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"RnBay: The Dro's Dasha Drops "Believe""

San Leandro's Dasha just dropped a somber but inspirational joint entitled "Believe" today. Dasha has been in LA hustling for awhile, since earning her B.A. in Ethnomusicology from UCLA. Dasha is intelligent and dynamic and just so happens to have a strong and beautiful voice. "Believe" is a timely and soothing ode to having faith in ourselves and our inevitable rise.

Produced by Nobody Famous, "Believe" samples Lonnie Liston Smith's "Garden of Peace," which was also sampled by SkiBeats for Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents" and for Mary J. Blige's "Take Me as I Am." This joint is nice but to really here Dasha blow, hit up her Myspace and let her make you a believer. - 38thnotes.com

"Dasha: "Don't Act Like I Never Told You""

San Leandro songstress Dasha just dropped a smooth somber track I have had on repeat for a few days now. She speaks on a boyfriend who walks out only to return saying he "messed up".

Sometimes we feel a need to test how we feel for someone, but acting on that inclination can leave us high and dry when that flirtatious Plan B on facebook doesn't pan out. It's good to be honest about your feelings and deal with your doubts, but there's a good chance that your significant other won't respond kindly when you tell them that you have to see some one else "just to make sure". In "Don't Think I Never Told You" Dasha makes it clear that she is no back-up, and then moves on to someone better to drive the point home.

Good relationships are hard to come by, so when you are so blessed, cherish it. In our quest not to settle we can too often shun an amazing person in pursuit of some mythical perfect mate. We forget that perfection doesn't exist, especially when it comes to people. Follow your heart, but remember that the one you leave won't always leave the light on for you. Tread softly.

- 38thnotes.com


On this ValentineÕs Day, we thought it would be appropriate to showcase a beautiful, talented, upcoming R&B singer. Dasha has been featured on Nobody FamousÕ recent EP, Biscuits & Gravy, which was released exclusively on this site and has worked with other people in the industry, such as The Underdogs, Howard Hewett, LilÕ Fiz, K Irving, S-Dott, and Bedrock. Dasha is currently writing for various projects independently and with D.L.S., her writing team. Her priority is writing and recording her own album, which will be done this year. With a growing fan base and almost 150,000 plays on her Myspace page, she is definitely on the brink of something majorÉ her destiny.

Beads: For people unfamiliar with you; can you briefly introduce yourself?

Dasha: OkÉmy name is Dasha. I am a singer/songwriter originally from the Bay Area, now residing in Los Angeles.

Beads: Being a Bay Area native; how has the Bay influenced you?

Dasha: The Bay has influenced everything about me, who I am, how I think. We are a product of our environment but I think that the Bay has most influenced my hustle. People in the Bay grind and keep family and friends close to them, so I have brought that with me to LA. I am very resilient and about my business, tend to not hold my tongue and sugar coat things, and that is definitely the Bay, all day. I am grateful for it though.

Beads: You sound like youÕre a product of your environment! Outside of the Bay; who has influenced you musically?

Dasha: WowÉthere are so many, James Brown, Chaka Khan, Donny Hathaway, Maxwell, Jill Scott, Nina Simone, ArethaÉbut I find inspiration in everything, and that influences me, all genres including hip-hopÉlike with melodies and timing, when it comes to writing. I soak up as much as I can.

Beads: A lot of artists from the Bay Area are known for their distinct personalities and styles. What makes you stand out from other singers?

Dasha: Well, I do it all. I donÕt just do R&B, I donÕt just do Pop, I do music, period. I have studied a lot of styles, and you will definitely be able to hear that in my approach. I sing from my being, its me, not a character and that is unique because I am unique. I am what sets me apart from other singers.

Beads: We all know that the Bay is the home of the independent hustle as displayed so vividly over the years from E-40 to Yukmouth to Mistah FAB. As a singer from the Bay how is it different for you as opposed to the rappers?

Dasha: Well, for one, there isnÕt a market in the Bay for singers, outside of being a Òhook singerÓ, so most singers have to leave the Bay to get there opportunity, so thatÕs how it differs. But now, even that is changing, independent rappers arenÕt getting the same kind of love from radio like before so their game is changing too.

Beads: You began writing and taking music seriously at a young age; when did you decide that the music industry is the path you want to follow?

Dasha: I seriously decided that I was going to be a singer at 12 years old but I had been singing since the age of 5. And at 13 years old, I starting recording. It took a while for everyone else to jump on, because despite my talents, they all thought I was a child who didnÕt know what she wanted, but now they all on board.

Beads: While attending and graduating from UCLA, congrats by the way, did you put music on hold or were you always chasing the dream?

