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Perhaps every three to seven years hip-hop music is elevated into a different spectrum that gives the genre new blood that serves to sustain it for future generations to enjoy


Da Skinniez is a Florida based group stands fully prepared to tahe the world by storm. With songs to get the party started like "Show You Grill", "Pussy Hole", and "We Smoke Big", and the contorversial underground banger"Break Bread" its looks like this fall and spring are going to blazin hot for a change! All you have to do is listen to the various elcetic ryhme styles by each member and you will know for sure that they are as unique as they are talented. Their blend of infectious hooks and melodies with razor sharp lyrics and dynamic flows remind some modern day Wu Tang Clan, but this time is straight from the dirty south....


Music Genre: Hip Hop
Previuos Releases: street Volume 1 "Load Em, Lock Em Cock Em", Street Volume 2 "Load Em, Lock Em Cock Em", Street Volume 3 "Load Em, Lock Em Cock Em", Street Volume 4 "Load Em, Lock Em Cock Em" Dat Gator (EP) Latest LP: Coming Fall 2005 Latest Single "Show Ya Grill"

Set List

2 - 45 min. Sets. All Origianal Material " Show Your Grill", and "We Smoke Big" definetly crowd pleasers.