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"QuickLaunch Song Contest Review"

"“Atheist” by Dasha is a strong song with great melodies and a surprising main theme. Vocals and story are in the vein of Alanis Morissette. Dasha has plenty of commercial potential." ..."This is a first for me – spurned love leading to atheism – it’s a great twist and I like it."..."Memorable to the max. Nice hook." - Oliver Meissner, President, FSM, 02-04-06

To see complete review, please contact dasha@dashapostnikova.com

- www.flightsafemusic.com

"Dasha - It's Just A Number"

It's Just A Number.
Release Date : March 6, 2006.
Label: Independent.
Rating: Andy doesn't dig rating stuff.

What a perfectly-expressed declaration of emotions. Dasha Postnikova's collection of tunes are soaring, cascading realms of power balladry. Move over boys, here come the ladies. Postnikova's voice is rough yet still undeniably feminine, and in its stronger moments not unlike Alanis Morrisette. Strings, pianos, echoey drums, and guitars combine to make a powerful rock statement. Really accomplished piano... no idle tinkling here. Fabulously arranged pieces swim through the songs, adding a further femininity to them. Vulnerable moments appear where Postnikova sings softly alongside herself layers deep, before the song crashes back to a scathing outro. Yearning and anger and looking-forward squeeze together in the lyrics, where a girl is obviously affected by a past relationship and torn between hate and sorrow. "Shaded" is fully piano-centric, bringing to mind Tori Amos. The voice, just stunning and raw and solid.A whole bunch of delightfully sensitive yet vindictive songs here, perfect for an anti-Valentine's Day (which is when I saw her play). Yes girls, get angry at your exes. This is the PERFECT soundtrack.

Song of choice : "The Best Thing I Ever Said To You Was No"

-Andy Scheffler - Cordmag.com

"CD REVIEW: Dasha - "It's Just A Number""

Genre: Rock
Sounds Like: Alanis Morissette/Guns & Roses
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 9
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10

Best Songs: Downhill, Under, If, Self-Destructive, If, Atheist
Weakness: None

CD Review: How do you top an EP that wins you 2004 Muse's Muse Awards for Best Publishing Deal Potential, Best Long Term Potential Success; Best Female Rock Vocal Performance; and Best EP? With a full-length LP that justifies the previous awards and positions you as the front runner in your genre to be the recipient of future Muse's Muse Awards. That's exactly what Dasha (formerly known as Darla Postnikova), a singer/songwriter/classically trained pianist from Canada did.

Dasha's new project captures the ire of love in a way that can best be described as "emotionally" descriptive. From the opening track, "The Last Time," which speaks to the frustration that one feels when you come to the realization that you're not being treated the way would like to be treated in a relationship, to the title track "13," in which she refers to her ex as a jester...a kind of joker and ranks him right up there with Bush and Hitler...She goes on to call him an ugly, lying, cheating bastard, who doesn't deserve the same last name as his mother....and if there's any doubt left as to how she really feels, she spells it out in the chorus: "I swear I've never been so happy as when you left me...I didn't know the world could be so God damn beautiful...now I am alive." Yes, it's official: Alanis Morissette has passed the torch of acrimony to Dasha.

Despite the project's theme of indignation expressed over love gone awry, you are never distracted from her skill as a writer, an artist, a performer, and a musician. Her patented style of Rock is both accessible and tangible and she displays the nuances of her talents in every song.

Her most commercial track, "Downhill," which is about co-dependence, grabbed my industry ears as the most commercially viable, radio-ready tune on this CD with it's simple and infectious chorus that lingers long after the track has stopped. Her Guns & Roses influence shines through on the melodic "If," which is a clever, and catchy tune that addresses the endless reasons as to why one doesn't leave someone after they've decided to do so, and the retro-Pop flavored, "Self-Destruction."

Dasha's writing talent is immense and her potential for industry success is enormous...she is simply on another level. Both the music and publishing industries willl strike gold when they get their hands on her catalogue. Congratulations on completing a project that is commercially strong, artistically developed, and musically sound.

Advice: You need none. Your destiny is calling you, make sure you answer it.