Dasha: Thank you! Well, yes and no. I studied music at UCLA and at San Francisco State University, which is where I transferred from, so music was always in the picture. It was hard to do both though, to chase the dream and study and get good grades. I was adjusting to a lot, living on my own, living in LA, going to a competitive school, while having this dream eating me alive everyday. Then there were things like personal challenges and challenges that I encountered in school which tested who I was as an artist and that was very difficult. Eventually, I took and break on the dream to focus on getting out of school and then rediscovering Dasha, the artistÉbut it wasnÕt a long break.

Beads: WeÕve heard you on a few tracks with Nobody Famous; how did that combo come about?

Dasha: Funny you should ask! I actually responded to an ad that Kareem, FamousÕ and now, my manager, posted looking for a songwriter. There was a mixed tape that they were putting together and had tried a few other writers for his track that didnÕt work, so they gave me 6 days to write a song and I came back with ÒFamousÓ. The rest is history.

Beads: Speaking of Nobody Famous, he produced your song, ÒBelieveÓ; can you tell us a little about that track?

Dasha: ÒBelieveÓ is basically my life struggles and beliefs set to music. Its about having a dream, that some may think is impossible or unrealistic, and believing it into existence. Its what I face being an artist. Its about knowing that you are destined to make your life as beautiful as you want it to be. Its what keeps me going daily, well that and my momma.

Beads: Upon listening to your music I noticed a lot of variety in styles. Is there a specific kind of song you prefer to write (i.e. Club banger, love joint, feel good song, etc.)?

Dasha: Well, the more and more a write, the more I notice that I kind of go through phases. IÕll go through a time where all I wanna do is write love ballads and times where I want to do something more heavy, up-tempo and melodic. Most people would say that I am a Òballad-love/heartbreakÓ kind of girl. I enjoy writing from emotion, its therapy for me.

Beads: Do you have any new projects that we should be looking out for?

Dasha: Yes, I am finishing up recording for my first EP release (for all my Myspacers who have been asking)! And I am very excited about it. I am always writing for others and you will definitely hear me on the upcoming Nobody FamousÕ joints. So, IÕm pretty busy.

Beads: At the end of the day, when people think of Dasha; what would you like us to think?

Dasha: Classic, timeless, talented and real.

Beads: One last question we ask all the artists we interview is favorite hip hop album of all time. We like to call it Desert Island Hip Hop. Since youÕre R&B, weÕll leave the genre open for you.. So if you were stranded on a desert island, what one album would you want with you?

Dasha: IÕm going to with Jay-Z - The Blueprint 2É I was knocking that today actually, front to back.

Beads: Any shout out before we let you go?

Dasha: Yea, IÕd like to shout out Man Up Management, Nobody Famous, Stacey Owens, Motoe Blizzard, Elle B, Saja and Stan GreenÉfor riding with me on this project no matter whatÉand my momma for giving me life, love you guys. 2009 is the take over! - KevinNottingham.com


"I Know I Shouldn't", "Don't Act Like I Never Told You (Part 2)", Nobody Famous' Chicken and Waffles, Order Up! Vol. 3, mix-tape; July 2009
ÒFamousÓ, Nobody Famous' Biscuits and Gravy, Order Up! Vol. 2, mix-tape; Sep 2008
ÒThink About ItÓ, Hot Off the Press Compilation, Prestigious Productions; 2007
ÒPraise HimÓ, XÕs and OÕs, feature film; 2007

I currently have airplay on the following stations: KPOO89.5, San Francisco; WUOG90.5FM, Atlanta; KYHY92.5, Los Angeles



Born in Oakland, Ca, I started singing at the age of 5. My first performance was my rendition of Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love"...lol. Little did I know that I was preparing for something bigger then myself or a simple hobby. Singing continued to stay with me as a daily expression in my life. At 12 years old, decided that I was going to do it professionally. I continued to perform throughout my primary and secondary education, doing musicals, assemblies, etc. and when it came time to go to college, music was a natural choice. I studied Jazz at San Francisco State University for 2 years until I decided that if I really wanted this, I needed the leave the comforts of the Bay Area and head south, to Los Angeles. I finished my studies at UCLA, where I got my BA in Ethnomusicology. While in college, I continued to be involved in the arts. And now, after trying to be a "normal" citizen, have found, or been forced to find, that music is my purpose on this planet.
I am music. I am the feeling and expression of life, love and learning in song. That is what I do now, full time. I started writing at the age of 13, just as a way to get things off my chest, first as poems and later as average songs. But now, I proudly call myself, a singer/songwriter, as do others. I pride myself in being myself in my music, also in having the ability to mold to many genres, including but not limited to, blues, jazz, pop, R&B, funk, soul and hip hop. Although my current project is a mix of funk and R&B over Hip-Hop beats, I refuse to put myself in a box, as the industry loves to do with its artists. I absorb and express myself in many musical language and want to explore it all. Do you want to join me?