be My Girl
The Little Details
The Most Gorgeous Monsters
The Other
Words Whispered in the Dark

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
Lonely at the Top (Randy Newman)
St. James Infirmary (traditional)

(~2 hours, not including any breaks)