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Peter Fernando


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Your Other Face

Written By: Peter Fernando

I'm as good as dead
is already perfect

the thorn bush
you call
your self

There is a secret waiting to happen

There is a curtain waiting to fall

I'm as shy as space
nothing hides
and everything celebrates

Looking up the address
leaves you

wondering where

there is a shelter
waiting to hold you
there is a boulder
waiting to fall

Coming into bloom
It's the smiling of a silent flower
It's your other face

Come in to the room
where the silence breaks into a shower
It's a better place

When I look out at the sea
I'm reminded of your smiling face
although it could be something in me

without a name or a face

When I look up at the sky
I'm reminded of your shining light
although it could be something in me

without a time or a place

When I lose you
I never lose you