CD REVIEW: Dasha - "It's Just A Number"
By Gian Fiero - 03/28/06 - 07:12 PM EST
- By Gian Fiero - 03/28/06 - 07:12 PM EST

"Featured Artist - Dasha"

When the first few chords rung out...I knew Dasha was about to hit me with something special. Her songs are so well written, listening to them is a real treat. The overall musical composition is so engaging when she lets go. Wonderful piano, guitar, hard rock melodies and extremely powerful lyrics bring her basket of musical goodies right to the senses. "Atheist" is one strong and deep display of real and hard feelings as are all of Dasha's songs. You 'bout to blow up girl! This is some stuff for real...

Standout Tracks: Atheist, Valentine, Downhill, The Best Thing (i ever said to you was no)
Genre: Rock
Sub Genre: Acoustic
Artist Site: www.myspace.com/dashapostnikova
EPK: www.sonicbids.com/Dasha

Rating: 5/5

- Catsask Music & Entertainment

"CD Review"

According to the self-penned bio on her website, this sultry alt-rock/pop piano chanteuse claims such influences as Rachmaninoff and Chopin, although her album It’s Just a Number is rooted squarely in accessible modernity. With guitars, bass, drums and lush harmonies propelling her well-laid foundation of lyrics and piano into clean, sky-high rock ballads and anthems, there are also quieter moments, such as “Shaded,” in which Dasha’s classical roots do shine subtly through those expertly tickled ivories. It’s hard to believe that she initially hesitated to do the vocals herself, as her bio also purports, until an engineer recommended she go for it. With the help of a vocal coach and no shortage of courage, we listeners are treated to these stirring and consistent, occasionally acrid songs of love, loss, and all the perseverance in between, with high quality studio sound and no small order of this talented artist’s strong, unfaltering voice.

Favorite: Track 6 “Shaded”

Steve Gunn is a hard-boiled suburban New Yorker with a PhD in rockology and the propensity to point with full-throttle moxie up to his ears and unflinchingly declare, “Hey! These things ain’t garbage cans, y’know!” sisterray@myway.com

- OnlineRock.com

"Dasha Postnikova"

Dasha Postnikova

Genre: Rock
Sounds Like: Heart/Guns N' Roses
Technical Grade: 8
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10
Commercial Value: 10
Overall Talent Level: 10
Songwriting Skills: 10
Performance Skill: 10
Best Songs: Under

CD Review: Who says that classic rock is dead? Singer/songwriter/musician, and sometimes band member, Darla Postnikoff (a.k.a Dasha Postnikova) special delivered this superb and superior project from Vancouver, Canada, which contains beautifully crafted, well-written, and brilliantly performed songs that industry professionals and music lovers will immediately embrace and become more attached to with each listen.

The commercial single on this project, "Under," bares faint similarities to Fiona Apple's 1996 hit, "Sleep To Dream," and is undeniably, unmistakably a "hit." It should be followed up with the single that has across-the-board pop sensibilities, "Too Much." The song "Tomorrow," finds Darla in her natural element and illustrates the strength and width of her vocal range within the emotional parameters of the song (an important lesson taught to contemporary singers). It also features a scorching vocal arrangement that would make any vocal coach smile. Through out this entire project she puts on one hell of a vocal clinic that's very similar to another Canadian that I really like: Amanda Marshall.

I wouldn't do this review justice if I didn't mention "While Ur Deciding," her piano and voice showcase which places her raw vocal talents, songwriting, and classical piano skills under a microscope and erases any lingering doubt as to what a bad ass she really is. She rises to the occasion and elevates herself to an even higher level with a song that's dramatic, dynamic, emotive, and unpredictable. This track is begging to be featured in a big budget movie, and Darla's (Dasha's) talents are begging for world wide recognition.

Advice: Just keep doing what you're doing...but do more of it! I look forward to receiving a full-length CD.

By Gian Fiero - 04/19/04 - 11:11 PM EST
- Gian Fiero - http://www.musesmuse.com/

"indie104.7 FM"

Dasha's song "Atheist" has been added into rotation at indie104.7 FM iRADIO LA, America's #1 Independent Radio Station.

- indie104.7 FM

"Dasha - Review and Interview"

By: L Fine

As unique as her name, Dasha’s music is a brilliant compilation of grace, exquisite talent, intellect, rock and freedom. Compared to Tori Amos, Alanis Morrisette and Fiona Apple, Dasha Postnikova (a.k.a. Darla Postnikoff) far exceeds the comparison in her own rights. Her strong classical training shines in a fabulous rhythm of rock, and heartfelt lyrics accomplished by life experiences. This blonde beauty of Russian descent is stealing the hearts of fans by the masses.

