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Da'Shade Moonbeam

 Austin, Texas, USA
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Da'Shade Moonbeam is a breath of fresh air for Music, Multimedia, and Hip-Hop Culture! Armed with the new Solo EP "Just Me..." Da'Shade intends on bringing life, variety, and artistry back to the music loving masses.


To say that Da'Shade Moonbeam is simply a Hip-Hop artist, would be inaccurate, because it's a box too small to contain all that he does. He chooses to express himself through many mediums, and is constantly challenging the limits of artistic categorization. But if one needed to classify him, he'd prefer to be called, an Artist. An "Artist" that "Does."

Da'Shade Moonbeam goes on as a Solo Emcee, carrying with him the legacy of his Austin based Southern Hip-Hop group "Blacklisted Individuals." He continues the mission of making music to connect people, while still maintaining that Blacklisted brand of artistry that supporters the world over have come to respect.

Da'Shade Moonbeam is also a published poet and a spoken word artist. He is the creator of Xenogia Spoken Word Collective and through his organization he works with Austin area Non-Profits to empower youth through literacy and performance. He has been active in the national poetry slam community for 15 years. He has been on 5 national teams, and is a 3 time Austin Poetry Slam Grand Champion. He helped Team Austin 2003 and 2008 bring home 3rd place rankings from NPS in addition to taking 12th place in the 2003 NPS Individual competition. He was ranked 12th in the world in 2007 at the first official international IWPS (Individual World Poetry Slam) in Vancouver, BC. He has shared stages with Javon Johnson, Carl Hancock Rux, The Last Poets, Nikki Giovanni, Laurie Carlos, Sharon Bridgeforth, and the late and legendary Sekou Sundiata to name a few. He's the first poet to incorporate Capoeira into a slam poetry performance.

Da'Shade Moonbeam on Blacklisted Individuals:
Snyp and Da'Shade Moonbeam were on a quest to bring balance back to Hip Hop music. They believed that there was room for every genre within Hip Hop music to shine on a commercial scale.

Born and bred in Austin, Texas, the duo created what they referred to as "Working Class Muzik;" music reflecting the popular and unpopular truth about life and the everyday struggles of the common class. They painted the triumphs and tragedies of our everyday lives through poetic rhymes, socially conscious lyrics and infused artistry in every performance.

While performing with Blacklisted Individuals, Da'Shade Moonbeam has had the opportunity to have opened for artists such as Snoop Dogg, The Game, Mike Jones, MC Ren of NWA, Mystik Journeymen, Gang Starr, the Ying Yang Twins, DMX and Talib Kweli to name a few. They were finalists in several hip hop competitions hosted by The Source Magazine, Famecast.com, and Ourstage.com. They were also the first crew to be streamed live on PayPerViewHipHop.com

His song Dance Sucka! has received acclaim from MTV's "Needle in the Haystack" campaign and is featured on the soundtrack to Craig Zobel's film Compliance. Dance Sucka! is titled Im a Dance on the soundtrack to the movie Compliance.

Da'Shade is in a head space that is ready to create something new for the world to experience.He wants to be affiliated with a major company that thinks outside of the box when it comes to bringing art to the masses. He is moving everyday towards shaping the world he wants to see, as he sees it, for the better.


Dance Sucka!

Written By: Jeffery Johnson & David Swan

Dance Sucka!
Written by: Jeffery Johnson and David Swan 12/2008

(You gotta) find away to get in and get on and get out (7 times)
To get in and get on and get out or sit out

Verse 1:
I’m a dance like tomorrow ain’t coming
Like it’s my last chance to advance
Through the storm I’m running
Right from the dance floor through the war I’m gunning
Like a tour I’m running/ while my core keeps drumming
Long as I have a heartbeat thumping
A woman on my heart strings strumming
Through the struggle I’m jumping
I’m a do more than stand I’m a dance against something
I’m a keep thangs moving give it my all or nothing
And this is a testament
That if we move we can rise through the excrement
But regardless I’m a groove through the storm that’s sent
Cuz everyday I train stay on a regiment
Im’ma tighten up no slack evident
And you can see it in my rhythm peep the evidence
And if I sacrifice my cool then it’s excellent
Cuz there’s a war going on I refuse to sit

Hay!(HAY!) What you got to say?
I’m coming down tight and I came to play
(NaNaNa) HAY! (HAY!) What you got to say?
I’m coming down tight and I came to play
Now Dance Sucka! (Dance Sucka!!!)
Move Sucka! (Move Sucka!!!)
Dance Sucka! (Dance Sucka!!!)
Groove Sucka! (Groove Sucka!!!)

Verse 2:
Every time I rhyme man the beat stop
That me sittin in the tree top feet cocked ishin in ya t-top
(If) it ain’t fresh to deaf then we not
The same Blacklisted (that) got it sewed like three knots
Cuz we stay down to spit ‘em and git ‘em
Something to dance to and provoke thought with a rhythm
Move(ing) with a purpose stay shine(ing) like a prism
Blind all the hatas though my diamonds are missing
Now check my swag, check my swag
I bought the toll road and a Texas tag
Now check my swag, check my swag
I bought the toll road and a Texas tag
Say hay y’all get off the wall
I gotcha lil mama I ain’t gone letcha fall
I’mma grab ya hips like a basketball
Then I’mma double dribble ‘til my conscience call…Say Hay!


This is your opportunity to waltz through the wall and trample down the obstacles in your path.
It is our responsibility as human beings to do more than stand against injustice. It is our duty to move and resist





"A Prelude of things to Come." 1999
"Snyp & Da'Shade LP" 2001
"Unrestricted LP" 2003
"Hatorade" 2004
"Rallying the Wolves LP" 2006
"Hope on the Horizon" 2009
"Da'Shade Speaks Vol. 1" 2011
"Just Me... EP" 2012

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