DASH! is a Dutch top modern music ensemble, lead by composer/saxophonist Maarten Ornstein, often subscribed as Zappa on 78 RPM. DASH! likes to cross boundaries and works together with other disciplines as dance and theatre.


Musician and composer Maarten Ornstein has never settled for the role of a traditional jazz artist.
He is known for his work for numerous jazz and classical ensembles, as well as for his eclectic style
on tenor and bass-clarinet, incorporating elements from contemporary, jazz, funk and ethic styles.
Besides being an active musician, Ornstein (1967) is also widely known for his ability to organize
large scale music-theatre projects, bringing together different musicians from all styles. This desire
to work with a variety of performers characterizes all of Ornsteins career, it comes from a musical
need to combine the strong points of all genres, to make universal music.
Inspired by the likes of Eddie Harris and Gary Thomas, Maarten Ornstein picked up on the fading
tradition of electric saxophone-playing. Using both vintage and modern equipment, he developed a
flexible style suited for both dynamic comping and soloing.
Maarten Ornsteins music is rooted in jazz, soul, slavic and contemporary music traditions. All these
elements first came together in the W.A.R.P. Music Ensemble, which sported a line-up of five winds
and a singer. The cd recorded by the group (1999) firmly established Ornsteins name as an artist
looking for new grounds to explore, rather than operating in the mainstream. This led to numerous
composition assignments, notably for the North Sea Jazz Festival, Orkater Theatre company, with
Dutch bass giant Tony Overwater choreographer Anouk van Dijk, the Calefax Reed Ensemble and
the New Music Choir of Amsterdam. As a soloist, Maarten Ornstein worked with the Schönberg
Ensemble, the Jazzorchestra of the Concertgebouw, and appeared on concerts with Pat Metheny and
David Liebman
DASH! - four singers, tenor, percussion, bass, drums- was born in 2004 out of the need to have a
group with which to experiment with text and voices over transparent, funky grooves. Since the
days of W.A.R.P. Ornstein developed a fascination with words and lyrics. Their rhythmic
possibilities and deeper meaning are a central element in all DASH! music. The first DASH! album,
released in 2006 displayed the ensemble's full potential, and received raving reviews in the dutch
press. With the mixture of jazz, soul, ethnic styles and spoken word, the group defined its own


2006 DASH! debut album at DOX Records
2007 Zwaar Water - radioplay CD
soon to be released in june 2009 at EWM-Music: The Bangalore

Set List

DASH! plays DASH!Music. The stunning, sometimes very funny or cheeky lyrics are written by singers Monique de Adelhart
Toorop, and Jeannine Valeriano. Vocal virtuosity is backed up by relentless grooves, and
embellished by the swirling lines of the electric saxophone