She played her first piano at age 7, when her parents bartered a fence for a piano in the 80’s. By the 9th grade she was trained by a master who helped her complete her ARCT with the Royal Conservatory; playing the likes of Chopin and Rachmaninoff, which rings evident in her current compositions. Dasha wrote her first song at age 13.

In 2004 she was a quad threat, as she received Gian Fiero’s Muse's Muse Awards for best EP, BEST FEMALE ROCK VOCAL PERFORMANCE for “Under” as well as BEST LONG TERM POTENTIAL SUCCESS and BEST PUBLISHING DEAL POTENTIAL. She gained a well-deserved FACTOR grant in 2005 for 3 of her songs. Dasha is endorsed by Apartment Clothing.

Dasha has performed with many talented musicians to include Daniel Adair (3 Doors Down), Jesse Wainwright (State of Shock), and noted bassist David Spidel. Dasha played for well over a year with Vancouver’s own “SoWhatNothing” band. “Define This” was Dasha’s first recording as a singer after being bluntly provoked by Tricky Timmy Neuhaus owner of Ear Art Studios. (We are all certainly happy for that Mr. Neuhaus, well done). Influenced by a broad spectrum of music from Chopin to Metallica, she has created a style all her own. The well-written lyrics are easy to relate to by all who hear this provocative singer.

Dasha’s compelling talents continue gaining interest as "Downhill" receives airplay on 99.3 CFOX's Indie Night In Canada, “ATHEIST”, a cut from the c.d. titled “It’s Just A Number” has been added to indie104.7 FM iRADIO in L.A. - America's No. 1 Independent Radio Station. Dasha graces the Roxy and the Buffalo Club quite often. Interviewed by Project Opus June 19, 2006 Dasha continues to receive rave reviews and warm welcome into the music industry circles.

Her most recent work is refreshingly eloquent, “Too Loud” shows her strength in vocal range and the music compilation is like dancing dragonflies in a peaceful waterfall. “Everything Reminds Me” showcases her talent as a classical pianist, and speaks of the heart-wrenching sorrow that love and its memories can brand upon the soul. “Downhill” reflects the bands talent as a whole to produce riveting riffs of effortless flow. “Empty” a funky blend of rock and gripping alternative style, is definitely a hit tune. All cuts are a sampling of what this top-notch artist has to offer the major labels and is showcased on her myspace web page. www.myspace.com/dashapostnikova

I was lucky enough to ask Dasha some direct questions regarding her background and life and this is what she had to say:

(In-Tune) You received a FACTOR Award in 2005 for 3 songs….what were the songs?

(Dasha) Downhill…Tomorrow...Deep…they are all on the album I release Feb 14, 2006 - “It’s Just A Number”

(In-Tune) You are endorsed by Apartment Clothing, are you currently seeking endorsements from any other clothing lines?

(Dasha) I really like Apartment Clothing…myself, and my band get comments all the time. They have the world’s coolest belts and all of their stuff is handmade in Columbia. I think that if I were to pursue other endorsements, they would have to be a company that reflects my values, has a unique product, and a good team. The Apartment team is a wicked bunch of people and we truly appreciate their support.

(In-Tune) Classically trained, do you remember the moment when you decided that the training would carry over to a professional music career?

(Dasha) I suppose it was when I told my mom and dad that I wasn’t going to be a teacher like I had originally intended. I figured, why spend my life doing something that I liked marginally when I could work at something that I truly have a passion for? My mom and dad supported me 110%...

(In-Tune) If you could say something to the “bastards” you sometimes write your music about, what would you tell them?

(Dasha) Thanks for the inspiration…without you I wouldn’t have this song.

(In-Tune) As a woman in the industry, do you find it hard in getting gigs and relating to the PR folks who support the shows?

(Dasha) I think that being a woman can almost be helpful…I think that there is an advantage of having a girl on the bill, to add some diversity to a regular line up of guys. In addition, there are also the “Chicks Playing Stuff” and “Lady’s Can Actually Play Instruments” nights – a bit of an easy marketing play to line up a bunch of girls on one bill.

(In-Tune) What was your first official professional gig and how did you get it?

