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San Luis Obispo, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

San Luis Obispo, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop Singer/Songwriter




"A Closer Look With Dasha Novotny"

While most others were jamming out to seasonal classics like Jingle Bell Rock and Deck the Halls, San Luis Obispo High School junior Dasha Novotny was recording a holiday bop of her own titled “Closer”.

Written about her longing to meet a boy from her past under the mistletoe, “Closer” not only encompasses her feelings of romance through light melodies and soft vocals, but its newly finished official music video, directed and produced by fellow junior Grant Throshov, features Novotny and lots of other SLOHS students.

In the video, Novotny and friends can be seen at an enchanting Christmas party in which SLOHS juniors Noah Nelson and Oliver Hicks play two suitors who compete for her attention throughout the night, ending in a suspenseful and steamy shot of an almost-kiss under the mistletoe.

Not only has Novotny been showing us all what she can do with a guitar, a camera, and a great voice, but she has also been working on a not-yet-titled EP of a few songs which could be released sometime in March.

“[This EP] is about branching out into more of a new genre in pop, since I used to be more of a country singer-songwriter… It’ll be much more fun, upbeat, and danceable,” said Novotny. She has been collaborating with her older brother, SLOHS alumnus Bardo Novotny, who is studying Music Production at Belmont University School of Music in Nashville, Tennessee, to incorporate her vocals into new electronic tracks with more bass and more attitude. - SLO Expressions

"Artist Spotlight: Dasha Novotny"

San Luis Obispo High School has many musically talented students walking through our halls. One of these students happens to be freshman Dasha Novotny, a singer-songwriter who has been performing for about 12 years. For fans of alternative-pop, Novotny’s music is definitely worthy. Expressions talked to Novotny about her experience with performing and plan for the future as a recording artist.

Expressions: When did you start performing?

Freshman Dasha Novotny: “I have been in dance shows since I was two, and I have been dancing for 11 years, but musical performances started in sixth grade.”

Expressions: What instruments do you play?

Novotny: “I play piano, guitar, and I sing.”

Expressions: What is the inspiration for your music?

Novotny: “At first I was inspired by Taylor Swift, and then I found Avril Lavigne and many other indie artists, and the really inspired me to write their own songs.”

Expressions: What is your favorite performance memory?

Novotny: “I played in a 1000 seat amphitheater in Ojai, and I opened for a band called Lissi and remember afterward I came out and there was like, a line of 50 people waiting for my autograph, and it was the greatest thing ever.” - Expressions


Dasha began local theatre and dance productions at age five, and soon realized her passion wasn't in acting as much as in music and her vocal aptitudes. Her elementary school music teacher Deborah Henderson became her first voice and guitar coach and by 6th grade Dasha had written and performed several original songs becoming a semi-regular artist on the local coffee shop circuit in San Luis Obispo. In early 2014, Dasha was discovered by master vocalist Dr. Samuel DePalma and under his tutelage she is expanding her capacity as a dynamic mezzo soprano. Dasha co-writes with her brother Bardo (bass), her guitarist Drew Minnoch and together they produced her debut EP which was featured at this year’s Durango songwriter’s Film and TV showcase. -


  • 2019 - Nonchalant
  • 2019 - Heart On Hold (feat. zyyn)
  • 2018 - We're Just Kids
  • 2017 - Moments



The journey for songwriter and artist, Dasha, began in her small hometown of San Luis Obispo on the coast of California.  Though she currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, as a Songwriting Major at Belmont University, she works closely with writers and producers in both Los Angeles and Nashville.  Influenced by her peers and new discoveries in her producing and writing abilities, Dasha is blending influences from pop, R&B, and alternative writing styles to create her fresh pop sound and identity. Local talent bookers say, “Dasha has a way of pulling in her audience, giving more than just a performance, but an unforgettable experience through her stage presence, catchy melodies and moving lyrics”.

At only nineteen years old, Dasha is mid-EP release of her first major project amidst upcoming single releases, expected in the front of 2020.  Dasha plays regularly in the Nashville area, shows including both writers rounds and bigger full-band shows.  

As an adolescent, Dasha began collaborating with her older brother, and now LA-based producer, Bardo, who has continued to help create and establish her sound and image as a vibrant new pop artist.  Dasha writes for other artists and Nashville and LA, collaborating with artists like Bardo, zyyn, and more. 

In September of 2017, ‘Moments’ her first pop single was released along with a music video in affiliation with a classmate and videographer Grant Thorshov, as well as LA-based LLC, Modern Loud.  Since then, Dasha has released two singles, ‘Heart On Hold’ and ‘Nonchalant’ off her self-titled EP in collaboration with producer and guitarist Johnny Vergara, which have been picked up by several Spotify playlists including ‘Nashville Rising’, ‘The Plug’, and ‘Rising Pop’. 

Dasha has always impressed those she gets the opportunity to play in front of.  She began performing in front of notable crowds with dance at age four when she started classically trained in ballet, which transferred to other styles including hip hop, contemporary and jazz. At age five she involved herself in music theatre productions and discovered her first love of performance and entertaining.  After picking up the piano and guitar at ten, songwriting came to Dasha so effortlessly and inevitably led her to perform her original music in local coffee shops for years. 

Recognized as one of the most considerable upcoming artists from SLO County, Dasha continues to write, perform, and conceive the artist and person she wants to become.  In this new chapter of her life, Dasha touches on new song subjects and inspirations, making an exciting new avenue for creativity and expression never seen before. With new music expected from the upcoming pop scarlet in early 2020, Dasha discovers herself not only as an artist but as a human, composing music from a point of authenticity, focusing on fresh, catchy melodies and lyrics inspired by genres ranging from pop to R&B.   

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