(Dasha) I played a wedding when I was maybe 16, likely set up through a friend of a friend? Pretty little piano pieces by day and then free drinks by night…

(In-Tune) The band on the c.d. is certainly top notch and a strong compliment to your sound, how did you hook up with them, or how did you decide they were the final choices for the current band?

(Dasha) We have a huge wealth of talent in Vancouver. The guys on the CD are all friends who I think are amazing. They did me some huge favors by recording for beer and pizza (and in some cases whiskey and cookies). What is even more cool is that a couple of these guys have had me play on their projects…I feel really, really honored when asked to play on another band’s record….even if it is just simple keyboards or vocals.

A lot of the guitars on my album were done by Jesse Wainwright, who writes and plays for a band called State of Shock. Their stuff is considerably heavier than mine, but the hooks that Jesse creates are so standout…I love his playing. I have also done some co-writing with Alec Brietzke who plays in a local band called Sugarblade. My friend Tommy from Hedley played bass on Downhill, and his part literally MADE the song (in my opinion) … The list goes on (and is all detailed on my album as well as my websites). Besides that, I have a really wicked and solid band –

Andrew West on guitar, Jason Bonnell on bass, and Tobijah Duquette on drums. They play for me live, and have done most of the more recent recordings. As well, they session around the city, (it’s really hard to keep good musicians in one place).

(In-Tune) What do your parents think now that the 7-year-old child that played her first piano while they slept is gaining extreme notice in the music industry? And how has the family responded to your success with the music?

(Dasha) Besides the fact that they are at every show, they helped finance part of my last album, they know every lyric to every song, and they show the tunes to everyone imaginable…I think that they are proud. My dad also makes me play and sing “The Rose” (is that Bette Midler?) every time I am over at their house…I feel obligated to comply ;-)

(In-Tune) What was the most emotionally draining song you have written and why?

(Dasha) 13…because every word is true. For anyone who knows me, they can read directly into who it is about and what was happening at the time that I wrote it. That song helped me release a lot of anguish.

(In-Tune) What do you feel are the most important factors when cutting a c.d. in the studio?

(Dasha) I think that it is vital to be open to new ideas, from the other musicians, the engineer and the producer. Sometimes I have fought with my producer only to realize that his idea is better than mine. (Poor Timmy…he is a very tolerant man). I also think that it is important to relax and play what comes, otherwise the music sounds forced and phony.

(In-Tune) You are certainly headed for major success with the talents you possess, should a major label grab you up (and they surely will) how do you think it would change your life?

(Dasha) I could finally afford my grand piano!! Lol…

Seriously though, it would give me a chance to do what I love while exploring the world.

(In-Tune) Other than popcorn and red wine in the evenings…(.lol…I love the combination) what do you consider your favorite meal and how to you stay in such good shape?

(Dasha) I love wraps…and brown rice…and lots of hot sauce…and chocolate…and every vegetable on the planet…and gingerbread cookies from Uprisings Bakery in Vancouver…I love to eat, but I also find time to snowboard, hike and rock climb on the side – I live in one of the best places on earth…mountains and forests and lakes are everywhere!!

(In-Tune) When you are finding time to take a breath and relax at home, who are the top three artists you listen to?

(Dasha) Tool…I have seen them 7 times live, and am somewhat obsessed…
Katatonia – my new favorite metal band from Sweden…they put me at peace
Imogen Heap – I think that this girl is a genius

For a beauty that states she has “developed a thick skin” her sound is alluring and wonderfully feminine, yet rocking and mesmerizing to listening ears. Beauty and extreme talent far outweigh the harshness the world can throw this singer’s way. Chopin would be proud Dasha…. he’d probably want to share a glass of wine and a bowl of popcorn while listening to you play. Or he might just grab of shot of J.D. and think to himself, damn where was this girl when I was playing?

I look forward to hearing more of your solo material. Your work is impeccably original and superbly mastered. The major labels will have no problem promoting or advancing this bands talents to the world.

In this reviewers opinion, and simply put, Dasha is truly a mainstream jackpot ready for the taking.

http://www.northeastintune.com/index.php?bd=reg&sb=land&article=080664 - Northeast In-Tune Magazine

"Exclusive Interview: Dasha"

Submitted by Opus_Team on Mon, 2006-06-19 07:39.
Category: Interviews

Dasha has been described as the-girl-next-door meets the-devil-you-pretend-you-don’t-know. Drawing on a wide range of influences, Dasha unleashes powerful, piano-centric rock songs with surprising strength and emotion.

After gaining success fronting Vancouver band SoWhatNothing, Dasha has made the move to go solo. Her first full length CD, “It’s Just a Number”, was released back in February. Dasha's powerful, personal vocals and melodic piano style is supported by a solid band. Listening to her, we discover a full rock sound that grabs you with its power and then treats us to some interesting arrangements. It’s classic, but not at all predictable.

Dasha took a few moments out of her busy schedule to chat with Project Opus and give us a little insight into her music and her life.

Valentine (single release)
Project Opus: You grew up listening to a wide variety of music, and wrote your first song at 13. Did you know from early on that music was going to be your career?

Dasha: Well, when I was about seven, my mom and dad brought home a piano. Apparently (and I only vaguely remember this), at daybreak the next morning, mom and dad heard me ‘playing’ the piano downstairs trying very hard not to wake them up. Shortly after, they put me into piano lessons. When I was in Grade 4 (Conservatory) Piano, I tried desperately to let them let me quit playing. All of my friends were playing after school and I was doing stupid scales and arpeggios. Luckily, my dad is a bit of a joker and he told me that “if I did not complete my Grade 4, I would have to pay him back for all the lessons, books, festivals, recitals and the piano” to that point. Being 11 (and believing everything dad said, while knowing that my bank account held about all of 20 dollars) I conceded. It got easier after that, and I never regret continuing.

Your list of musical memories run from classical (Chopin) to pop metal (G‘n R), and your describe your style as a little bit of rock, a little bit of aggression, a little bit of hook and a whole lot of passion. Where do you find most of your inspiration for writing?

Shall I name the bastards?

Okay – so is there a little bit of revenge in the words? Would the “bastards” know the songs are about them?

Depends on their level of ignorance…haha. Honestly, though, sometimes songs are truly an elaboration of a single feeling that is spurned by a specific event, or similarly, a song idea may come from a conversation that I have had with a good friend. It could be something that I see happen in a social situation.

Anything that makes me emotional (either happy, sad, angry as hell) will often almost force me to sit down at the piano and get something onto paper. Of course, if no piano is around, I usually just write thoughts and chords onto random scraps of paper until I get to an instrument. For anyone who has ever seen my purse, they know that there is truly no money inside, just loads of paper shards with notes, chords and lyrics.

After being part of local Vancouver band SoWhatNothing you decided to go it solo. Stubborn personality aside, was this just to try something different, or do you really prefer the independence to being part of a band?

I think that there is good and bad in both. I certainly enjoyed a lot more collaboration with the guys in SoWhatNothing. It was also easier on the pocket book as we split everything financially. But, as far as creative control, now what I want to do is what I get to do. I have a great band supporting me on this project, fantastic musicians and friends at the same time.

Sometimes, when recording, it is fun to have other input as well. I have used musicians to record songs on the album and demos, like Jesse from State of Shock and Tommy from Hedley.

Do you think you will ever go back to playing and writing with a band?

I still write with others on occasion. Two of the songs ("The Last Time" and "Atheist") on my CD were co-written with Alec Brietzke from Sugarblade, and the guys in my current band do contribute a lot of ideas and suggestions. If the right opportunity arose, I would definitely like to write with a band.

You recently released a full CD. What was that experience like? Was this the first time you’ve recorded a full set of songs?

We released a 5 song EP with SoWhatNothing, but this is my first full-length CD. It took a lot of time and effort, a lot of rehearsals, a lot of late nights. Overall, I am very happy with it; it feels like a real accomplishment. I would really like to thank all of the musicians who recorded on it as they contributed a lot of their time for beer, pizza and cookies. We have SO many talented people in this city! The touch that each one added to each song was amazing and, in my mind, brilliant.

Playing live or recording in the studio. Which do you prefer?

They are so different. I love recording so much, especially sleeping on Tricky Timmy’s studio couch and when his lovely wife brings us chocolate almonds. I like to have a product in my hands so that I can scrutinize it. However, playing live is a bit of a rush. It’s great to meet new people out at shows.

Do you change up the songs for a live performance?

We do change the songs a little bit for live. Some we speed up by 3 or 4 BPM, some we add parts that were ultimately ‘removed’ on the recording, that kind of thing. A perfect example is the song “Downhill” – in the recording there is no guitar at all until the onset of the bridge. When we play it live, my guitarist (Andrew) comes in during the second chorus just to add a bit of depth. As well, we double the bridge and add a couple of bars to the outtro.

What type of show can fans expect to get when the come to see you live?

I believe that we are all accomplished and passionate musicians. The show is generally a bit more energetic and raw than the recordings. I have had people approach me after a show and tell me “that song is so much better live”, which is a great compliment to us! I suppose that it is a matter of opinion. I play a lot more piano in this project than when I played in SoWhatNothing, but I do front about half of the songs at this point (no piano).

You’ve had a couple of clothing sponsorships, currently with Apartment Clothing. As far as musical partnerships go, fashion is a little different from the typical alcohol or musical instruments sponsors. How did that come about? Does it make for a good match as a musician? Is fashion a part of the image you are working to create as an artist?

We are very lucky to have hooked up with Apartment. I think that it is every girl’s dream to be outfitted with wicked clothes! Their clothes are gorgeous and their team is wonderful. I saw their line through a friend of a friend and I contacted their CEO. They have provided me and the guys with a great assortment of shirts, belts and accessories. They are also getting into jeans this fall!

BTW – if anyone is LOOKING to sponsor us with booze, I prefer Jack or Gin, Jason likes CC, Andrew is into Guinness, and Tobi likes it all…haha.

Is touring something you want to do more of? Do you have family or anything that ties you to Vancouver?

Ideally, I would love to live my life on tour. I love music and I love travel. Combining the two would be a dream come true. My family does live in Vancouver, although I think that they would be more than happy to visit me on tour in, say, the south of France?

What do you think of the Vancouver music scene? Have you found it to be supportive of your music? Is Vancouver a good place to be based out of, or are you looking to move anywhere else?

Musicians support musicians in Vancouver. It could definitely use a revival though. I think if you play at a good club with a great sound guy (i.e. The Roxy), you can draw out a lot of people. Some of the other clubs don’t garner as much support as they are a little out of the way, or the shows go on at midnight on a Wednesday.

What other artists are you listening to these days?

Tool (my favourite band of all time…Maynard makes me melt)
Imogen Heap (if you haven’t heard this girl, you are truly missing out)
3 Days Grace
Tori Amos
Kelly Clarkson (she is too talented to pass up)
Tina Dico
System of a Down
Brad Paisley
Keith Urban
That’s quite a mix. Obvious talent aside, Kelly Clarkson gets a bit of grief because of how she “made it”. Do you think that the concept of American Idol style shows is good for the music industry?

It’s good for the pop industry for sure. As long as there are writers (like the Nashville crew, or the Matrix, etc.), there will always be artists like Kelly Clarkson (although I do believe that she had input into the writing of her album). Some people are better at performing than they are at writing, and there are phenomenal people out there who make a great living writing songs for the pop industry.

You have a web site that you keep up to date, a MySpace profile and, of course, you participate in the Project Opus community. By all accounts you’ve really embraced the online world for artists. Do you feel that it makes a difference in how you relate to your fans?

Absolutely. I have made a lot of fans AND friends with the online communities. They are great networking tools, and fantastic ways to keep people up to date on what is going on.

How much of your time do you spend online managing this aspect of your career?

Too much. I don’t rock climb and hike as much as I want to anymore. I think that sometimes you really get caught up. Hmmm, if only I had money, I could hire somebody…

You’re playing the Random Acts of Arts Festival in North Vancouver on June 25th, and you have a show at the Buffalo Club July 8th. What’s next for you?

Other than playing shows, I am currently shopping the album to Labels. It’s a slow, tough go, but anyone who plays knows that. I also hope to do a Spring 2007 tour across Canada. Music has given me a thick skin…maybe I will write a song about it.

Thanks Dasha.

http://www.projectopus.com/dasha-interview - Project Opus


EP - SoWhatNothing "SoWhatNothing" 2004
LP - Dasha "It's Just A Number" FEB 14/2006
UPCOMING EP - Dec 2009




When the girl next door is impassioned to tell-it-like-it-is, you meet Dasha. And for all those caught in the line of fire, you likely deserved it. With writing that is "...dramatic, dynamic, emotive, and unpredictable" (Gian Fiero - The Muse's Muse), Dasha showcases her own style of modern day piano-centric rock in a very unforgettable way.

Dasha, a classically trained pianist (Royal Conservatory, ARCT), grew up listening to an unlikely mix of Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Pantera, Metallica, Tool, Faith no More and Guns n Roses. She wrote her first song when she was 13, received a Factor grant soon thereafter and currently spends most of her time on stage, writing new material, or recording in the studio.

In the last four years on the music scene, Dasha’s notable accomplishments include receiving an initial clothing sponsorship from Machine Clothing out of Toronto ON, playing 200+ gigs which included touring to Toronto and New York, receiving frequent radio play on Vancouver's rock giant 99.3 CFOX's Indie Night In Canada, playing twice Live On Air on CFOX (6 O'Clock Rock Report as well as on Indie Night In Canada), and playing live on local TV show Urban Rush, securing a second clothing sponsorship with Apartment Clothing, receiving musical features and interviews on numerous webzines, and receiving multiple songwriting awards.

Over the last two years Dasha has had the honour of recording piano and vocals for several artists:

- State of Shock “Best I Ever Had” (Universal/Republic),
- The Veer Union “Over Me” (2006 Independent release) and two subsequent tracks on their upcoming 2008 major label release (Universal/Motown) ,
- Sasha Hall “Headlong”, “You Don’t Know Me” and “Hand it Over”,
- Michelle Will “Stuck in Yesterday”, “Happy Place”, “Once a Child”, and “How it Feels”,
- Ashley Dube “Inside Out”, and
- Muspellheim “Hate Found, Love Lost” to name a few.

She also plays live sessions for Carly Rae Jepsen (2007 Canadian Idol Top 3) and Sandra Wainwright.

Dasha most recently finished recording 3 new tracks with producer Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter, State of Shock). She is currently in the studio writing and recording. Stay tuned for forthcoming material.


2007 - "Downhill" receives Honorable Mention for 14th Annual Billboard World Song Contest
2007 - "Self-Destructive" receives Honorary Award for The Great American Song Contest
2007 - "Can We Wait" receives an Honorable Mention for the We Are Listening 2006 Songwriter Awards
2006 - Released Full-Length CD "It's Just A Number"
2006 - "Downhill" receives airplay on 99.3 CFOX's Indie Night In Canada
2006 - "The Last Time" 1 Song on Project Opus.com
2006 - Winner of 3 Muse's Muse Awards 2006 Muse's Muse Awards 2006 - Dasha and her band secured a clothing endorsement with Apartment Clothing, an innovative company that retails at such notable chains as Holt Renfrew and Bloomingdales, as well as several other reputable shops throughout Canada, the US, and Japan.
2006 - Received a 2 week feature interview and spotlight on Project Opus
2006 - December Featured Artist Profile on Online Rock
2006 - December Featured Artist Profile on Catsask Music & Entertainment
2006 - "Atheist" was added to indie104.com in Los Angeles
2006 - Received a feature interview on Locals 102.7
2005 - Dasha received a Factor Professional Demo Award for 3 new songs


"Dasha's writing talent is immense and her potential for industry success is enormous...she is simply on another level. Both the music and publishing industries will strike gold when they get their hands on her catalogue. Congratulations on completing a project that is commercially strong, artistically developed, and musically sound." (Gian Fiero - The Muse's Muse)

"What a perfectly-expressed declaration of emotions. Dasha Postnikova's collection of tunes are soaring, cascading realms of power balladry. Move over boys, here come the ladies. Postnikova's voice is rough yet still undeniably feminine, and in its stronger moments not unlike Alanis Morissette." (Andy Scheffler - CORDMAG.com)

"Dasha's powerful, personal vocals and melodic piano style is supported by a solid band. Listening to her, we discover a full rock sound that grabs you with its power and then treats us to some interesting arrangements. Its classic, but not at all predictable." (Project Opus Team - ProjectOpus.com)

"As unique as her name, Dasha's music is a brilliant compilation of grace, exquisite talent, intellect, rock and freedom. Compared to Tori Amos, Alanis Morrisette and Fiona Apple, Dasha Postnikova far exceeds the comparison in her own rights. Her strong classical training shines in a fabulous rhythm of rock, and heartfelt lyrics accomplished by life experiences." (L.Fine - Northeast In-Tune Magazine)

"When the first few chords rung out...I knew Dasha was about to hit me with something special